Suicides not reduced by laws restricting gun owners [Article, Studies, Statistics]

Great article by AmmoLand. The article includes links to numerous sources/studies so you can verify their findings (and also give them to your skeptical anti-gun people). Studies


What? No way. Get outta town. How can this be true when the Democrats and gun-grabbers said it would. How could they be wrong? :roll_eyes:


Is anyone really surprised by this?:astonished: This information has been known for decades. Those who want to disarm law abiding Americans have agendas that have 0 bearing on safety.

If their goal was safety, the bills and laws they pass would be aimed at the criminals. Not John and Jane Public. It’s already been proven that CCW permit holders are the most law abiding section of the populace.


It didn’t stop my brother from getting skunk drunk and then hanging himself.

I am so sorry for your loss, @mdstanzel. I cannot being to imagine the heartache your family is going through.

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