Suicide and Gun Violence

I borrowed this article and I have only used it here in our Community. This article is painful and I have been to 3 Funerals in the past where a priceless person committed suicide. The loss is painful and can last in your memory forever.

Gun Violence and shootings that kill innocent people and people that cause crimes, crimes are made by
people that deliberately made the decisions to kill or hurt people.

Gun Violence and Suicide are made by a person and those 2 categories are not the same. Governments and many people are being misled to mix those categories and use them to build illegal laws and executive decisions to force any and all gun bans and to destroy our Constitution.

Suicide can be prevented and that life can be honored and restored. There is a great big difference and life can be restored, addictions become healed, depression can be overcome, and miracles happen.

Gun Violence is death.


Misled, or intentionally mix data to fit their heinous agenda


It’s not “gun violence” the gun is an inanimate object and didn’t do anything on it’s own. :thinking:


Easy to misread articles or comments. The people
make these comments that suicide is gun violence
and include them together and incorrectly stating so.

Criminals causes gun violence, not the firearms and
when a person commits suicide it is a decision that
they make and not the firearms they use. Sadly that
Person has died and their life could of been saved

Suicide and Gun Violence are not the same. Gun Controllers are using those those numbers to ban all


Violent criminals sometimes use guns to commit violent acts. “Gun violence” is a term invented by the anti self defense crowd to demonize a tool in an attempt to disarm law abiding citizens.

Since most of the violent acts not involving suicide are committed by criminal gangs it would be much more appropriate to label most of these violent acts as gang violence but that does not fit the current anti self defense disarmament agenda.


Now that we have established that the gun did not cause the suicide I feel obligated to establish what can we do to prevent the next?
I think we can start by letting people we come in contact with they are loved. I think we also have to love ourselves. Loving others so they can be the best they can be is like loving ourselves so we can be the best we can be. We are human and hate comes into the picture. We have to direct that hate at hate and not at ourselves or at someone else. We all have ways of accomplishing this. If not please PM me, post your comments here or contact someone you feel comfortable with. Hope I am not over reacting or derailing the thread. Sorry if I am; never mind.


Agree. Just because firearms don’t cause suicide doesn’t mean we won’t all benefit by doing whatever we can to help prevent them. Starting with recognizing when the people around us are suffering and making sure they know we are there to listen and support however we can.


This has come up a few times in the past year or two. Anti-gun people like to talk about a correlation between handguns and suicide. And let’s be honest, there is a connection. People can use firearms to kill themselves. But it’s not a 1:1 correlation. Not all firearm owners commit suicide, and not all people who commit suicide use a firearm. A person deemed suicidal might have their firearms confiscated, but that person might still have access to knives, a car, or plastic bags.

There’s an intentionally misleading aspect to statistic tying handguns to suicide. It’s usually stated as though firearm owners are more likely to commit suicide with a firearm. This is obvious, as it’s very difficult to commit suicide with a firearm when you don’t have one. But it’s akin to saying “people who get married have a higher rate of divorce than those who stay single.”


Crime rates numbers are all added up to include
Suicides, increasing those criminals gun cases. The
Government is using to control their gun ban
enforcement on the law abiding people.

It does not take a gun to comment suicide and there is
Hope to help save that person, but criminals have
already made their minds up to kill. The victims that
are hurting, most of them do not wish to die, suicide is
NOT a option, but it does happen. Problems of
loosing a wife or husband, drug addictions, or worse,
There is still hope.

Criminals do not give a damn.


I believe the ones who make these calls lump suicides into ‘gun violence’ intentionally with the goal of misleading as many as possible, similar to how “ghost guns” include any old firearm with the serial number defaced. And let’s also add comparing “gun violence” between the US and countries with no guns rather than comparing just plain “violence” while also ignoring lawful defensive gun uses


Well said. Please everyone stay safe and I enjoy reading
Everyone comments. Misunderstandings happen and
On this program. I apologize for any information that
I may upset in any way.


What gets me is when they say it’s a myth that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun because even the myth can stop a bad guy with a gun if he thinks the good guy has a gun.

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80 year old man owns a liquor store, protects himself
from harm with a shotgun. Many people have lived
in a mythical world. Please know your laws of your state
Be that man that know he is right and do what has to be done.


Just as an FYI getting rid of guns doesn’t stop suicides. Or Japan would not have such a high incidence of Suicide.

To help with suicide, you first off, have to destigmatize seeking help. I have a friend from the military, who has PTSD but won’t go see anyone. He is worried he would lose his 2A rights, forever.

So make it so people who need the help can go get the help. Without losing fundamental rights.



Is it going too far for me to loudly wonder if certain people and groups would rather have people choose between losing their 2A Rights, and an increased risk of suicide with a decent chance it can be counted as “gun violence”, because to those people/groups, that’s a win-win?


This is not just a trivial thing for military members. If you can’t carry a firearm, then you are unqualified as a Soldier (speaking Army, but I assume this applies to other branches). Admitting to a mental health issue could be the end of your career.

And even if they can keep their firearms, they could lose their security clearance. Again, that’s the end of their career. The Army will tell Soldiers “it’s better than dying.” But damn, imagine you have 15 years in, and you just lost your career and your retirement plan. Now you’re in your 30s with no education, and you can’t find a good paying office job for people with advanced infantry skills. The average service member is going to compartmentalize their mental health issues until they get out. That and the fear of reprisals will only make their mental health issue worse.

This trap can affect people outside of the military as well, but it is especially pronounced within the military.


I believe you are on point. I have lots of friends that have served and are still serving. PTSD is and on many levels. Services need to keep these folks in along with any help they may need. I say if they loose their jobs this way it’s automatic 100% VA Disabled . I was a 11E/19D/19E/19J/13F .My Son is a 11B/13B.
The thing that really grabs my 6 is they are talking about soldier having problems making ends meet due to inflation, They are saying for a soldier to apply for food stamps. That reallys burns it right there

If you count up the hours they can be forced to work, an E1 makes less than the federally mandated minimum wage. I often wonder how elected representatives can call for private businesses to pay their entry-level workers more money, when they themselves won’t pay their entry level service members the basic minimum.


In a lot of states killing yourself is a crime. Punishable by death? (Sorry, some gallows humor there).

But I don’t think using a gun to commit suicide is anymore gun violence than using a rope to hang yourself is rope violence. And I refuse to buy into the “definitions mean whatever I want them to mean” idiocracy.


I wonder if anyone is tracking bath tube violence or plastic bag violence?