Why do they call it Gun Violence?

This is an old rage but I dont get the whole Gun Violence thing. Isn’t it the person behind the gun that has an evil intent?


Because that doesn’t advance a narrative/agenda. Villainize the tool (gun) not the person who committed the crime. Make it seem like the crime would not have happened without the evil gun. Ban guns regardless of the laws that were broken in committing of said crime.


Did you hear this one (with British accent) “Knives take lives” ?
Once you take all guns, next you have to take all sharp objects!


I remember walking from the hard ware store in east ny Brooklyn I bought a screwdriver I was stopped by police it’s the hood and this was a normal occurrence then I was young but smart I kept my receipt! As it had a time stamp as most of them do. It was the usual stop and question where are you going where you coming from what you got there burglary tools ? No it’s a screwdriver I needed it to fix something at home but it’s all in perception. A gun is a tool either for hunting , collecting , or recreation and is a means more efficient than throwing rocks, a gun has no power nor criminality it neither thinks nor feels. But some would have you believe that only a certain facet of people should use them or could use them. The same restraint one wields with a hammer or screwdriver or knife is the same with a firearm the use of the tool is solely governed by the actions of the individual in possession of said tool. The malice of the individual or the moral depravity will dictate if the tool is used for good or ill


A. Because “they” have an agenda.

Follow-up question not meant to hijack the thread:
What other categories of violence are there?


The only kinds that further their narrative


e.g., Silence. We reached the point of Orwell’s “thoughtcrime”.


on top of the agenda, I believe part of the term “gun violence” is it redirects blame from an individual. It’s the easiest way out of a tight spot…guns can’t defend themselves, but people can. Politicians these days don’t seem to want to place the blame on the shooter because it will put them in a bad light. They will blame the gun because there are always “sheep” to jump on the bandwagon.
Edit The “sheep” are the people with little experience or knowledge that only know what they have been exposed to. Everyone knows that sometimes once you have an opinion on something, it can be near impossible to change your mind. Sheep is not meant to be derogatory…it is the term I use for followers


Brian’s statement is exactly right. Like for instance, if a gang member shots someone the media / anti-gunners automatically calls it gun violence instead of gang violence. The Anti- Gunners what to take away our 2nd Amendment, So they blame the gun not the evil person… and when a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun the anti-gunners will try to blame the good guy or the media won’t report it.


It would be more correct to say violence with a gun or hands, knife or pointy stick, … but that doesn’t evoke the emotion that gun violence evokes. Just this week the Mayor of Chicago is blaming “gun violence and COVID-19” for all of the shootings that occurred. A location that has some of the strictest firearms laws and they want to blame the tool and not the evil person.


“violence” can be made into three broad categories: self-directed-violence. interpersonal-violence . collective -violence . These three broad categories are each divided further to reflect more specific types of violence: physical. sexual. psychological. and emotional.


I never thought about it that way. Thanks for adding your reply. But the way, I’ll be using this in my upcoming class. I’ll be sure to give you credit in my reference page.


From the new P80 marketing email–brilliant!
Concerned Citizen,

Every year, thousands of guns are sold to buyback programs only to be mercilessly destroyed and turned into scrap metal, including right there in Ohio.

As defenseless inanimate objects, we are asking for your help in bringing a gun into this world, and into a caring and loving home . Everything is available for home delivery, so they can start life safe at home in the arms of their creator.

Don’t wait, every day more and more are targeted by the gun-grabbers. Act soon, before their rights are extinct .

-you can click on ‘give the miracle of life’ to buy a P80.
Absolutely classic.


Love it

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Yes, it is the guy behind the gun. But if they get people to blame the gun, it makes it easier to get people to believe it’s the gun’s fault so its easier to take away the guns later on.

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I also believe they have used guns to subjugate so many people that they equate it to power the use of a gun =power you can project your will by proxy through guns and if you do enough horrible things using guns. To acquire power or force a perspective then of course you don’t want these “instruments of destruction”in the hands of commoners no how dare they make it equal remember the closer we are to equal the less we need distractions . And representation I want to be alive in a truly equal country but we still have people who think it’s ok to have the losing teams flag over state buildings and idolize the American version of the taliban and when some body protests in a peaceful manner is called denigrating the flag but to fly a flag of traitors to America is not denigrating. The proper name for things in their order put the thing at an act of violence not gun violence and Because it happened to be a gun used it criminalizes the instrument and not the individual. They don’t list it as poison violence or toxin violence it’s a poisoning. I feel our politicians prestidigitate with verbal trickery and fickly we fret when flummoxed by the feckless for we chose to be blinded by what glints in the sun aligned with allies who echo our fears but for the fellow man he sheds no tears. We must remain vigilant for our demise is nigh it would be a total shame if our democracy die


It doesn’t fit the media narrative to call out the criminal who actually committed the crime.
Like this -

When will we eliminate ‘luxury vehicles’ ?


Yep, the entire concept of holding one accountable for their actions is under direct attact. It always had to be someone elses fault. Failing that, blame the inanimate object.

This is leftist, bolshivek thought in summation. All intended to deprive the patriot of the ability to resist. We must never, ever be fooled by such terms like “gun violence”. It is all about control.

They will not stop. This has all happened before. Unless the patriot stops it, it will all happen again.

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“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”
― Thomas Paine


Roger that sir, roger that