Who Is Responsible for Political Violence?


The right encourages the left and the left encourages the right. We both encourage or challenge each other. What we do to fight those challenges is what makes us strong as a nation. Without each other we would become bored and weak.


But, it’s the left that actually commit acts of violence.

Change my mind. :coffee:


If there actually is a Red wave, I expect to see the violence ramp up again.


That would go against my moral and ethical belief. You have every right to challenge whom you wish in any way you wish. I don’t see how your statement would cause less violence but who knows. I think we both do what we can.
I dream of a time when all Americans encourage each other to do their best for the country and we have an election and we all celebrate the winner.


Here is where I have a problem, putting equal blame when only one side has clearly committed violent acts.


I am not attempting to blame anyone for anything. Sorry if it comes off that way. In fact I am trying to eliminate blame to work toward a greater good so I can accomplish my dream.




Soon we’re not going to have to worry about “political” violence! I just heard they are protecting the United States southern border with PAINTBALL GUNS, while the invaders are coming with “assault rifles” and OMG high capacity magazines. The news needs to start reporting it as rifles and STANDARD capacity magazines! But protecting us with PAINTBALL GUNS, we’ve stooped to the very lowest I think we can go!

FYI the left has been more destructive than the plagues of Egypt! The left is the 11th deadly plague! Democrats 6:6-6


Threats were already made by the leftist groups and reported on msm. Now, with one week to go,I just see stories about “right wing extremist violence”. Pure projection, no threats made.
Funniest recent article was about a gun group soliciting for “firepower” in the upcoming election.
HuffPo was mortified and tried to spin this into an armed attack. My $.02 asked HuffPo why they had issues with a group using the term “firepower” coming to what they termed “battleground” states?


I believe patience on the right is wearing thin. Things might get nasty. I am too old for this.


You seem like a very kind man with a big, big heart sir. Our Republic needs good-hearted people like yourself. Thank you for that.

A lot of us doubt the intentions of the left. We don’t see them as honest brokers for the common good. Far from it in fact.

Please don’t think we have any such animus toward you @Robert1246 . I know I don’t. Far from it. I hope you are successful in accomplishing your mission. God bless you sir.


If there is no blame, how can there be resolution? If the offender(s)-- the Left- don’t recognize their fault, there can be no resolution…they will continue on the path they are on until they are stopped.


Sounds suspiciously like a virus! Then again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not even a Supreme Court Justice! But if it walks like a duck…


Seems to me, in my 60+ years, the best of times politically speaking are when one side has a majority in the house and the other the majority in the senate. That way the Politician in the White House is neutered, Executive orders a side. They all sit on their collective high chairs and scream at us lowly citizens about how awful the other guy is while nothing get’s done, which is a good thing.


To me blame is the way to avoid the resolution. It makes the resolution someone else’s problem. If we don’t take the blame we won’t look for a solution.
To me when we recognize fault we recognize who we should forgive. Punishing is not my responsibility. Thanks for letting me share.


And to take it one step further, politicians will avoid a resolution so they can keep laying blame.
Because in their weird world, the problem is often more important than the solution.


IMHO… It’s the person that commits the violence.


Imagine all the people… living life in peace… yoo-hoo… kumbaya :man_shrugging:t4:


I feel just as responsible if I see it and don’t do anything about it.
Many people served this country more than I have and feel comfortable blaming someone else and I thank them. Now it is time for me to serve and I don’t expect to do it without resistance.