Do Australia's Gun Laws Reduce Deaths?

This was sent to me by a USCCA member who is just starting out in the Community and wanted to share this. I read the article and have a LOT of thoughts about the information and the way it is correlated in the article.

What are your thoughts about the claim that gun laws reduce deaths in Australia?


From the article:

Suicide by firearm – one of the leading causes of gun death in the US – was also reduced by almost 80% in the decade after Port Arthur.

Removing firearms did not lower the number of suicides overall, it changed how people were killing themselves.
Suicide rates in Australia
2001 - 2457
2004 - 2098
2010 - 2361
2016 - 2866
2017 - 3128

Also, there was a definite decreasing trend in using firearms for suicide long before the ban:
In Men:

In Women:

I could go on, but I think you get what I’m saying. You can read the reference articles from the blue linked verbiage above.

I’d love to hear what you have to say!


This just goes on to prove that suicide much like the evil in peoples hearts will find a way no matter the tool used


There are already plenty of laws on the books to try to prevent crime and methods used to commit crime.

The staggering number that bothers me most about Australia is the violent crime numbers.


Here are some very telling graphs from the article that @Sheepdog556 cited:

How did armed robbery go up right after the Australian ban on guns went into affect? :thinking:


Yes, all of that.
Somehow we treat it as if suicide by firearm is more horrible than suicide by knife or suicide by overdose. Or robbery at gunpoint is more heinous than robbery at knifepoint. Or murder by shooting is an order of magnitude more wicked than murder by bludgeoning.
Dead is dead.
You’re not less dead, or your family less bereaved, because a knife was used instead of a gun. :angry:

Stinkin’ thinkin’ at it’s best. Dumbing down our education is a deliberate process designed to allow is to be more easily emotional manipulated.

The article is full of that manipulation.


Statistically our homicide rate fell further and faster during the same time since they implemented their draconian gun laws.

It’s also difficult to get a good comparison because of how Australia classifies their homicides.

I think an argument can be made that during that time frame it can be shown certainly their homicide rate has fallen but it cannot be causally linked to the change in their laws.

During that same period our gun laws have been greatly liberalized and lawful carry has gone from something like just 9-13 states to now, all states being forced due to court rulings to become shall issue carry states where constitutional carry isn’t already the rule.


The linkage between firearms and suicides as an excuse for gun control is fraudulent at best. Japan has some of the most restrictive firearms laws on the planet yet their suicide rate is about 7x that of the US.

Having access to a gun may make it easier, but a lack of same certainly does not reduce the suicide rate.


How did it go up? The criminal class was empowered when they disarmed the majority of the public.

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What I find most troubling is comparing Australia, with a population less than twice the size of PA, to the USA which has ten times the population of Australia. Of course the incidence of violent behavior in the USA will be higher merely because of numbers.

The focus on “gun violence” skews the perception that all violence is under control in Australia. Yet, sadly, the rate of rape in 2010 in Australia was exactly the same as the USA, 28.6 per 100,000.

Gun control does not stop violent behavior. It merely shifts it to other tools, and actually leaves folks who are physically unable to otherwise defend themselves in a violent situation, defenseless.


I agree with you on that, @Edward1!

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