Statistical nonsense from CNN

CNN is going on once again, twisting statistics, saying a few things that are true, but totally missing the bigger picture.

Their brilliant conclusion: “The indisputable fact is that where there are more guns, there are more gun deaths.”


See the slippery logic in this statement? It’s a true statement, but ultimately says nothing at all.

Let’s say Montana had zero guns in it. POOF - no gun deaths.
Now let’s say Nebraska has one gun it that killed one person - POOF - more gun deaths.

CNN’s point is thus proven, but provides nothing useful.

CNN’s article also ignores the bigger problem: homicide rates.

Here are the top ten states in terms of homicide rates in descending order:

South Carolina
New Mexico

Here are the top ten states in terms of gun ownership rates in descending order. Those with asterisks are in the top ten in both lists:

West Virginia
South Dakota
North Dakota

This indicates a very different reality than that presented by CNN. Only 30% of the top ten homicide states are also in the top ten gun-owning states. And even then, they are BOTTOM 50% of those states in terms of gun ownership.

Fully 70% of the top gun-owning states are not found in the top ten states in terms of reported homicides.

It’s just not as simple as CNN is trying to spin it. There is no definitive, causal relationship between gun ownership and greater homicide rates. If anything, the reverse seems to be true.

I know - I’m preaching to the choir!

States with the most gun violence share one trait - CNNPolitics


Same kind of crap, “393,000,000 gun in the United States, 330,000,000 people in the United States, that’s more than 1 gun for every American.”.
It’s framed like everyone carries a gun…


If only that were true.
Think of all the innocent victim stories that we’d stop reading.



  • People who live in apartment buildings are more likely to die in apartment fires.
  • People who get married are more likely to get divorced than those who stay single.
  • People who fly in airplanes are more likely to die in a plane crash than people who don’t.
  • People who only drink water are more likely to drink contaminated water than people who only drink whiskey.
  • People who play at the beach are more likely to get sunburns that people on ventilators.
  • The longer you live, the more likely you are to die of heart disease.

We must eliminate all these dangerous risks!


This is the reason we don’t watch the so called news. Notice how Ukraine has died down with the mass casualty event that happened and the mistakes tiny towns make…. I can’t with them


They count collectors items. As some of those guns. How silly and I love how automatically , they need more gun legislation when an “18 yr old can walk into gun shop and purchase weapons of war “ it’s a semi automatic sporting rifle , it’s styled after the stoner rifle , or an armalite rifle where the AR nomenclature comes from it looks nearly identical to the military m16 m4 variants but it is not at all the same one is a war fighting weapon the other is a sporting rifle and not built for combat ( technically speaking ) you can use it to break rocks if your inclined to but it still doesn’t mean it’s a weapon of war! Pacifist politicians like to scare people with words like that. They can have any and all the assault rifles I own but you’ll find I own none. I used them in the military and know to my knowledge there has not been a crime committed with one that I know of.


Very interesting point. Makes me wonder, has there been a mass or for that matter single assault on an American civilian target with an M16 or M4 etc… However, if they were really knowledgeable they’d know, many many Americans carry the exact same .45 that is used by many soldiers, the evil 1911.


The military uses radios, too. We’d better ban CBs.


GPS, too… and fuel and food - LGB is working on preventing/limiting the civilian use of the latter items as we speak.


When they straight-up lie and twist the stuff we know about, how can we trust their reporting on everything else?


I love the analogies. Well done sir. :+1:t2:

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True, so true.

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Most of the time all the shooting are in place s of GUN FREE ZONES. The School, Churches, & Some food Stores. So easy to hide the truth now days, not the guns, but people with sick minds & dark hearts. And taking away guns will not stop people with a sick mind or a dark hearts


CNN becomes more irrelevant every day. Even their viewers/subscribers agree, hince the death of CNN+ in just a week. Not sure why anyone spends any attention to them, we should give the same amount of attention to them as we do the Star or National Enquirer.


My church is in a very pro-2A, conservative area - I pity the poor schlep who is stupid enough to try something on a Sunday morning.


I agree, i hope for the ones who are not ready , get ready. Time as come for be ready for anything that happens & respond in seconds not minutes.

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Only had five new would-be shooters at yesterday’s NSSF First Shots class. As is my habit, I asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell us why they were there. Three of the five had volunteered to become a part of their church’s armed protection team, and First Shots was the required first step of their training. The other two signed up because of all the negative TV coverage related to recent shooting events. Having no experience with firearms or the shooting community they wanted to get enough factual information - from actual experience - to form their own opinions. I love teaching this class!!!


That is only true in a war zone, more guns, bigger guns, yes more life loss. Now, my thesis; The Dems who usually start wars, kill more Americans than mass shooting kills Americans in the USA.

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The title of this thread is redundant.