Assault Weapon Ban

Well here’s how that went down in CA. There was a grandfather clause, keep what you have and with these per an you’d be eligible to use magazines over 10r.

Then 2000, there was a mandatory registration of these wrongfully labeled “assault weapons”, and no magazines over 10rds allowed.

Then came the bullet buttons maglocks, which then transformed your firearm into an “AW” requiring mandatory registration.

Fixed magazine (maglock, requires action broken to remove mag or top loading) or featureless (fixed stock, no flash hider, no pistol grip allows standard mag release) configurations.

Feinstein recently submitted a bill to render featureless configured rifles as “assault weapons” stating they circumvent the law.

“AWB”s can’t leave the state without permission, must always be locked away and secured, when being used must travel from location A directly to B, then directly back to A. There’s so much mother may I gotcha regulations, that will constantly be changing.

Moral to the story is they will absolutely go after banning, if there is “grandfathering” in the language, it’s merely a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down to buy time and come around. Think about it, would you really feel good about the ideal of you being covered, yet you future generations not being able to possess, as once they swing back around to legislate them as “AWB”s they cannot be handed down, they must be surrendered or destroyed when you pass on.

Since 94 there are leather sniffer ranges that look for “AWB”, consider 10/30 mags as banned, pre 2000 and “freedom week” acquired over 10rd mags as banned, 80% builds and call law enforcement.

So going to some ranges can be interesting.


Just donated. This is how the 2A (Civil Rights) community fights back. We have to support all Gun Advocate Organizations, local and nationwide that can legally go toe to toe with these civil right abolishing berserkers. Keep up the political fire on these anti-freedom apparatchiks. If you haven’t already joined consider joining a Gun Advocate Organization of your choice. Its time to get off the cart and time to help start pulling the cart anyway you can. Have a nice day.


Definitely worth donating, I’m a member as well, they’re a great organization.


I keep seeing posts about people hiding guns in fear of what if. Let me be very clear here. The only way anyone of us loses our rights is if we stand back and do nothing. No I don’t mean commit violence.

There are close to 100 million firearm owners in the United States. It will never matter who is elected or who proposes what bill if you are ready to take real action. This is really simple; you can keep all your right by simply sending out an email.

In the digital age, we have the power to stop any bill from moving forward if we choose to join together. The email must state facts. Simple go here and and email representatives from your state. Our power goes way beyond a vote and does not end when someone is elected. Both parties have conveniently voted against firearm rights after every shock and awe of crime. Let them know we are not going to sit back and see more laws that don’t work.
For example
Dear Representative

I have noticed that it is congress’s goal to ban what you call assault weapons, the ArmaLite Rifle AR-15. The democratic party has claimed that banning this rifle will end mass shootings and some states have already taken this approach. I want to work with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes as these states. They have not made their states safer, in fact by telling people they are safer they are now at a higher risk for some lunatic to try and prove them wrong.

The fact is the shooters of columbine fired 188 rds over 47 mins, which averaged 4 rounds per minute. This is the Same Rate of fire as a Muzzle Loading Flintlock Kentucky Rifle. Used in the American Revolution. The Virginia tech shooter fired 174 rds in 11 minutes, averaging 15 rds per minute. The same rate as an 1848 single-shot rifle. The Sandy Hook Massacre fired 154rds in 5-9 minutes averaging a max of 31rds per minute, the same rate of fire as an 1848 Sharps single shot rifle. Fort Hood 214 rds fired, over 10 minutes, 21 shots per minute avg, the same as an 1860 lever action henry rifle. Parkland 136 rds over 4-6 minutes, with an avg of 22.667 rds per minute again the same as an 1860 Lever Action Henry Rifle.
I could have also listed San Bernardino, Binghamton, Umpqua, Charleston, and Red Lake. All of which had the same rate of fire as pre-1900 firearms. It is important to understand it is not the rifle that is being used. It is the sick mind of the people doing this and the fact is banning the AR is just going to lead them to use something much more powerful than a firearm that uses a bullet the same diameter as a .22 handgun.

The banning of a firearm is equivalent to burning books to prevent evil. A firearm is nothing more than a tool to a criminal. The AR-15 is used for home defense, competitions, and hunting. While there is a ton of other rifles out there, it offers features to people who may have weak shoulders, lower strength, and other handicaps and allows them to defend themselves and to get out at the local range. Ranges are a small businesses that gives back to their communities and keep the money local. There are a ton of different handguns are you one day going to decide one of them is evil too. They are tools, it is not the fault of the firearm for who picks it up and uses it in a way it was never intended to be used.

I would like to believe that as a nation we have not decided to go backward in time and make the same mistakes as our ancestors. We have faced hard times before with evil people doing evil things. If you notice back, then the answer was not to burn the witches at the stake. It was to find a way to find the evil people behind it, burning books did not stop fornication. How we can accomplish this is through education and training, that is how we continue to bring the violence down in America or at least it used to be.

I realize the argument is also against what has been called a high capacity magazine. The thought is if a person must reload more it gives the police more time to take out the shooter. The fact is these shooters don’t need to worry about that. They have an average of 9 minutes in gun-free zones before police can arrive and sometimes longer before they can make an entrance. This means the shooter can reload as slowly and as often as they like. Typically they either die or surrender once the police make an entry.

They often carry way more ammunition than they shoot. They also don’t wait until they run out of ammo before reloading, they reload when they have the opportunity while people are running for their lives. Meaning they are not firing every round in the magazine as it is. Lowering capacity is not going to change the mass shooting outcome. In fact, what it will do is hurt law-abiding Americans like me. Because I will be restricted to a smaller magazine, but the criminals will not be. They have spent months anticipating congress lowering magazine capacity and have stocked up on the black market. Which any criminal can reach through a simple Tor Browser.
Now you have decided to end online sales of firearms and ammo. In order to purchase a firearm online, it must be sold by an FFL dealer that is licensed by the Government and approved by the ATF. They only ship to other dealers and not directly to any private citizen. By ending online sales of firearms, you would essentially be destroying thousands of small business throughout this country whose main business is online. When the dealers are the only ones keeping firearms out of criminal’s hands, every single FFL dealer does a full background check before handing over a firearm. If the person doesn’t pass, they return the firearm to the original dealer all within a few days.

I completely understand that you also want to stop felons from getting ammunition. Again, stopping online sales is not going to prevent that, what it will do is make more firearm owners less safe. Let me explain. When you go to a lot of local shops, they charge almost double than online companies for the same ammo. This means instead of firearm owners training, practicing, and learning to handle their firearm safety through a steady routine.

They stockpile what they can afford and in the event, they have to use their firearm to protect against a home invasion or violent attack. They have fewer skills and become more dangerous to their own families and the other people around them. As a firearm owner and instructor, I can say that we need ammo prices to stay low to encourage all the new firearm owners to train and to be responsible.
To take this one step further, Author and Chief instructor Michael Martin wrote a full plan in his book on countering the mass shooter threat. In his book, he lays out a full plan on how we can work with the schools and other high-risk areas to prevent mass shootings from ever having a devastating effect again. We can protect our children like we protected the planes after 911 without turning them into a fortress and without arming teachers. We do this by working together as a community.

The point is while you are attacking middle America because of violent criminals and punishing middle-class America for owning firearms. We want to work with you to end gun violence, to lower suicide rates, to stop the mentally ill from owning firearms while helping responsible Americans who need to protect themselves during the crucial seconds of a violent attack when the police are minutes away. You want red-flag laws to prevent the mentally ill from owning firearms, we agree but we also want due process and consequences against people who bring false claims.

Our goals are the same, but instead of attacking those of us that pass background checks, follow the laws, get training to use conflict avoidance, situational awareness, and learn how not to be a victim. We want to help you to go after the criminals causing the violence in this nation. We have experts like Michael Martin, Massad Ayoob, Mickey Schuch, Rob Pincus, Tom Givens, Michael Seeklander, and many more. That has studied the violence problem and they help turn private citizens into responsible firearm owners.
They are willing to work with legislators to pass laws that stop the criminals while protecting the rights of firearm owners. No we don’t want more laws, but if are going to pass something, wouldn’t it be smarter to listen to the guys who are on the front lines with years of data, rather than listening to those who have no experience and put data together to prove their opinion.

As our legislators, it is your job to not only protect the constitution but to also work for the people’s best interest. I believe I have shown you a small part of how these new laws just don’t work. I know anything else but the current agenda is not popular, but you just seen over 70 million people vote in fear of you taking away their firearm. If that is not a message, I don’t know what is. If you truly want to represent us then let’s work together, if you feel so strongly against it. Then maybe it is time we use our vote toward someone who will.
Your Name

If you have a better one, post it, and let others use it. This was the first draft and I am sure it can be improved on. It’s time to stop worrying about what-ifs and praying on fears. It’s time to take real action. With almost 100 million firearm owners if even 5% take action, it stops the firearm bills from ever moving forward. These are elected officials that just lost many seats and fought close races. They will not go against the people.


@Roger52 , Very good post! I have heard of your book and have meant to find it. I’ll have to get back on that hunt.
I’ve also bookmarked your site and will delve into it after work this evening.
Thank you for your commitment!


Biden ls not a"High Capacity" person. He did nothing for 47 years and he will do nothing for the next four. It’s those under him we need to be careful about. I’m in the market for a high quality Tomahawk and marbles for a home made sling shot!


From the horses ass… I mean mouth…


If we can get those senate seats in Georgia, we should be sitting pretty. We will see though.

One of the Georgia democrats running for senate recently came out very discriminative of police, used GD over and over during a sermon and wouldn’t answer the question of court packing. Those are all probably not the best ways to motivate people to vote for you. Apparently it’s also less likely they’ll get as many voters since it won’t be a primary election. Republicans are typically better at showing up.

(I’m not trying to offend any Dems on here. It’s just very bad for gun control if Joe Biden gets to enact this plan, and he will be able to with a blue house, senate. Maybe the courts could stop it, but he still might try to pack the court or add states and end the filibuster).


Good stuff.

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In my opinion if they want your MSR they will offer a buy back.
If you do not comply they will not come door to door to confiscate your gun.
They will simply freeze your bank accounts, credit cards and seize your house/business.
Leaving you with no other choice but to turn it in.
These traitors do not respect Bill of Rights. They see it as an outdated scrap of paper. Most people from GenZ to Millennials haven’t a clue or care too about the importance of it. As long as they have their cell phone and x box they are good with whatever big brother does. Sorry I digress here a bit.
Back on track. If you think you are not on a list because you bought your MSR through a private party sale and paid cash. Think again… Buy any magazines on line? Accessories? Pay with a credit card for ammo? Post a cool picture of it on the Book of Faces? They have a record and they will impose Draconian tactics mentioned above until you PROVE you don’t have it! Don’t think they can do it? Insert red flag laws here!
The only true hidden gun is one that was paid for in cash from private party and never discussed on the web. No credit card, paypal online purchases of accessories. Who can say that? I know I can’t. I’m rounding up all my MSR stuff headed to the next gun show and dumping it mags and all including ammo. Private party sale.
Anyone who wants to go ghost will pay a premium for a ghost. If they are smart they won’t say shinola about it. I’m going to profit off it. I plan on documenting my legal transaction via cell
phone video of course obscuring then purchaser to insure his anonymity and up load it to the cloud for safe keeping.
You might think I’m a profiteer or a heretic. What I am is too old to fight for the
Republic when time comes and Cousin Time is a Coming!
Sorry for the dose of of harsh reality, but after China Joe and Kamala Toe pack the court we are screwed I’m just getting out of the MSR game while the getting is good and hopefully whoever ends up with mine plays it smart!
I’ve thought about this for quite some time my mind is made up. Don’t hate me for it think of it a passing it on to a future patriot.


I believe you are pretty much right on target. I’m also a member of that too old group. However, I don’t think a fight is where this should go. We have large numbers. There is strength in those numbers. If Biden writes his executive orders I’m hoping we will mass in numbers they can not believe and carry a non-violent / non-destructive protest to DC. I’ve never been to a protest, seems like a good time to try it.

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Me neither, but better yet, what’s your address, I can give you mine and we can burn each others houses down.
That’ll show 'em we mean business.


LOL, That seems like a lot of effort…maybe we burn our own down and blame each other


Y’all some crazy peeps early in the morning.:joy::joy:


IMO-As technology advances and become more affordable any and all Anti-Gun Policy is destroyed. With the advent of CNC Printing Machinery and modern advance of Ammunition and components the Anti-Gun Policy will become laughable. In our struggle for Civil Rights 2A will reign supreme for all Americans. :+1: :metal:



Gotta love all those Trump supporters burning the country down right now :grin:


Is there anything left to fight for? I’m old, but I’m still breathing and can still lift my weapon. Do we just give up? Was my service to a free nation a waste of time? Was my vote a waste? Did my vote even count?
Wow! So we really are here separating the men from the boys.

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

I can’t find the expiration date, need help.

I don’t understand, if there are people in this country that hate it so much, why don’t they leave. There are plenty of beautiful countries that have their Marxist system already set up, no guns, no freedoms, free healthcare, free food (albeit from the streets), no homeownership, what’s the fascination with changing this country, just get on a plane or boat and leave! We love our country!
The oath is explicit, support and defend the Constitution!

Someone stated that there are 100,000,000 gun owners, that’s only the ones we are aware of, they should be afraid , be very afraid. I agree a rally not to burn down neighborhoods but to open their eyes to the extremely high number of people who are prepared to defend a free nation. It’s probably time for a rally similar to a Russian military parade, Chinese military parade, North Korean military parade, yes I’m saying a complete show of force.
“In order to keep the enemy from coming forth, show them the potential harm!”
Sun Tzu

Or we can sit here til it’s ALL gone!


I think that oath expires on death. As for being to old to carry I’ll put wheels on it, perhaps attach it to the walker or wheelchair. One more thing don’t screw with me or mine, God & country. 'merica hell yeah


Not if I can vote from the grave!