Proposed Taxes on Guns and High Capacity Magazines

I have tried to find where the proposed taxes that the Biden administration is proposing is legal. I don’t see how it could be right to add a tax on something like that. Guess it would be like they did on alcohol. Is that the way they will do this and how do we stop it?


We will not comply.


Agreed. We cannot comply. Way, way too much is at stake here. It will be hard for normally law-abiding people to take a stand, but a stand must be taken.

It will be even more difficult to accept that this stand must be taken. There will be many who will advocate compliance. Ignore them.

This far, no farther. This just can’t be accepted. I feel the very survival of our Republic is in doubt.


It’s been in their playbook for a long time, ie; rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky, Killerys hero & Obamas guidance to socialism.


I’m relieved you brought this up. I wanted to but have been holding back. I feel like my military service has been in vain. I sacrificed my health to hold the line on freedom. Now these bastards want to send us down a rabbit hole. I will purposefully lose my guns before I give them up or comply. Lakes will be covered with buried treasures. This is absolutely unconstitutional.


They will do what they want and we will comply, they will lie, cheat, steal, burn your house down, keep you from gainful employment, DOX your parents, murder your family and they will laugh all the way to China. You can’t trust a cheater, EVER!
Remember guns are a public health issue, but heroin is not! Forget medical for all, it’s heroin for all. We have a front seat to watch Rome burn to the ground!


So maybe I’m missing something here. I thought the 16th Amendment gave Congress the power to levy taxes, not El Presidente. That being said, if ( … and it’s a huge ‘if’ ) Republicans hold the Senate, that would negate PeePaw Joe’s tax plan. The President simply doesn’t have the power to levy taxes.

Second, the proposed taxes would most certainly go to the Supreme Court. Not that we can take any solace in that, because even with a conservative majority, the SC has routinely kicked the Second Amendment can down the road, much to the chagrin of Clarence Thomas, who has vociferously argued for the need to address 2A lawsuits.

If enacted, ignoring it does have consequences. As they have shown, the IRS has a propensity to make conservative lives a living hell, and the power to garnish wages, etc. All of that said, I would ignore it.


There is no limit to what they can do.
Our wicked and corrupt oppressors have come up with an ammo tax, creatively called background check.

“The law, which took effect last July, requires Californians to pass an in-store background check before buying ammunition, which involves running buyers’ names through a California Department of Justice database that tracks legal purchases of guns.“


As mentioned above, taxes must be done through legislative branch, not executive branch so any attempt to do so via executive order would be instantly challenged in court. Now, if the Democrats hold the majority in the senate and house and presidency, then yes, I don’t see why Congress couldn’t add a tax on whatever they wanted to for whatever amount they wanted.

What you are probably referring to though, is Biden’s gun-control plan calls for a “voluntary buyback”, and if you don’t want to give it to the government then you can register your “assault weapons” (which includes magazines over 10rounds) as NFA items. And registering an NFA item does require a tax stamp of $200 for each item. This is different from a “normal” tax like a property tax or sales tax or income tax.

That, I am pretty sure he can do via executive order. So every firearm you own that they feel is an assault weapon and you wanted to keep would cost you $200 to register as an NFA item. You would be paying to put your name on a future gun confiscation list. Additionally, Biden has said any “high capacity” (read as more than 10rounds) magazines would also be classified as “assault weapons”. How many magazines do you have that hold more than 10rounds? I bet most of us would go bankrupt if we had to pay $200 for every magazine.

Would this also be legally challenged immediately? Yes. Would it get past SCOTUS? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I would hope with the current makeup that SCOTUS would take the case and rule in our favor. But there have been several cases that SCOTUS has passed on in recent years so I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breath. And if the Democrats hold Presidency, Senate, and House they can certainly pack the SCOTUS with another dozen or two liberal judges and then we’d have zero chance there.


The part I fear is that the POTUS can dictate via executive order that XY&Z is now an NFA weapon much the same as the ATFE beurorats can designate a pistol as an SBR. Trump did this with bump stocks. The part that really worries me is that the new 4473 has all your personal and gun info on the same page which can be scanned and digitized making for a ready database of recent gun purchases given today’s technology. There are many things that bother me if this administration comes to fruition and mores so if the Senate folds.




We fight this and stop it by first demanding that a demonstrably rigged election be rejected and corrected, then, we continue to fight by demanding the truth, and finally insisting our voices be heard and counted, not just the voices on the anti-amendments side. Not least of all we demand some kind of ethics and “truth in advertising” be applied to those who claim to inform us, namely, the media.

These things we MUST do.

We can best honor the service of those who fought for our country abroad, by fighting the rest of the fight here at home, with our voices, our vote, and our determined insistence.


If you are talking about the Presidential Election being rigged I would asked and have been waiting and waiting is where is the evidence? There sure seems to be a lot of allegations and no evidence. Also I would add where is AG Barr? It sure seems suspicious and zero accountability.

Excellent point. I’d rather pay membership to a pro2A org.


There is pretty serious witness intimidation going on. If there is no fraud, why pressure people into certifying results?


What constitutes evidence? What would you have to see or be told to consider that information to be evidence if what is out there now does not? A video of votes being switched inside a computer? Or must it be nothing less than a video of high officials planning it? Or is the real reason people feel there is no evidence because the main media outlets have not said there is? If you are looking for any of them to do that without being forced too, it will be a long wait, to include most notably now, Fox.

Evidence would seem to be in the eye of the beholder, or at the very least that’s how most of the media is playing it. You may choose to agree that there is " no " evidence because no one has shown you a video of someone voting twice or what ever the bar is now. I have seen plenty of evidence , provided what I have seen is vetted, which, the media is sure not to do. And that seems to be the key. It’s a pretty serious game. None of us ever see’s the evidence in 90% of what is reported, we simply believe what the news tells us. If you think about it, is that not true? Not to be smart about it but, did any of us actually see the evidence of any crime we saw reported, for ourselves?, or did we take the word of the reporters?

This sort of situation is the very reason I feel truth in reporting is getting to be such a critical thing for our republic, because it can not function without it.

Just my fallible opinion.


This topic is why I have been so irritated with 2A people justifying Biden because Trump banned bump stocks and unconstitutional red flag laws. Trump was wrong, but you can’t argue that Trumps gun policy is much less extreme than Biden.

Praying we get the senate locked down, and that moderate democrats will pay attention to the millions of First time gun owners in America.


If an unconstitutional edict makes me an overnight felon, then watch out on that slippery slope! If ever I had to use legal deadly force before that, I would comply with law and law enforcement; afterwards no way—-I‘ll shoot and scoot. From there, let’s see what other opportunities emerge as the “law” becomes filtered through new eyes!


Reading another thread about the recent ATF letters regarding pistol braces and I’ve come up with my own theory.

Again this is 100% theory and opinion. I don’t think we can rely on the fact that their are so many new gun owners. Some will come to the “dark” side however if a buy back program is out in place by the incoming administration, many people who feel “saved” because Trump is gone will very quickly submit their firearms. That it turn will give the appearance of the buy back program being a success and anyone who doesn’t submit is a threat to everyone’s safety.

The facts won’t matter, the media will spin it as a for the greater good turn them in. Look at the mask arguments and instead seeing the words wear a mask see turn in your guns.

Again just a theory


If you judge by New Zealand, your theory has merit. There is a difference, however, gun buying spree of 2020 happened out of fear, and scared people don’t like to part with their defences.


@Alexander8 you’re correct some if not most bought out of fear. I believe that with a Biden administration and the media touting his leadership those same people who were scared will feel safe. And the way its becoming “hip” to be a social justice warrior, alot of those people will feel like heroes turning in those guns “to make us all safer”. Again it has nothing to do off of logic, that’s gone.

Everything is fueled by emotions and we are divided by two of the strongest Love of this country and Fear of what we are manipulated to fear.