2A Contingency plans?

I have asked several what their individual contingency plans? Now I am asking the USCCA as well as I’ve asked the NRA what plans are in place if Biden / Harris win and start acting against the 2nd Amendment by executive order?
How … How will these organizations continue and what are the plans in the event that the Federal Government at an Executive level attempts to order such or like organizations to disband?
Confiscation and forced “buy backs”… yeah whatever!
Again…? What’s the organization’s plans… If… just what if… becomes a reality?


Did you get a response from the NRA? What was the response. If you do your homework you could get an idea of what to expect. The scare back in the day, less than ten years ago, was the Obama Administration was going to enact a confiscation through executive order or some how through his divine intervention get the Second Amendment removed. Didn’t work out to well, it really went the other way for Obama-he became the greatest gun salesman of all-time. I wouldn’t doubt Obama’s Stock Portfolio has a lot of Gun Manufacturers in it. America’s history has politicians who are anti gun and loathe individual freedoms. I would like to know the response from USCCA if any.


If the Biden / Harris ticket wins, everything you thought was safe is no longer safe. I say that because if they win the Senate falls. The 1st amendment has already begun to crumble with social media and the 2nd will not be far behind. The 94’ AWB will be a primer for the restrictions and confiscations. If ACB is confirmed there may be a chance until the Congress votes to make the court a 13, 15 or 17 member panel which of course will have 4, 6 or 8 uncontested liberal Jurists. Shumer and Pelosi have already telegraphed the plan.




The NRA takes action through lawsuits often. Other Gun Advocacy groups such as Gun Owners of America (GOA) does as well. To hear political rhetoric about 2A is nothing new. They do talk it up and it seems like a bunch of fear mongering for Gun Manufacturers to up their sales. Ammunition shortages come and go. If you want to see yourself through these times I would suggest you stock up when inventories become available. I would be interested if a confiscation would take place at the federal or even the state level, who would be the enforcement arm? I don’t think the US Military combined with the DOJ could fulfill that requirement. It would be a train wreck-the logistics alone to go after 400 million plus firearms would be insurmountable. For myself, I can tell you I’ve no guns and what guns I did have were lost in a tragic boating accident. It was horrible. I would also like to see the legislative process of an amendment, the second in this case, attempted to be removed from the constitution. I think that legislative process would show us as Americans which states are red blooded Americans and which are cowards. My .02 cents.


First, technically, there can be no action against the Second Amendment by Executive Order. There is no authority.

Second, if there are unconstitutional and illegal actions, it would fall to the law enforcement, especially the local Sheriff’s Department, but all law enforcement, swear to uphold the Constitution.

Third, if the law enforcement community acts in violation of the Constitution, we each must make our own decisions.

Fourth, always remember, A Law Repugnant to the Constitution is Void ~ United States Supreme Court.

NRA? most likely file a lawsuit… as most other organizations will do, and while that might be the proper process, when the Constitution is being shredded, and our rights denied, and the government is behaving as Despotic Tyrants, the time for law suits and hope that the court will adhere to the Constitution would already be past.

Government is instituted to secure our rights, through the just powers derived by the governed. When government becomes detrimental to those ends, it ceases to have legitimacy and has lost the authority it was given by the Constitution.


I like the way you think.


This is one of those hypotheticals that’s just not feasible. You might as well ask, What would you do if the government forced everyone to switch to the other political party? Frankly I don’t care for hypotheticals because they’re purely nonsensical and nothing more than guesses.

I will point out it’s not very smart for anyone to even answer such a question on a public forum because what happens if someone says, "I’d go nuts and do "…law enforcement could use that as a potential threat and bring hell on you all because you wrote up some crazy answer to a silly question. There are countless cases where the things you write on the web are used against you in actual court cases. Why give them ammo to take away your freedoms?


Seriously? If SHTF, the lawyers will be the first t take cover. The fact that a community like ours is even speaking of such situations is not hypothetical anymore.
If 20 years ago I asked what we would do if a “speaker of the house” would, in front of the American people, tear up the State of the Union address, that would have been a hypothetical.
Today, now, tomorrow these people are literally tearing up the Constitution of these United States, right in front of our faces. They aren’t even hiding the fact that they intend to destroy the American way of life. That is not hypothetical, that’s a shot across the bow!
The Jews in Germany didn’t think it feasible! They probably thought cattle cars and gas chambers were a hypothetical. All I can say is, that is not a hypothetical anyone will soon forget!
May not be cool to answer the question on line, but I think you had better start thinking hard about your answers and possible plans. Stay safe and hypothetically watch your six!

I just have to ask , do you carry for self defense? If so, wouldn’t you say you are answering a hypothetical on a daily basis? The answer is on your hip! The hypothetical is will he attack from the east, will he attack with a knife, is there a chance your child could be abducted from your front lawn. I believe life is a hypothetical!


We should expect that if they take the office the propaganda will change nearly instantaneously. There will be no more silly talk of election fraud, and probably not even much of anything representing opposing views, (other than from the shadows).

‘They’ will be public representatives, we will have a ‘people’s president’, selected under the rule of law, doing the will of the people and of course the only ones opposing their ‘will of the people’ will be racists and terrorists and WILL be treated as such (starting with a redistribution of wealth masked as long over due social reform/welfare).

Don’t believe me? Consider that we have a right leaning president, Senate, and court and that this need to reform the racists has already become the national narrative (as told by social and mainstream media) and opposing voices including the president are already being censored.

I wouldn’t expect an avalanche to miraculously stop half way down the mountain.

There isn’t much milk left in the cow now and they want it. To hell will putting up hay for Betsy to make it through the winter.


I can honestly say to infringe on our rights will meet the most powerful lobby in the USA. Plus they would have to go thru the supreme court. Putting the new justice in place will very much protect our second amendment rights. And to really try to dismantle our rights, the American people will stand up, in fact a civil war may break out. So in reality, pay attention to the news but don’t be obsessed with it. We know who we are, we have been raised correctly, we have wonderful kids and grandkids. But mind you, if someone enters my house, they will meet moses, soon to be a 140lb rottweiler, then they have to go thru my wife, she is beautiful and dangerous indeed. Relax, we will get thru this k


Has anyone reflected on the freedoms we lost under the Covid-19 lock-down? I still have to wear a face-diaper to buy groceries and go to work. It was pretty easy to temporarily stop the manufacture, distribution and sales of firearms and ammo. Shutdown ranges. Eliminate firearms training. Same for stirring up violence in metropolitan areas. Defund the Police. This was under a fairly balanced dual-party system.

Lao Tzu said, “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.”


People are saying it isn’t feasible… hmmm let’s see.
NewYork refuses permits constantly, and NY proper you can’t even carry.
New Jersey pretty much the same.
California… 150 various firearms outlawed and now proposing for every one firearm approved 3 must be removed, more firearm types banned almost daily. Even online gun sales will tell you that. Then proposing digital stamping of firearms / casings.
Massachusetts same thing.
Washington State / Oregon’s laws run parallels to limiting ownerships / & carry rights.
Situations with required to retreat or not states.
And the list keeps growing. Slowly one by one - one drawn out fight after another like Virginia under Northam’s thumb and etc.
Different subject matter but no one would have ever thought child support enforcement would ever go to a national level either. It did. Now a persons wages can be garnished as well as federal tax return funds earned / adjusted.
This is why I started this blog. It is not impossible to happen. With the states doing what they’ve successfully done the only way to stop this trend is for SCOTUS to eradicate every anti- 2A legislation imposed or created against American Citizens. When… when will they do it?
As for enforcement there are several options the feds can utilize and never meet you at your door step.
So again…, What will the organizations do when so far these states have been able to push the envelope this far?
Impossibilities are underestimating the potentials of realities.
If the Dems by some miracle totally take both the Senate & House along with the Presidency … How far do you think the realities are out of reach? Look at the examples of states above. They’re getting away with it daily already.
The NRA may attempt to lobby / fight / counter, how many other agencies can hold that weight or want to?
I’d like a solid response on my original title.
What are the Contingency plans?


Yes, and I say we did not ‘lose’ them… we SURRENDERED them.

Far too many were far too willing to comply with and submit to tyrannical dictates. They were not laws… there is no legislated face diaper law.

Attributed to President Abraham Lincoln : “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Attributed to Nikita Khrushchev : You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.


Hypothetically speaking si vis pacem para bellum


@David-65 Hypothetically speaking great idea. @Kevin29 Good point. We surrendered our rights in the name of safety. Lets look at another hypothetical situation:

  1. Sloppy Joe is elected and Democrats gain majority in the Senate.
  2. Gun “Safety” Laws are passed including tax on firearms, magazines and ammo.
  3. Big Tech Identifies gun owners, Woke banks climb onboard.
  4. Gun-owner receives IRS letter demanding back taxes on firearms be paid immediately.
  5. Boss hands you pink slip. All assets forfeited. Bank’s private security team shows up and evicts you or kills you if you resist. Your dog(s) will definitely get waxed…

A bunch of comments here saying there’s “no way” “it would be illegal” “American’s would never give up their guns” “against the constitution”… … …

I’m thinking it would be pretty easy. Virtually 100% of Americans said yes to the social engineering of wearing masks or burkas, based on no laws that were voted on by the people, or went through state houses, state senates or and then signed by governors.

This 15 day “flattening of the curve” is at what, 8 months now?


While always a potentiality with Democrat leftists…

2.) We the people would need to stand firm in defense of the Constitution. Would we accept, submit to and comply with ‘Religious Safety’ laws, including a tax on Religious Faith, Religious Books, and requiring permits to attend church, and Religious Identification cards?

3.) Big tech is not the government, and it is likely they already have identified a majority of firearms owners… and we already see banks being used politically to attack firearms dealers, manufacturers, and perhaps expand that to simply owners. We would need to fight against such tyranny, and be prepared with silver, gold, crypto currency, and other means of commerce beyond credit cards and debit cards… keep cash on hand.

4.) IRS sends a letter for back taxes? No ex post facto law. As far as any firearms owned… sorry, they all fell overboard while out on the water… in the deepest water.

5.) Not worried about a ‘pink slip’, have other means of earning a living, but even if such becomes reality, there are far more firearms owners and banks and any tyrannical government may find themselves rather exposed.
Note: People say you can not stand up to a government when it becomes tyrannical… yet that is exactly what the founders did, they stood up against and defeated the greatest military of the time…

As always, remain vigilant and prepared.


@Kevin29 How many folks were persecuted by the IRS under Obama? Expo facto? Who will own the judicial system?
Big Tech and Banks are not the government, they don’t need to be. They control a multitude of layers in the government to manage their outcomes. Notice where the money is coming from to support Creepy Joe’s campaign? Also on the gun overboard drill, plenty of current laws requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms. Our governor wanted to make not reporting a felony.


I agree in this situation, and here is why

If you are dealing with people who have no respect for the constitution, little or no regard for traditional law and order, and have demonstrated a willingness to ignore realities that get in the way, then you must consider your contingency based on the idea that those in power will not be bound by the constitution or even existing law. I think we all know what the promised court packing could achieve along those lines. And consider a situation of simultaneous control of media, and social media.You will not know if you are one of a hundred, or one of a million who feel as you do, you will only be able to be sure of what those you can walk up too and talk too face to face think, while media, and social media might be so heavily weighted as to be dangerous to refer to, lest you believe the wrong thing. Bank accounts, anything else now done or controlled by the internet, like medical care, etc, etc. All points of vulnerability.

I think there may be a lot of serious underestimating of just how difficult things could be made to be for people who want to preserve our freedom, and our country.

  • To get more of an idea of how much control and manipulation is not only possible, but is in fact already in play, I recommend watching “The Social Dilemma” movie on Netflix. It may sound like it’s about society, but it’s actually about how society is being influenced by the very electronic medium we are using here.

If we do not loose all in this next election, if we get another four years or so, I think we had better use it for all we are worth, because we are seriously close to loosing this democracy as we have known it. Do not forget that they have had many years of unfettered teaching and propaganda to set firmly in the minds of some that good is bad, and bad is good. We would need to get up, get out, and set the record straight like it was the fight of our lives, because it will be the fight of our democracy’s life, of that I am sure.

If we do loose all , or it’s taken by some scheme, then we may face it largely alone, person by person, for some time to come, because we have handed over so much control of so many things, that I believe we never should have, that we may find it incredibly more difficult than it is often imagined . But for the short term the die is cast, and we have to hope people vote well, and hope we can get past it.

In other countries, even more of this electronic software is already in use. And we have no idea how much is in use here, now.


The IRS was not used against anyone by way of a new law, there was no ‘ex post facto’ law. The IRS was corruptly used against political opponents by the Obama administration and Lois Lerner and others within government positions in an effort to silence any opposition voice.

That was not anything regarding law, it was malfeasance, corruption.

We have a choice, submit and comply, surrender, or support the Constitution and defend the Constitution and the Republic.

As for reporting lost of stolen firearms, I personally think everyone repots a stolen firearm, if for no other reason than for insurance purposes, or perhaps the police may recover it.
Making it a law to force people to do so, and make it a felony? No.

Besides, I lost all of my firearms overboard in the deepest of water long ago, so they can not use any new law against me. :slight_smile: