He is already trying to put his plan in motion

This is dangerous and I have a feeling it’s going to happen, I hope I’m wrong, what are your thought’s about this.


Here is HIS plan in a youtube video.

You will likely need to pay the$200 NFA registration fee for each AR15 since it will accept magazines larger than 10 rounds. Also, need to pay $200 NFA registration fee for EACH magazine as well.

This holds true for Glocks since many of them will accept magazines over 10 rounds.

Huge taxes on guns and ammo coming too. Especially if they get control of the Senate; maybe even if they don’t; just need to cajole, bribe or blackmale a couple of Republican Senators.

The last time they tried this was the British at Concord and Lexington. Just saying.


To be fair, those are not Biden’s plans but those of his handlers and all the deep state (plus China).

Only the first step in disarming the populous. Silencing any dissent is another. Only allow posts that are bunny farts and rainbows.


This was Biden’s plan from the start, we know that this also includes semi auto sporting and hunting rifles, register them or pay a 200$ tax stamp, and don’t forget he wants to implement a government buy back, well the government never owned them, and you can buy back what you never owned, its call confiscation, and that’s crazy, and as far as his tax stamp, well sniffing Joe tax this, and I don’t have to tell you what that is, I don’t think it’s going to happen, because all of these unattainable ideas have to pass congress, and if it does nobody will comply, but somebody will comply, because the tyrannical government says you have to.


Well if the GOP keep the Senate then Biden and the ANTI-GUN DEMOCRATS won’t be able to do any of it. Because the Senate won’t vote on any of them.



Really, it is the registration they want first. Also, a tax stamp makes it more “expensive”. Goes along with pack the Supreme Court, and make DC plus PR States for the votes. Then Georgia does not matter does it.


Not paying a dime.

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I wonder what will happen with pistol braces? The ATF is on that :ox::poop: again… Redefining stuff. Just when I was ready to buy my honey badger :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:


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Even IF we lose the two seats in GA there are many Democratic senators that will NOT vote for such a bill to become law. Razor thin D majority in the House too! The backlash with their constituents would pound them into losing their seats. Can you imagine trying to tell your constituents that they must pay $200.00 for a per item tax stamp on Glock magazines. Never will happen, or so I believe. Hoping anyway!


As much as this sucks. Fact is, if no one follows it, it can’t be enforced indefinitely. Sure they’ll try to make a few examples, and it’ll be a long fight. But look at marijuana, many states have legalized it against federal laws. Yes, it took decades of people ignoring the laws, and that fight is still ongoing.


Combined multiple threads on the same topic.

Going to be some very sad days ahead…

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Actually, this is kind of a false flag operation. He says something extreme like this so you will willingly accept something less, eventually.

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Agree. This proposal is the stick. The carrot will be allowing everyone to register their already owned firearms and magazines for lower or no cost.

Registration is the true goal here. Though pricing out poorer people from being able to make future purchases and practice their constitutional rights is a side benefit. Confiscation plans can’t succeed until the majority of firearms are registered.

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In Michigan, we’re already required to register handguns. After making a purchase you are given a form that you have to turn into your local police within 10 days. Has all the gun info including serial number on it. So government has all my gun info.

Sucks that you have to do that there. The government can easily access all the FFL info whenever they decide to, if they aren’t already illegally recording it along with all of our credit card purchases. So they can track down the majority of firearms pretty easily. But there are still millions of firearms bought before all the tracking was put in place and likely millions more sold legally in face to face sales in States that still allow it. The smaller they get the number of unknowns the more comfortable they would likely feel going after them all.

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