Ashli Babbit lawsuit

what about the POS that did it, why is he not in prison? if anyone of us did something like this we’d be sitting in prison right now!


I hope the family wins the lawsuit.


so do I but personally I feel it should come out of lt byrd and bidens pockets



@leo23 Well, they are affiliated with the US Government, so “I am from the government, I am here to help you” applies to this case! :laughing:


@leo23 YES!!! Commemorate her on this day as a Holiday! Wonder if the Veterans Administration can do something. Maybe the family lawyer can do something if they win their lawsuit. That would be awesome! If Trump wins, bet he will recognize her!


RIGHT! And how many Fairie’s dance on the head of a pin for you Sir?
(My highest count was 2.345 last night !)

Do you folks know that NOTHING Positive has come out of this administration
since Bumble Butt sat his Puddin’ filled A** in the Big ‘stinky’ chair?
WARS, Invasions, Influence Peddlin’, Covid, and MASS DEATH! He’s what (418 days on Vacation
prolly saved a SH** TON of Lives!)
Thomas Jefferson is Prolly BEGGING GOD to awaken some Regiments in Heaven sayin’
‘Put me back down there LORD I can’t take this Bullsh**! Anymore!’
( He was always so elo’Q’uent! )
At least Ms. Babbit is at Peace
WE are the one’s left down here in the SH**!


Leo23 yes SIR THIS BRAKES MY HART TO KNOW SHE WAS MUDERD !! And she was not even armed!!! And they didn’t even say who shot her!! For so Long she was not a deadly threat to anyone and that was muder that word I do not even believe that officer even knew who he was shooting !! He is A COWARD. Thanks for sharing Love Bobby Jean and Debbie ann :us::chile::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::owl::feather::feather::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::bangbang:


Don102 SIR EVERY THING ABOUT THE LAST THREE YEARS HAS BEEN A DISASTER . SIR AND WE DEFINITELY MUST HAVE SOME REAL LEADERSHIP IN THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN OUR NATION ASAP. PDQ SIR WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME :hourglass: SIR . Thank you FOR YOUR SERVICE DON102 .SIR LOVE Bobby Jean and Debbie ann . And puppies.SIR WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE .SIR :us::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::100::100::100::chile::popcorn::beer::popcorn::beer::popcorn::popcorn::beer::beer::popcorn::popcorn::owl::feather::feather::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:SIR


Leo23 THE SOLDIER, .ASHLI. BABBITT. Should. BE HONORED!!! BY THE PRESIDENT . OF THE UNITED. States of America :us: . And . SHE SHOULD GET THE PURPLE HART. :us::purple_heart:. SHE SERVED OUR COUNTRY . And was KILLED FOR EXERCISING. OUR RIGHTS TO . PROTEST .!! Just like .No one shot blm and they were burning down the city’s a Court houses and police stations and . Destroying stores and businesses and destroying property and they were not . Executed for what they believed . Rioting and looting and destruction of millions of dollars, ASHLI.BABBITT. Did not. Deserve the death penalty Love Bobby Jean and Debbie ann and puppies . That’s the crime that the government should be investigating . January Was peaceful compared to . Seattle. Washington and so many other cities that were burned to the ground. Where is . :question::balance_scale::scroll:JUSTICE FOR . ASHLI. BABBITT​:us::question:


I am going to catch a lot of flack for this but here goes.

You had a crowd of people smashing the windows off a barricaded door with armed guards with guns drawn on the other side protecting the VP and hundreds of other government officials. If I jumped through that window I would fully expect to be shot.

What if it was Trump down the hall and angry BLM protesters smashing at the windows of the capital with one of them jumping through the window and over the barricade? If one was allowed to jump through it is incredibly likely the rest would follow. Then there would be nothing between Trump and his potential escape routes and a large number of clearly angry protesters. In that scenario I suspect many here would be condemning the security guards for letting the protesters get that close and asking why they didn’t start shooting before anyone even had a chance to get inside the building.

I think it is quite likely these protesters were all set up and manipulated into entering the capital by three letter agency members and or antifa agitators. Many if not most may have been allowed to peacefully walk into the building at some point. Whether this was part of the set up or an effort for the outnumbered security forces to defuse the situation I cannot say. But there were also more than a few protesters using violence and force to gain entry as was the case with those smashing the windows at these particular barricaded doors. I saw no indication of an invitation to proceed here. The couple of guards in front of the door did step aside but they were in a very dangerous position with people with objects hammering the windows next to them. It makes sense to step aside and allow the guards behind the barricade to hold the line.

I can see the guards at these doors being in fear for their lives and the lives of the people they were being paid to protect. We have had several discussions here on how self defense laws give most of us the right to shoot people who break through our doors and windows and attempt to enter our homes whether they are clearly armed or not. How is this situation so much different? Aside from the fact that the guards were protecting almost the entire US government!

I may not like most of the people in our government but I don’t want them threatened with violence while they are in the process of doing their jobs. How could these protesters even have known that Pence wasn’t going to follow Trumps wishes and attempt to influence the proceeding? They didn’t even wait to see if the election was actually certified or not. This to me makes it clear that at least some of them were trying to manipulate the process through force or at least the threat of force. If they got upset after the vote was finished and held massive protests then I might be a little more sympathetic to their actions.

There were obviously a whole lot of better ways to handle this situation. Maybe the guards could have physically detained Ashli Babbit and somehow prevented the rest of the window smashers from following her through the opening they made. But that was a chaotic and dangerous situation and I don’t envy the position those guards were put in.

If the alleged requests by Trump for National Guard troops to defend the Capital had not been denied I suspect it is very likely no one would have entered the capital and no one would have died there. But thanks to the actions and/or inactions of various government agencies and the choices of the people there that day we ended up with this mess and Ashli Babbit unfortunately ended up dead.


No, No Brother Sham, No flack from me @ all.
“But they were just doing their jobs” though I have a problem with.
THEY are NOT doing their jobs. They are trying to destroy this once great country.
and Karma is going to catch up w/ eah and every one of these TRAITOR’S

Of this I have NO DOUBT.
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


no flack givin, to each his own. but, she was already in the capital and she looked through a broken window. hands could be seen and not a threat.


It is not as clear in the new video angle floating around the internet because the camera doesn’t turn to her until after the shot is fired but she is still visibly up in the door frame and not simply looking in. I can’t seem to find the original angle anymore since it seems blocked due to graphic content everywhere I look but in that one she was even more clearly stepping up into the frame and looked like she was pulling herself through right before being shot. At least that is the impression I got at the time I watched and rewatched that original video.

If a bunch of people were breaking the windows on my home and one of them stepped up into it I would very likely be pulling the trigger if my wife and son were somewhere behind me and I didn’t have time to get us all to our safe area.

Just because the hands are empty while someone is coming through a window doesn’t mean they can’t pull out a weapon after they get through and in the heat of the moment with all the chaos going on I am very unlikely to be able to confirm that their hands are actually empty. I had to watch the videos several times to confirm her hands were empty and still couldn’t be 100% sure she didn’t have a knife or other small object in one of them. Not to mention that in real time I would be worrying about the rest of the crowd following right behind the first person.

If this was my home I would very likely be shooting the first person through even if I was 100% certain they were unarmed because once the first person is inside and the rest of their friends may or or may not be coming right behind there is no way I can guarantee stopping even just the first person let alone any of the rest of them from seriously harming my family whether they are armed or not.

Maybe the guard didn’t need to shoot but I can’t fault him for feeling threatened enough to do so in that instant. What if he didn’t shoot and half a dozen or more people made it through the window? Are the guards supposed to continue stepping aside until the crowd has the VP and everyone else completely cornered?

I’m just trying to look at this the same non-objective way I would want a jury to if this happened to me while I was trying to protect my home and family.


we can agree to disagree IDK :man_shrugging: maybe its because everything I’ve read about the officer, blm or the fact that others were doing far worse. think about it like this if it were a white cop that shot a black woman wouldn’t the country, democrats be going crazy right now. whats different? oh its a white MAGA female she is at fault. why is it one way if you are white and different if your not (I,E. George Floyd) but yet nothing. To be honest I am so sick and tired of all of this BS.


They are certainly not doing their jobs well. Perhaps intentionally or through pure ignorance and incompetence.

I’m not so sure they are intentionally trying to destroy the country. I think most of them are trying to consolidate wealth and power for themselves and their backers and just don’t care if the country is destroyed in the process. And/or they are too out of touch with the reality the rest of us our facing down here below their ivory towers to realize they are destroying our freedom and livelihoods.


I agree that there are significant double standards being applied especially with the majority of the left leaning main stream media coverage, especially on this topic. But I feel that the right leaning media has more than its share of double standards as well. It is incredibly difficult to find unbiased coverage of current events.

Looking at history it has pretty much always been this way. Media thrives on and profits from chaos and conflict and those in power can use media to amplify the conflict to their advantage. As long as the masses are busy disagreeing with each other then those in power can more easily get away with continuing to rob us all blind.

This is why I try to avoid getting caught up in the tit for tat game and try to look at each incident independently outside of the agenda boxes the media keeps trying to lump these events into.


Read this Epoch Times story about her murder; it is appalling.


Within a minute after firing the fatal bullet that struck Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd broadcast a radio report claiming shots were being fired at him in the Speaker’s Lobby and he was “prepared to fire back,” a federal lawsuit alleges.

“In fact, no shots were fired at Lt. Byrd or his fellow officers,” the lawsuit stated. “The only shot fired was the single shot Lt. Byrd fired at Ashli. He heard the loud noise of the gunshot. He saw her fall backward from the window frame.”

It is not clear why Mr. Byrd made the statement that he was taking fire and was prepared to fire back. His radio dispatch occurred up to a minute after he fired on Ms. Babbitt, the suit said.

“The facts speak truth. Ashli was ambushed when she was shot by Lt. Byrd,” the lawsuit said. “Multiple witnesses at the scene yelled, ‘You just murdered her.’”

“Lt. Byrd was never charged or otherwise punished or disciplined for Ashli’s homicide,” the suit stated.

Video shot from the hallway outside the Speaker’s Lobby shows Mr. Byrd emerging in a shooting stance with both hands holding the Glock.

In his only public statements about the shooting—made not to investigators but to an NBC television anchor—Mr. Byrd never mentioned his radio dispatch or his claim that shots were being fired at him and other officers. Nor did he use that as justification for firing his weapon and killing Ms. Babbitt.

An unknown U.S. Capitol Police officer first reported shots fired in the U.S. House just before 2:43 p.m., followed later by Mr. Byrd’s shots-fired announcement, according to the audio recording obtained by The Epoch Times. Both reports turned out to be unfounded.

Mr. Byrd retreated from the entrance to the seated area in the Speaker’s Lobby. Officer Mike Brown, a member of the USCP Containment and Emergency Response Team (CERT), said Mr. Byrd was “down and out and almost in tears.”

He certainly acted like he was guilty. Ran away like a coward and cried about it.

When Mr. Hansen and Ms. Babbitt approached the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby, they engaged in friendly chatter with the three officers guarding the doors: Sgt. Timothy Lively, Officer Kyle Yetter, and Officer Christopher Lanciano.

Noting that two of the officers had been sprayed with a fire extinguisher earlier in the day and were coated with white powder, Mr. Hansen asked Officer Yetter, “You need a water or something, man?”

Mr. Gandolph told investigators that he observed Ms. Babbitt “participate in breaking the glass to the doors.”

Video shows Ms. Babbitt did not strike the glass or commit any vandalism during her time in the hallway. She confronted agitator Zachary Alam for smashing the glass and eventually punched him in the nose when he broke out a side window, video evidence shows.

Not the actions of a vandal nor a rioter.


I can’t speak to why this officer or Babbit did what they did. With all the chaos going on and people smashing windows and other stuff it is not outside the realm of possibility that someone heard something that sounded like gunfire. It’s also quite possible that the officer just fired instinctively and/or accidentally in reaction to Babbit’s move into the window. If he fired without thinking he may have then consciously or subconsciously started looking for excuses to explain the possibly unplanned action. There is a reason pretty much everyone but police and prosecutors recommend not commenting on defensive situations until you have gathered your thoughts and consulted with a lawyer.

If others had not broken that window and Babbit did not step up into it I am pretty confident she would not have been shot. To my mind there is an awful lot of blame to go around for all the events that occurred on that day.


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adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
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