Appendix Carry Questions

But that is the Vedder’s version.

I set it up first, than clean, put threadlocker, tighten and wait 24hr. I hate moving clips :angry:

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Thanks @Scotty and @Jerzy, just put the loctite on and cranked down on that sucker. I think the first time I did it I was worried about tightening too much, wasn’t worried about it this time :joy:!

I don’t like the clip moving either. I want my draw to stay the same regardless. I am very happy it hasn’t been the retention screw giving me issues though. I think the loctite and the elbow grease fixed it.

I did email vedder just to see what they say. If this problem is fixed I’ll probably get a light tuck for my M&P9 4.25”. I’ll keep playing with the my muddy river tactical, but I’ve been very pleased with the light tuck so far.


Now that you mention it… I have needed to tighten the retaining screw now and then. It’s usually after a few months that I notice the retention is a little looser than I prefer. I do prefer a relatively tight lockup. I haven’t loctited anything, but might in the future.

That being said, it might be a good idea to order a few replacement washers, just in case.

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I’ve had other holsters get a tad too loose on me. I check my retention pretty often just to be safe. I like to get the holster as loose as I can without a fully loaded gun falling out (I usually tighten it a tad bit further than that to be safe.) The problem here if it does budge it could be too loose. I do use loctite their though, but if it works it’s way out I’ll just lock it up again.

I’ll have to pick up some washers. I didn’t get their claw, but if I end up carrying AIWB more often, I might.

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JB weld Ultimate Black RTV 100% silicone Gasket Maker & Sealant works well for a hold if you may want to adjust again later. This is 'like" what we use at GE on jet engines assembly. For more "permanent hold use E6000 black flexible it is Hi Strstr


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Not Bad! Going to carry this way until my JM custom comes in for my M&P9.

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