Appendix Carry Questions

Yeah. Playing guitar is a bit difficult when appendix carrying. The discomfort is no big deal really, I’m just afraid my gun will scar my guitar.

I recently switched to AIWB. I lost a bit of weight and it was easier to do. I am well versed with my EDC setup so the only difference for me was the draw. I’m also a lefty so I was going from 9 o’clock to appendix. I prefer it now. Adjusting the ride height of the holster was the most annoying thing about it, but after some adjustments and about a week of getting used to the firearm aimed at my leg/groin area…I was used to it and can’t imagine carrying any other way now.


If your hostler allows this, try to move it to 2 o’clock and use cross draw. That was my final step to find perfect position for my holster.
I’m also correct handed and started 9, then moved 8 o’clock and eventually found 2 to be perfect for me.
This works everywhere, even in the car and there is no more adjustments to different situations. The holster is always in one spot.

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So I appendix carried out and about for the first time today. I actually liked it (not sure if I’ll switch permanently or not).

My shield 45 is the perfect size for it, but I’m interested in trying my full size M&P with 4.25” barrel. That being said, the holster I have for that gun digs more into my leg. Any suggestions?

@Scoutbob - I have the 9 shield and move it to the middle. Call it the D+<* Carry, or maybe the Bellybutton carry. Instead of the appendix which is to the right.
I have to move the belt buckle over a bit, but it is very comfortable this way. The 9 is smaller though so that may make a big difference. Give this a shot and see what you think.

I agree with @Robert15 , try moving a little left or right and see if that helps. This is likely going to be the best/easiest solution. It doesn’t take much, sometimes just an inch one way or the other removes the pressure point.

Assuming you have a dedicated appendix holster, you should also be able to adjust ride height.

And again, for a dedicated appendix holster, try putting some padding at the muzzle end. The cheap “just to try it” method is to get a heel cushion/pad like from Dr Schols (cost just a few bucks) and tape it. Search for “appendix carry heel pad mod” there are a bunch of articles/videos on it. If that works for you you can either permanently attach the heel pad (no judgement here :wink: ) or there are dedicated foam wedges like this one from Tier1Concealed which work real well.

So I have not been using a dedicated appendix holster. I would like to try one, but I don’t want to dish out $100 on something I don’t know if I’ll use. I used a Vedder Light Tuck.

To be honest. It was great going out earlier today, but I went out again, and it ended up being uncomfortable after a while.

I grabbed this image off of Vedder’s website (pretty sure it’s the right one?), put the heel pad/cup in the orange area. It will prevent the muzzle there from pressing against your pelvic area. To prevent it jabbing in the leg when you sit, try skootching it left/right an inch or so along the belt

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I’ll look into this :+1:.

I use a Vedder Light Tuck for my most carried pistols (CW45 and PM45). I had to make some modifications to make them very comfortable for appendix carry (1 o’clock).

The PM45 is so small that I didn’t have to make adjustments to the ride height, but I did cut down an inexpensive gel shoe insert to be both a wedge and something to smooth over the edge at the barrel end. I got self adhesive velcro from HD, put the soft side on the holster (so that if I don’t use the wedge it wasn’t abrasive), and the hook side on the gel insert. Also worth noting, for the “wedge” to better conceal it needs to start below the belt line.

For my CW45, in addition to the gel insert/velcro, I drilled two holes in the metal clip to raise the ride height. The barrel now sits a hair higher than on my PM45 setup, and is at least as comfortable as my PM45 setup.

Side note: I use the Vedder Claw for better concealment (the improvised wedge also helps).

Edit: Attaching pics. It won’t win any beauty contests but boy does it make a difference in comfort and concealability for me. *Used carbide/concrete drill with drill press on slower setting and oil plus an aluminum backing under spring steel clip when drilling. Touched up holes with Rustoleum paint to prevent rusting.


Related to your 4.25" S&W…

I bought a Tier 1 Axis Elite for my M2.0 40, 4.25". Compared to my modded Vedder CW45, the Axis for the FS M2.0 sits very high to eliminate pressure on the pelvis or legs. The width of it (clip placement) makes it more difficult to put on or off, or to adjust the belt for certain positions (I haven’t tried placing the belt buckle on the side of my body since I have other belt pouches there). Also, the higher ride height of the full size pistol means the handle (and magazine) stick further up into the stomach area.

Some other notes… I don’t like plastic clips, and I made the mistake of putting the Tier 1’s optional Wedge foam pad too high up, so that I can still feel the corner of the barrel end of the holster on my body. Unfortunately, the wedge adhesive goes all the way to the bottom, so I would have to put something like tape to cover that end if I were to let it hang over the edge like in my Vedder wedge mod.

I’m glad I have the option to AIWB my full size 40 plus a reload, but it’s too much bulk for my everyday activites. I do carry it in a Galco Miami Classic when attire permits, and am thinking about a Galco Fletch (or Kramer Vertical Scabbard) OWB as another option.

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That is awesome!

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