Thinking About Switching to Appendix

I’m thinking about switching to appendix carry. I’ve been watching a lot of self defense videos, and I see being able to easily grab the gun while seated is a massive advantage. I also see draw speed, conceal-ability , and the advantage of being able to retain/ keep that firearm safe during a potential non lethal fight (not that I get into those, but I would hate for a physical confrontation to occur and then my gun get grabbed or I get beat down trying to keep the gun safe.

I usually carry 3:00. My problem with AIWB, is comfort. I can sit comfortably, I can walk comfortably (though after a few hours the holster rubs against my leg and causes considerable discomfort, and bending over is very very uncomfortable.

Thoughts? I’m considering trying a Tier 1 holster, though it’s the most expensive in the waste band holster I’ve seen.


I think there is a thread we talked about AIWB holsters.
You are right with comfort. Anything carried at 3 or 9 is the most comfortable and easy to access.
AIWB is a great option and I like it…with small modifications.
When I’m carrying AIWB I do have 1, maybe almost 2 o’clock position (being left handed) with a little of cant ( like crossdraw). The holster sits high enough that muzzle doesn’t press my thigh when sitting.
There’s no way I would be able to carry regular AIWB at 12, muzzle straight down…

The most expensive holster? There’s no such thing comparing to everyday comfort… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Scoutbob If you go tier 1 you get what you pay for. They are expensive but an excellent choice.


Thanks to @Enzo_T and others on here, I carry AIWB with a Stoeger STR 9(comparable in size to Glock 17/19) in an Aliengear Cloak Tuck 3.5. I wear it closer to the 2 o’clock position. I always wear an under garment (tank top or T shirt) and have had no issues. It is really a super comfortable setup.

I am just over 6’1" and the muzzle does not dig into my leg at all. I am not sure if being taller helps with that or not.

Good luck and stay safe.


I converted to AIWB about a year ago and will never go back. The biggest thing is the holster. I went with an LAS Ronin 3.0 with a Tier 1 FUPA, total investment about $120.00, but absolutely worth it. Tier 1 is excellent and you won’t be disappointed with that setup. Only reason I didn’t go Tier 1 is because my local gun shop stocks LAS and I didn’t want to wait for the turn around on a Tier 1.

I have always had a problem concealing anything well. I am 5’11” and 165lbs. Carrying at 3 o’clock was uncomfortable on my hip and 5 0’clock, no matter the holster or gun seemed to print.

Going with AIWB I am able to wear my normal attire and easily conceal anything from a full size to subcompact.

There are some limitations to body mechanics, specifically bending over. Really though, you shouldn’t bend at the waste so this definitely trains you to bend at the knees. You can bend at the waste with my AIWB setup but it is a bit uncomfortable.

Overall, I feel more comfortable carrying AIWB. I never worry about printing, I don’t have the discomfort I had with other carry positions and my wardrobe is not limited. I say go for it and most likely you won’t go back.

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I carry cross draw appendix at 11 o’clock. I use a LimbSaver Cross Tech holster OWB set up with a slight rearward cant. While I usually open carry, this setup conceals well with an untucked shirt or closed jacket, and is extremely comfortable for all day carry. Retention is good, and the gun can be drawn from most any position. Even while driving.


I switched to appendix and love it - like others here.

I like the JM4 tactical leather holster that has magnetic clasp. It’s comfortable on the body.

Also, when in a crowd (whether by choice or not), an arm across my waist doesn’t draw any attention to me and keeps my gun from printing or being felt by others.

It can dig into the ribs and when you sit down - depending on height and placement.

Be sure to practice your draw with the new position - we’ve conditioned ourselves to go to that place for our firearm, we need to recondition our muscles for the new location.

Let us know how it goes!


I think the size of the weapon has a huge impact on comfort with AIWB carry. Double stacks would not be comfortable at all, for me, in this position.


It sounds like a positioning issue. On the other thread I mentioned modding my Vedder Light Tuck clip. I did this, because my CW45 sat low enough to become uncomfortable when repeatdely bending over to pick up something like multiple bags of salt/soil/mulch. I would always have to hike my pants up first. I had no issues with the PM45 and the Light Tuck for these duties.

For me, when carrying AIWB the holster/barrel needs to be:

  1. Centered enough (e.g. 12:30-1 o’clock) to follow that area of your body between the thighs so that it doesn’t interfere with your leg when you bend/squat. That pelvic area basically forms a “V” with your upper thighs.

  2. High enough, so that it doesn’t interfere with the legs when you bend/squat.

These two points work together. It is hard to describe without illustration. With the Tier 1 holster and my FS S&W M2.0 40, this means the handle sits pretty darn high out of the belt, and when sitting that handle is like “Hi! How are you!” when looking down at my stomach. Therefore I don’t use that combo often.

Also, I don’t mean to be too graphic, but with the amount of coffee/caffeine drinks and high fiber in my daily diet, the two-belt-clips holsters complicate things when nature calls… especially with the larger holster that has a magazine area. I guess I’ll also mention that I prefer the metal clips that Vedder uses to the plastic tuckable clips.


@Scoutbob what can I do to help you switch? :smiley:

I would also have you take a look at JM Custom Kydex. Tier 1 is excellent, but it’s a sidecar-style (has an attached magazine holder). The JMCK is just the holster so therefore is smaller, lighter, less bulky. I have Tier 1s for a G19 and a G43, and JMCK for a G26 and G43. It’s all options for what I want to carry and what I’m wearing.

With any of those options, make sure you get a foam wedge it makes all the difference in the world.

If it helps any, my first holster was a Vedder too. I used it while trying to figure out where I wanted to carry. The JMCK was night & day better in appendix for concealability and comfort.


Does the wedge make the bottom of the holster print more? I haven’t tried one and as far as I know it is not available for my Aliengear setup.

As it is, I don’t think it prints very much unless I am turning to my left. I carry at the 2. Then again I haven’t carried wearing just a Tshirt yet.


If designed correctly, the wedge should slightly reduce printing. If should push up on the bottom of the holster/barrel area so that the handle is pushed toward the body. It helps a lot if the wedge is below the belt. I use a home made version to overlap the end of the holster/barrel, but many of the stick-on wedges don’t allow this.


I saw on a post, I think anoteher thread here that you could use a gel heel pad for shoes to make one. How thick should the wedge be? I am fairly lean and I am concerned when I wear a dress shirt tucked in the bottom would stick out a little to much.

Thanks for responding.

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I just grabbed some inexpensive gel pads from WMt. Some have a thicker section near the heel end and a thinner section near the toes. However, even with the thick end it is thinner than Tier 1’s “medium” wedge, although the foam will probably compress over time.

I haven’t tried mine with dress slacks. It might also make a difference if the slacks are pleated or straight, if the slacks are very lightweight or heavier, tight fit or loose, etc. You might have to experiment with your clothing setup. I wear loose fit jeans usually, so no issues for me with that.

If you want to experiment, just take some painters tape and temporarily tape something around 1/2-3/4" thick to the bottom of your holster (even a folded up piece of paper or paper towel) to see if it benefits you or not. Make sure the top of the wedge sits below your belt.


Thanks for the advice. The bottom of the muzzle is a few inches below the belt line so the wedge should be as well. I will give it a shot and see how it works out.

Thanks again.

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It’s all relative to what I’m wearing based on seasonality. I prefer to carry AIWB and do so most often.


@Scotty has you covered on the wedge advice, I concur with all of that.

“Usually” when carrying appendix the firearm will “tip out” at the top, the belt is the fulcrum or pivot point. Not only does this print more, but it also makes sure the muzzle pushes into your body which can be uncomfortable. So adding a wedge around the muzzle area solves both of those issues.

Can you add too much wedge? Absolutely. So it requires a bit of testing to see how much works for you.


This looks intriguing!

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Pic of it here →

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Thanks for tip.

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