Appendix carry holsters: Suggestions needed

I’ve been carrying my kahr cw40 at the 3:00 position for the last four years. Lately I’ve been thinking about experimenting with appendix carry to try to shave some time off my draw. I’ve tried appendix carry before in my early days of carrying and found it uncomfortable, but now I’m thinking it was probably because I didn’t have the right holster. I know there’s a million holster manufacturers out there…

Does anyone know of any good comfortable holsters for appendix carry?


i carry at 3 also find it best for me.

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@Travis3 my absolutely most comfortable appendix carry is a Carry Corset from Dene Adams :grin: but that’s probably not what you’re asking :laughing:

for kydex or kydes with other materials, I have an alien gear shapeshifter for AIWB - it’s a little bulky but comfortable for its size. I have an Urban Carry REVO which has different setups - the IWB one is bulkier, but also comfortable for its size… it has fully customize-able cant so that’s useful.

looking forward to see what other folks are using.

Elite Survival Systems

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My EDC is a P938 Sig. I use a Stealth Gear Ventcore, most comfortable holster I own. I have leather, full Kydex, etc…

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