Appendix Carry Holster Mod/Upgrade

Hello All!

I haven’t been carrying appendix for a very long time but definitely have seen areas in which I could appreciate a bit more comfort. I’ve heard that you can’t have it all: concealment and comfort. Well I saw a video on YouTube recently that piqued my interest enough to purchase the materials and try to increase the daily comfort level when carrying in this position. I’ve attached a link to the video for you to check out for yourself and in the description is a list and links to the items used. I found this to be a very simple and practical mod to my existing holsters that is also quite inexpensive. I nodded my Tulster Profile holster and Tier1 Concealment Axis Slim

I will let you guys know how it goes and what the pros and cons are after some time carrying. Hope the information helps somebody like it did for me.


that looks interesting - looking forward to your report!

Yep sure does sound interesting. @TX_M Need an evaluation blurb over several weeks to get a this is how it felt today, been wearing it a week now, after a month this is my opinion of the hack. This is the type of stuff that helps us form an opinion as to whether it would work for us.

I am from that group of body type called the Dunlop. My belly donlopped over my belt. So I need an honest eval.

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