Had Surgery, Need Help



I carry a Walther CCP in appendix position under a vest. I can’t use an appendix holster, because carrying it at a 90 degree angle prints like nothing else. I have a leather holster from Savoy Leather that seems to be my best current option, but it’s designed to hold my gun in the small of my back, so I have to come over the top of my gun to pull it. It’s all wrong, but is just the best option I have right now (I’m still fairly new to all of this.).

Unfortunately, I just had surgery, and my holster inflicts intolerable pain in my incision. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an inside the waistband crossdraw holster, which I think would be my ideal holster. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do?


I have a JM4 magnetic holster and it doesn’t print at all even wearing it at the 3:00 to 3:30 position and I’m a big guy at 6ft 248lbs. It’s so comfy I forget about even having it on and can wear it with sweat pants, shorts, or my blue jeans.


N82 tactical makes a smallish iwb holster. My only gripe with it is i wouldn’t use it without a manual safety. Walthers i believe have that.

When i say smallish, the leather they use covers the entire profile of the firearm, might help with any pinching or rubbing from surgeries.

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How do you like the JM4 holster? I’ve talked to a few people at the Range who have asked about it.

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@Dawn I absolutely love it and will never use another holster. I have tried 4 other holsters and this is above all the others the best as I don’t never feel it even though I know I have it on.

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Thank you for the responses. I have options to look into now. Thank you much.

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