How do you carry:

I’ve never carried AIWB (appendix, inside, waist band), but I know a lot of people who swear by it. Then there are those who are sure you’ll shoot important parts of your anatomy carrying there. I don’t agree with that - otherwise any IWB carry would cause injury.

Do you carry AIWB? What advice do you give those who want to try it?

I don’t AIWB, because at 6’1” and 270 lbs, it’s not comfortable. I do worry about pointing a pistol that direction. Not because “guns go off” but, because negligent discharges do happen. If I were to make a mistake bad enough to ND, I’d rather 45 slug to the gluteus Maximus, than the femoral artery. At either rate, it isn’t comfortable for me when seated(I did try it with an unloaded weapon)


I carry IWB, occasionally OWB with a shirt over, not tucked in. I have a few IWB tuckable holsters. I carry strong side, about 3:30-4:00 at 15-20° forward cant to hide my grip. I don’t carry anything smaller than a Glock 19, so the forward cant helps.


IWB 3:30-4 position. AIWB hits me in the wrong “spot” when I sit down.


AIC or AIL :grin:
Ok, that’s appendix inside corset, or appendix inside (carry) leggings. For the big frames I carry crossdraw in either corset or leggings because it puts the pointy end outside thigh, not femoral artery side.
The new G30 is at the dealer!!! So I may try it appendix strong side draw on corset or leggings, or 4:30 strong side… dont know what will work yet.
I do have both IWB and OWB holsters I can carry strong side appendix but nothing is even close to the dont-even-feel-it of the corset or leggings


I have no desire to carry that way. I carry either IWB at 7 O’clock with a Crossbreed SuperTuk or Behind the Back with a Sticky holster. Oh, and yes, I’m weird - Left Handed!!!

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It took a little research and decision making before I decided to carry AIWB. Personal safety protocols dictated a strong Kydex holster as well as a belt that would carry it without much flexing, and to ensure the trigger guard was completely covered while carrying. I carry a SIG P365 which is just the right size and capacity for such carry. A larger gun may not work for some due to size restrictions.
I purchased a Vedder LightTuck because of its ability to allow for a shirt to be tucked, as well as its narrow profile and ease of attachment. It conceals well and is very comfortable considering… Also purchased an Exos Gun Belt of English Bridal Leather, with stainless hardware. A very strong belt.
I find that carrying AIWB is more comfortable while sitting, especially in a hard backed chair, compared to anywhere behind the back or side. As for sitting in a vehicle, carrying AIWB gives more complete and easy access to my firearm should the event arise where I need to draw the gun.