Anybody Else in Southern CA?

Amen to that. You’re never going to know what’s going to happen next here in CA for sure. Leave it up to Sacramento to screw up another beautiful sunny day :sunglasses: in SoCal.

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Greetings @Bryan119 North SD is great. We’re down there often to visit my daughter and her family in Carlsbad/Vista area. You probably hit up Ironsights?

@Russell yup Done every qualify round I’ve ever done at Ironsights. But for most of my indoor shooting I’ve been going to North County shooting in San Marcos the last few years.

And who knows they may mandate everyone to wear pink twotwo’s today lol

Just noticed there was some action on this thread.
Nice to know there’s a few of us around here! I’m in South OC.

I do a lot of handgun shooting at OnTarget, a little indoor 25yd range in Laguna Niguel. If I want to shoot long guns or if I’m doing a full range day, I usually go up to Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa and rent out one of their private ranges.


Burro canyon is a heck of a long way to go. I used to have to go there often from Murrieta

Have any of you checked out route 66 shooting park? If not, definitely check it out. Love that spot!!!

Good looking website! Route 66 Shooting Sports Park - Route 66 Shooting Sports Park (

Riverside County here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:. 215 / 60 area

Thoughts on CA CCW holders information leak!!

Class action lawsuit.

Keep in mind that California has been in complete control of CCWs (in select counties) for many years and will not relinquish that power easily without a fight. Like NY, they will do what they can to work overtime against any SCOTUS rulings. What California will do is legislate to delay. Expect more obstacles.

Of course to all of us, we get it. We understand the irony that their gun free zones ultimately get people killed. What part of that don’t they understand? All of it.

I haven’t seen where they leaked that info.

Can someone tell me where to go to see if our names are on that?

I live in Central CA

They scrubbed the site. I checked 2 days after and that page was down. I haven’t seen anyplace it got screen captured or downloaded to check if I’m on there. But I don’t go into the dark web.

As @Bryan119 pointed out the easiest place to get that info now is probably on the dark web. Though you would likely have to pay some sketchy characters to get it.

You should also be able to contact the issuing agency and ask if your name was part of the data cash they publicly released. Not sure if they will tell you or not. They seem to be pretty busy supplying private information to criminals and anti self defense groups at the moment.

I got my letter from the DOJ.

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How long did it take? Im waiting for mine @Steven120