Anybody Else in Southern CA?

Just wondering how many other folks on here are living behind enemy lines under the jurisdiction of the 9th circus?

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I retired in September 2013 and moved away. I did have a UT and AZ permit when I lived in Kalifornia. I got involved with USCCA right after I got both permits.

Lived in Torrance, worked in El Segundo, and spent a lot of time in Upland. Belonged to the West End Gun Club out of Upland with private range at Lytle Creek.

I live in Cali also.

Hi from the cold and snow in Wisconsin, glad I don’t live in Cali. :laughing: :wink:

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I was actually born there but I put up such a fuss the first 6 months of my life we moved to Ohio, where I promptly stopped crying.


Was born and 1st 6 years in Los Angeles and then home ported out of San Diego.

Safe behind friendly lines. Deep South Alabama. Alabama is in some ways like people think of old Southern Hospitality, and is slowly working to do away with the ignorance. Been here 30 years, and it was a real culture shock for people to smile, say hello, ask you how your day was and it wasn’t just meaningless platitudes.

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I’m in the Santa Clarita Valley, I live on the east end. Six Flags Magic Mountain is the closest landmark. So I’m just north of LA

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Just joined but I live in Ontario, CA, grew up from age of 10 in Riverside CAstrong text

I’m in south orange county pressed right up against camp Pendleton.

Once all this craziness is over, maybe we should organize a USCCA members range day up at Burro Canyon in Azusa

We should try for the civilian range at Camp Pendleton. It would require more coordination, but there aren’t as many regulations on what you can shoot and how fast you can shoot.

The only limitation at Burro Canyon is no steel because sparks are a fire hazard. I’d be down for Pendleton, it’s actually closer to me than Burro Canyon, but I thought the civilian range at Pendleton closed.

I went last month before all this nonsense started. The website says Friday thru Sunday

I just joined, born and raised in orange county.

In the middle (San Joaquin Valley) where CCWs are still being issued, the men are handsome and the ladies are all beautiful.

Am in Santa Barbara