Anybody Else in Southern CA?

Anyone still checking this thread?

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I just did;)

Not living in SoCal but do a lot of work there.

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Had to return to Torrance, taking care of family. They closed Sharpshooters Range (only spot in town). Only positive note is that LA Sheriff is now issuing CCW! Orange County is continuing to issue too!

We’ve got a lot of work to do out here!


Live in Murrieta. Riverside handing out CCW’s like candy.


Do not despair! We may have not gotten Larry Elder (or any other replacement to Gavin Newscum) in this week but the tide is turning. We shall prevail!


My son a member of West End gun club. Shot there many times. Like the shooting bays in the rear and the long distance rifle range. Have lived in Southern CA for 70 years.

Hopefully LA County Sheriff Villanueva will be around to continue giving out CCWs. The all Democrat Board of Supervisors and the local Democrat Political Machine has turned on him. He’s been too honest for their taste. He’s up for reelection in 2022.

Good luck in LA. County. With crime the way it is they have little chance of saying that you don’t deserve a CCW! I just renewed mine the other day. I do not care for California’s 24 month permits. It seems like we have to go through that foolishness much too often!

Fast forward, Villanueva is still here. I put my application in 6 months ago, my interview is this Monday.

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About time! It will be a breeze, unless you’re a felon! Haha.

I’m in murrieta also. Where do you shoot at?

I’m in Murrieta also. Where do you shoot at?

We are members at

Same here. We should get together and work on some drills together

Hey, you guys are just over the mountain range from me. I’m over in South OC in Laguna Niguel along the coast. Just giving a Shout out to you in Murrieta, and of course all the others here behind the enemy lines in CA. :sleepy:


Greetings Neighbors to the north and west. I’m in North SD county.

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That sounds like a possibility, I’m sure you have a few drills you can show me. Busy month for me, but I will contact you when I have more time.

Cool man! Brothers in arms, ha ha. What will happen today in Cali?

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I am confident there is something we can learn from each other. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay adept.

I’m told I did the same thing, must be something in the air in that state.