Alec Baldwin - All the Justice Money Can Buy

He pretty much got away with it. There’s a lady dead and for the most part all criminal charges of any consequence are dropped.


Justice is only for those who can afford it… Ask OJ


Yup, how can he be guilty when the gun did it! :roll_eyes:


The gun did it


Any of us use the “gun did it” and 15 years minimum!!


Any one heard if others are still facing criminal charges? Might the families still be able to have civil liabilities won, per se?

I wonder about the others involved, firearms coordinator, managers of the film work.

If that state dropped the criminal charges of homicide, could he face different but non murder charges?

Sympathies for those families. But I wonder about it, as anyone can have an accident, anywhere, hence I ought get more training.

Might other penalties they face might be loss of licenses in their profession, loss of firearm licenses, or fines?


Great minds…


The armorer is still on the hook for it. She has neither the money for an exemptions nor the notoriety to be exonerated.


You have to give them credit — they certainly protect their own.


The D.A. and original prosecutor included charges that were not violations on the books until after the shooting. They showed a high level of incompetence. The two new prosecutors have dropped some charges against Baldwin, but hopefully they will find a way to at least scold him for killing someone due to his negligence.


Personally, I’m shocked… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Unfortunately, I am not shocked. As someone else mentioned. They do seem to take care of their own. Murder someone on camera and still get away with it.🫨


What’s the news on a civil suit? That’s where he’s likely to pay.


According to reports following the shooting an “FBI lab” examined the firearm and determined it would not have fired without pulling the trigger as Baldwin had claimed. However, an article claimed the prosecutors dropped the charges for the following reason:

The charges were dropped after the new prosecutors reviewed new evidence that showed the gun he was practising with had been modified before it was delivered to the set, according to an official close to the investigation speaking anonymously, the New York Times reported. That undercut the prosecution’s original argument that the gun could not have fired unless Mr Baldwin had pulled the trigger, the official said.

If this is true, the real question is, how many New Mexico prosecutors does it take to change a light bulb?


If the FBI examined this specific firearm, then I don’t see what the problem is… except, as you noted, the prosecutors might not know how to change a lightbulb.

If the firearm was indeed modified so that it could be fired without pulling the trigger, then just add that to the list of civil damages sought against the producer (also Baldwin) for allowing such an unsafe prop on the set with live ammunition.


From what I’ve heard/read.

Yes. The armorer is still facing criminal charges and I think the other guy plead down to misdemeanors.


Yep! The ‘husband’ of poor Halyna took the pay-off and became ‘Exec.Producer of that worthless project (POS). Another exec. pled down to Mister-meeners, Hannah Reed might get thrown under the bus but that seems to be it. Money talks, Facts /Justice walks… Very sad. Santa fe takes it’s cues from LA. If gavin New-cense does something Michele G ljuan follows suit… 2% of the population benefit greatly from the sweat of the 98%… that’s why illegals…um sorry ‘migrants’ are so welcome. Who else will work up there for $8.00 an hour, live (15) to an apartment @ $1100.00 a month! and walk to work ‘cause they can’t afford a car. It’s their choice though, $1000 a piece to coyotes and ‘pullo’s’ to get them across the Rio Grande is the price you pay to come to the land of milk and honey, better than livin’ in Juarez or hanging from an overpass in Sonora… jus’ sayin’


sorry folks, I mispoke that’s michele lujan Grisham… apologizes.

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My question is about live!!! Ammo . Why was it on the set?


I mean really, that IS the question, why/how it got there, how it got into the gun…