Air Force Enlistment

I’m not sure if I’m interested in aviation. But if I think it will be a good option, then I will definitely reach out to you!!

That would be awesome! Free range trip in the time of COVID is a great prize! I’m still trying to go to the range when able. Thanks for the prize!

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Thanks for the tips! I will study up on the chain of command, lawful orders, and the oath. Thanks for the link I will review!

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Remember Kent State?

Well, that’s the National Guard. But I take you point loud and clear.

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You’ll meet some of finest people in the world in the military.
And a few stinkers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Don’t get discouraged.


You follow your Commanding Officer’s orders.
You don’t have to follow, indeed you shouldn’t follow illegal orders.
If you’re fortunate, you’ll survive long enough to be railroaded by a Court’s Marshall
(and the military has a long history of railroad Court’s Marshalling when making an example is politically expedient.) Check out the sad case of Capt. Charles B. McVey III

@Josiah Space Force article:

With all the internal swirl, we easily forget external threats.

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You son need to first drop down and say NORAD 100 times haha jk but we literally are the largest Air Force Fleet and base in the south and home of NORAD let’s just say President Bush came here in the 9/11 attacks now of course that’s compromised now but just saying

The former coworker of mine said that he and many others were holding rifles at Air Force One not knowing the president was about to step off I mean with all the hijackings and Air Force One didn’t announce itself I mean why would it