Feeling of lost, stuck and worthlessness

Ever since leaving the gas station that got me into conceal carry, I feel lost and stuck. It was my 2nd home, and it may of not of paid well, but it gave me purpose, I met all kinds of people and seen the different walks of life.

My old manager who I really liked is getting her store back and I’d love to go, but I make too much money to go back.

I need firearm training, especially with a rifle. I want to be safe and secure, carry a gun at my job.

Which leaves me hanging with a thought, the National Guard. But I’d have to go through basic training and show up to a new job. I want to go to border patrol or something.

My coworker tell me to join now, and my employer legally has to pay me while I’m away, and I’m not so sure that is the case, why would my employer need to pay me for hours I didn’t work? Legally they have to hold my job for me.

But then you have the thought of getting deployed, go overseas help civilians and people learn how to live in a civil society, teach them how to defend themselves and their country….

Or end up getting attacked at a US embassy, get caught in a never ending gun battle like Blackhawk down,

I don’t want to serve my government, but my country. The age limit is 35. I’m 26, I have less then 9 years to join and face at least 2 deployments, then I can stay in the National guard and possibly retire.

But what happens to my life now while I go to basic? Do I keep my apartment? What about all my stuff? What’s the next step? Is it something I would want to do and not look back, and not regret?

My parents are getting old and their health is rapidly declining, what if they go while I’m away?

I know they wouldn’t approve of me going in.

It was not a thought at 18 as I never shot a gun when I was 18.

I’m just heavily considering and I have a desire to be there because it’ll teach me all the survival skills I need to learn. But I know a lot of people who went in and couldn’t make it.


If you know any veterans, ask them their opinion on joining the military (any part, active or reserve/Guard). These days a HUGE number of vets, when asked, say don’t do it. Several reasons: (1) wokeness training is overcoming actual military skills training, (2) Wasted use of military on bad conflicts (3) total lack of appreciation of military by senior leadership, both mli and civ.


Have you considered career counseling?


The Devil is in the details applies in your case. For me the sh#t has hit the fan. It is evil against good. For me there are only two sides. Evil are people who want to murder me and good is everyone else. Your post is about you. I can only pray you have the discernment you need to make The decisions you have to make. Hope this helps.


That is the problem though since you would be taking orders from the government and it has been quite some time since our government has shown any interest in serving the best interests of our country over their own personal agendas.

If your job isn’t providing purpose to your life you can always look for one that does. But if you don’t mind your job and it pays the bills then you could look into volunteer options. There are lots of different ways to serve your community like joining the local CERT team (Community Emergency Response Team) or volunteering to help elderly folks by driving them to appointments, etc., etc.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and form stronger bonds with your community.


I can identify with some of your struggles. I didn’t go to Iraq or Afghanistan and thought I had “missed out” on an opportunity to do a good thing. Now, knowing what I know, I’m glad I didn’t. Our government has behaved barbarously for the past twenty five years. All that blood and treasure, gone.

Don’t fall for the world’s deception. The true measure of a man isn’t dependent on his fighting ability. His value comes from the fact that he was made in God’s image.

You can still train and teach and learn those skills but there’s much more in life worth chasing.


A cousin, former army, joined the National Guard. He encouraged me to join. I delayed and by the time I decided I would do it, I already aged out. One of my biggest regrets.

Do not delay if you’re serious about it.


All I can say is the Military is in my blood! I have 3 sons, the oldest just Retired from the Guard-21yrs, the middle son is in the Air force5-yrs, the youngest is in the Reserve-6yrs! I did Army-10yrs, disable! My Dad Retired Army-23yrs, 2-tours Korea, 3-tours Viet Nam! My Granddad Retired Navy-20yrs, World War II! Three Uncle Navy-4yrs. Viet Nam, all three on the same ship, at one period of time! Don’t think of the safety factor, because you can get into a life treating encounter, easely now as a civilian! Think of it as making a future, skill, education, discipline! My Military Heritage has been traced back to the Revolutionary War!


As of right now, you’re not really going to see combat, unless you’re raiding houses is what I hear, just they need people at the border for the border crisis as of right now.


What made you want to do it by the time you aged out? I’m trying to make an informed decision and just say screw it Basic here I come.


Go to college and invest in yourself. It will make all the difference in the world.

When I was in my 20s, I was a cop and one day (after some crooks had followed my wife home after she dropped me off at work), that I was on a first name basis with all the pimps in the city and I personally knew at least 7 co-workers who had committed suicide. Add to that, every single day at work, I went to family fights trying to sort out the inter-personal messes that people (many of whom were old enough to be my parents) spent decades creating.

So I went to college, then grad school, then law school. I literally spent around a decade in higher education and came out with 6-figure student loan debt that I was able to pay off plus much more.

That education took me around the world in all sorts of executive positions and gave me the ability to make a living without being a wage slave. I’ve had the opportunities to work with many well-known people, set up businesses around the world, and be engaged in truly historic projects. It also created wealth for me and my wife sufficient to retire in my 50s and enjoy things like cruises, houses (I’ve not had a mortgage or any debt for more than 30 years), cars, giving substantial gifts to charitable causes, supporting my parents as they aged, etc. As I write this, I am wintering in Pacific Grove, CA where it does not snow thanks to the asset base I built in my lifetime.

People’s position in life is a function of the choices they make in their early 20s that either set them free or trap them later in life. My advice, for what it’s worth, is invest in yourself through education and aim high.


If you are going to college, becareful of you major! You can get a degree online, instead of going to a liberal college!!! My Brother-in-law Retired Air force-23yrs, has 2 bachelor’s and a master’s degrees! My oldest son Retired Guard has a bachelor’s degree! My middle Air force is in his last semester for his bachelor’s! All online during service! After that, it is being in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude!!!


I’m not looking for an education or degree


Be careful where you go to school. College education opens doors, and on-line degrees often fail to provide the connections with alumni that make those open doors happen. One of the dumbest decisions I made as an 18-year old was not going to Harvard at the recommendation of a Harvard recruiter. I thought “But Harvard is a long way from my family and high-school buddies in Colorado, and it’s really expensive. Nah … I could get a degree closer to home.” Dumb life decision made by the 18-year-old me.

Go to the best college you can get into.


One could say it’s a corny reason but I wanted to serve.
I just had too many things going on in the family front that prevented me from going for it.


You do you, Sport. That’s what is so great about the country we live in, The USA. You can make your own choices.


Understand and accept that when you are my age, you will live with the consequences of the decision your 26-year-old self makes.


I would not count on the not seeing combat assumption sir. The three Soldiers who just got killed were reservists. There are all kinds of deployments still going on.

The Guard was very, very good for me. I spent 22 years in the Guard. I did a lot of active duty time and four deployments, three of which were combat tours. I ended up as a full-time technician for the Guard.

If you feel a true desire to be a Soldier, go for it. But even as a Guard Soldier, there are lots of sacrifices and stuff that will drive you nuts. That is just how the Army can be sometimes.

Being a Guard Soldier will indeed give you a purpose. It is a way of life and your unit is a second family. Just make sure you want to make the commitment and be ready to serve. There is extra political crap to deal with these days too.

Go talk to a recruiter. There is also the Air National Guard. They are part of the Air Force but still a part-time gig like the Army. It is a bit more civilized than the Army Guard, but still very important.

Search you heart and good luck and God bless you.


This comment for @Forensic_Wow

It is corny at all! It is something to be very proud of. See my other longer post. If you do later decide to get a degree, the Guard and the VA will pay for it. Just letting you know.


Brother stay State side and join the border patrol . And you can serve your country in your country BROTHER SIR . AND WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN NATION .:bangbang::us::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::100::100::100::bangbang::toolbox::bangbang::feather::feather::beer: A ROOT BEER :beer: FOR YA BROTHER SIR . DONT MISS OUT ON YOUR FAMILY THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR LOVE BOBBY JEAN SIR :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::beer::100::100::us::us::us::100::100::100::bangbang::bangbang::goat::popcorn::dotted_line_face: