Advice from the .45 acp owners in the community

The final decision has been made. RIA has been purchased and should arrive at my FFL this week.

Looking forward to the experience. Should I be thinking about a fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight set?

USCCA Mods: The photo is a stock photo from the retailer not the actual firearm with an exposed serial number.


Great! With change $$$ to spend on ammo or a few upgrades.

I only spent on grips on mine.

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Additional magazines and Maglula insert inbound as well. Only upgrade I’m contemplating to pistol is a fiberoptic sight set. Sourcing OWB holsters as well, love my Crossbreeds, but for this I thinking old school- leather.

Older school

US WWII M1916 .45 Leather Holster Adjustable Belt & 2 MAG. | Etsy?

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Thanks-Not quite that old school. Mostly avoiding Kydex on this one.

Just kidding.

Here’s one you might like if you’re a fan of Longmire

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Take a read on this as to things you can do. I haven’t installed my Tritium sights that I got for X-mass yet and haven’t polished up the inside bits as I have been spending most of my time building my Hot Rod motor. The FIRST thing out of the gate that I had to fix was the HORRRIBBBLLLLE trigger reset. Feel free to give me a shout and I can walk you through it easy. No grinding or cutting just turning as set screw.



Thanks @Craig6 , great read. However, I definitely do not possess the 'smithing skills nor the PATIENCE you showed on your rebuild. That Satin Aluminum finish is flipping awesome. I will put a few hundred through it ,before any thoughts of “improvements”; ignorance can be bliss. Now awaiting the UPS notice and FFL call.


The FBI’s original solicitation for 9mm handguns generated a flood of questions from state and local agencies, many who carry .40, about the change. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of DHS, currently issues the Sig 229 in .40 but allows agents to purchase and carry 9mm Glocks.

See how you like the stock sights first imo. Careful on the sights if you change them as there are different dove tail cut angles on some 1911’s. I absolutely munched a tritium 2 dot custom rear that was “made for my Springfield RO.” I do have an adjustable target rear sight on my 1911, but it’s on center and makes me happy there. Got a tritium on the front…didn’t munch that one :hugs:

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