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.45 ACP is clearly superior to 9mm. But there are a lot of comparable personal-defense items that the jury is still out on. Whether you want to share your opinion or gain some insight before your next purchase, this is the place for you!


I have carried a .45 ACP for 20+ years in law enforcement as well as a CC weapon since retiring. I own both .45 and 9mm but personally go for weight over velocity. I will say that a person needs to have the proper hand size to handle a double stacked .45. I carried the same Glock 21 on duty and have a Glock 30 that I carry for CC. Never any issues with either weapon.

I like both, Proficient with both. During my service time 1911A1 was my PDW. I also favor the Browning HP. Both are great sidearms. A bit more hefty than other now day carrys. A friend mentioned the weight to me. I told him its nothing once you get used to carrying it. I think its all a matter of personal choice and preference. What ever we carry Be the best we can be with it. :us:

LOVE MY Springfield 1911A1. 5" Barrel, but to carry on body concealed, it has been hard to conceal. I have a Springfield XD 3.8" .45 ACP, 9 / 13 magazines, does that count? Fits like a glove. the 1911 has a 4-pound trigger and even though the trigger is adjustable, I leave it alone. There are extended magazines 8+1 and 10+1. Weight is nearly 3-pounds loaded.