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.45 ACP is clearly superior to 9mm. But there are a lot of comparable personal-defense items that the jury is still out on. Whether you want to share your opinion or gain some insight before your next purchase, this is the place for you!


I have carried a .45 ACP for 20+ years in law enforcement as well as a CC weapon since retiring. I own both .45 and 9mm but personally go for weight over velocity. I will say that a person needs to have the proper hand size to handle a double stacked .45. I carried the same Glock 21 on duty and have a Glock 30 that I carry for CC. Never any issues with either weapon.

I like both, Proficient with both. During my service time 1911A1 was my PDW. I also favor the Browning HP. Both are great sidearms. A bit more hefty than other now day carrys. A friend mentioned the weight to me. I told him its nothing once you get used to carrying it. I think its all a matter of personal choice and preference. What ever we carry Be the best we can be with it. :us:

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LOVE MY Springfield 1911A1. 5" Barrel, but to carry on body concealed, it has been hard to conceal. I have a Springfield XD 3.8" .45 ACP, 9 / 13 magazines, does that count? Fits like a glove. the 1911 has a 4-pound trigger and even though the trigger is adjustable, I leave it alone. There are extended magazines 8+1 and 10+1. Weight is nearly 3-pounds loaded.


Used to be that 45 was better than 9mm, but with the advances in tech, 9 is about even. With 45 you beat up your hands a bit more, and with the less recoil of 9, you can get faster and more accurate shots. Ken Hackathorn, that carried 45 for decades, now has switched to 9mm. Watch him and Bill Wilson on You Tube videos discussing this very thing. When you get older, you need to make concessions.

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Both the .45 and 9mm are proven rounds for self defense. I have carried both and they performed well. Presently I have been carrying a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special Caliber. No particular reason, I just felt like a change. On duty I carried a Sig P226 with a S&W 2" .38 as a backup. I’m too old and decrepit (?SP) to carry all that hardware now, so I suppose the .44 is as good as any.

My take on 45 vs 9mm is I’m going with the 9mm for several reasons.
Number one load out. You have more capacity with a 9mm most of the time.
Second cost of ammunition when you go to the range to train with so you are proficient in a self defense situation.
Third less recoil to get back on target for follow up shots.
Forth 9mm defense ammunition is light years ahead of what it used to be back in the day.
9mm is my choice for everyday carry, it just has to many pluses compared to the 45 in my mind.
And trust me I own my fair share of 45’s.


I carry both, it depends upon how you are dressed. You do not want your last thought to be , if I only had my gun.

45, 40, 9, 38, etc - since none achieve velocity high enough to exceed the elastic threshold of tissue, they all are mostly just poking holes in someone and waiting for them to bleed out. Pick whatever allows you to poke holes most efficiently. (certain vital shots notwithstanding)

The argument in carry caliber has long been discussed. Yet 10mm comes out on top. 45 weight at 9mm speeds.

I’ve always carried a 9mm, even though the days of the 40 cal. Now everyone is turning in the 40’s for 9mm. Mind you…I don’t even want to get shot with a BB gun, but if 1 chest shot will do the trick, 45, but I would still take my .357mag into a single bullet contest any day over a 45. Just my opinion.

Glock 36 is light slim and a perfect CCW and is a definite competitor even though it has been out a long time I would choose it over a 9mm when you are in the country or out hunting in bear land.