A Deadly Silence

You make many good points, I agree in most regards, most notably Franklin’s statement. I can not agree with the characterization given to people who express some form of desire to see a swifter justice when we have all been given such a disturbing impression that the system is being severely abused. I am glad for the points you make, and the examples of why extraordinary caution is warranted. But to object to a perceived severe abuse does not equate in my mind with a reckless and violent desire for blood, though it is, of course, possible and would be thoroughly unacceptable. A detailed reply was written but it’s just too long, and is off topic when in nearly every other regard we appear to be, to my perception, in agreement.

I will let this suffice for here, and any reply can be the last word. I will try to move on and see if it’s possible to engage the same kind of dialogue regarding how we might accomplish standing for principles effectively in our country.

Respectfully, DS-1


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This is what is happening to people around the country to those who have used their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves, family and property.
We need to protest these arrests, we are the majority, call these prosecutors, use social media, send emails. I have sent several and have not received an answer. (Kenosha and Milwaukee DA).
Most people on here say , be the Gray Man, don’t put stickers on your car, don’t wear 2A shirts. Bull!
This is exactly what the left is counting on, this is 95% in left leaning cities and states. My thoughts. :+1:


For years now we have allowed lies and false representations to be tolerated, and repeatedly used ,when I believe we should have stopped it.

It may seem trivial to take a stand on something like the term “assault weapons”, or any of the other terms and labels the anti 2A have used, But it’s a powerful and vivid lie, one that completely changes the perceptions about the subject, making it about something it really isn’t about.

The other thing we have tolerated is a double standard of behavior. They can lie, we can not. They can yell and scream, shout down opposition, and say all manner of wildly untrue things, and we can not. They can even manipulate data, edit videos, and show only two or three despicable people at a rally who were paid, by them, to be there. Then we let them get away with it, and suddenly, all of us look like mindless idiots, and we are not objecting.

They get us, instead, to debate the question of how large a magazine a person reasonably needs “for hunting”. The answer to that irrelevant question is obvious, and already legally specified, and that has nothing to do with the real issue at hand! The debate is lost the instant you allow that to become a question, because that question already has a fixed answer , and that answer is the one they were looking for.

Like any bully, they take you on from a position of overwhelming advantage, and then dare you to object to any nasty or provocative lie they wish to say about you. Your only advantage is in the fact that they are rarely ever ready for you to fight back. They have no interest in a fair fight, and don’t expect you to face an unfair fight. But the only way to end being bullied, is to stand up to it, some way, somehow, because rare is the bully who remains interested when they learn they too could get hurt!. They are happy to threaten you with a bloody nose, but only when they think there is no risk of them getting one.

If opportunity remains after November, we have a choice.

Speak truth to lies
And stand against a bully.

Or we will have to accept what ever conditions of life they may choose to impose, when ever they choose to impose it.


I tend to agree. Of course you will face intimidation and probably property damage if you do so.

One of my sons had put a simple Gadsden flag sticker on his cheap little car when he was away at college. It was in the dorm parking lot one night soon after he added the sticker, and the next morning a black “X” had been spray painted over it and the doors had been keyed/scratched on both sides from front to back. This was at UW Lacrosse in Wisconsin. And that was ten years ago!

So are we to cave in and not voice our opinion when the far left can plaster their cars with every vile sticker under the sun and do so with impunity and without any worry? I know it sounds trivial, but even “sticker intimidation” is a successful “Alinskian” tactic, isn’t it? So I guess we now live in a country where freedom of speech via a windows sticker, a t-shirt, or a lawn sign is deemed excessive.

I’m doing all three for now (lawn signs, car stickers, t-shirts). I guess I may as well have a red target on my back. We’ll see how it goes.


That’s the truth of it. That’s the bullying. The over all intimidation is that you will be targeted and face real reprisals by some random, often anonymous, activist who can vandalize your car, for example, and not only be shamelessly applauded ( if they get caught ), but enjoy the real and implied support of the likes of mayors, governors, and even the speaker of the House. And that support, from those within government, comes with a higher price than a key’d door, like say, continuous rioting.- It’s particularly threatening when the likes of Prosecutors or judges get in on the act.

You might think the obvious evil nature of the tactics they are employing would be a clue to some, that all is not right with the movement, but they have been so puffed up with a sense of self righteous anger that they have been convinced to see it as “justified”.


I personally don’t see any need to advertise. No gun-related, political stickers, or yard signs here. My family and friends know what my loyalties/beliefs are. I also remove (fishing line works well) the stick-on dealership logos the car dealers put on the back of vehicles. They’re not paying me to advertise for them.


@Kevin1776 I don’t care anymore. Loud and Proud. :us:



I agree, the only reason I would advertise is if I were seeking an opportunity to engage those who would object to it’s message, and they would overwhelmingly be hostile. I do not claim to be personally ready for that particular way of speaking out, but it’s more plan than I yet have.

Edit: I’ll have to consider if a little more display of my position might be wisely done. I think I too am accustomed too much to grey man, if I really want to speak up more.

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I agree, to a point. In my hometown, one would blend right in in flags and 2A gear. If I was headed to Flourisant MO, I would be more Grey Man. I would be severely outnumbered, in a hostile environment. As I’ve gotten older, I have embraced a saying of old men. “If your in a fair fight, your doing it wrong.” I want every advantage, and will Avalon’s any and all conflict, even just a glance, without all of those advantages. I don’t mind a discussion, when it’s one on one, or I’m in the majority. Yes, there are flags on my truck, and I’m wearing a patriotic shirt, on the way to 4H archery practice.


Yes, effective ,but not semi-suicidal, is what i’m looking for.


You are correct, just a brief look at the Dems treasonous policies that await us if they get ABSOLUTE POWER: 1. Destruction of Christianity, 2. Doing away with the constitution, 3. Defunding law enforcement to bring in ANTIFA brown shirts 4. Demonization/cancel-culture & genocide of people by race, religion, and any ideology they want to, 6. Ultra-high taxes (slavery), 7. No boarders, 8. Doing away with electoral college, 9. Free health care, education & housing driven by letting illegals vote along with felons. This is most likely not a complete list, but this is what looks like to me to be ABSOLUTE POWER. We should think about how we vote, the Dems could lose the house of reps, senate & WH. Knowing how these postmodernists are it will be our last chance to protect our families.

Left wing radicals, postmodern type socialist/communist are attacking God look at their church burning now.

Prof. Jordan B. Peterson can explain what we are in for, which is death and slavery at the hands of the postmodern cult [AKA democrats] of bloodthirsty psychopaths worse than Nazi SS. We must never apologize to these monsters pray they never get any power. If we do, we will be erased from life and the history books. Professor Peterson tried to warn the United States this would happen over three years ago.

The biggest systemic racism is coming from the postmodern ideologs I mean the Dems. WARNING: This battle against evil must never end!

#1. Their s/b drones filming these riot mobs 24-7/365, the world needs to know who these bloodthirsty demons are.

#2. These demons all need to be prosecuted ASAP, anytime crime is allowed to not be punished many innocents will be violated.

#3. This case is attempted capital murder, mark these demons with special “detection spray” so they can be I.D.ed for later arrest!

#4. Everyone must remember you have the GOD given right to defend your life & family.

#5. All must remember that it will never be good enough for the mob, only you & your family’s death will make them happy!!!

On the Cannon Hinnant case, I have seen social media images from “burn loot and murder [BLM] like people are trying to make this case about race in an effort to see how close they are to being able without too much resistance to cause the white race to be extinct. We were a country of laws in the past, but I have seen many democratic run cities take the side of criminals across the country.

Niemoller updated for 2020:

First, they came for the conservatives, and I did not speak out because I was not conservative.

Then they came for the middle class, and I did not speak out because I was not middle class.

Then they came for the poor, and I did not speak out because I was not a poor.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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It just proves that George Orwell wasn’t writing Science Fiction.


I watched it.

It is eyeopening. You really might want to know this.

I think it may deflect a little too much responsibility away from people and lay it at the feet of an out of control program process. I’m not sure we should buy that nobody has or expresses control. AI may select the news you see, but it didn’t make the fake news, and had no responsibility for the desire to make the fake news. But it sure gives good example of how, and a little of why, people could find themselves in a reality all their own, and completely different from the neighbor’s reality across the street.

I agree, people should watch it. even if just to see how influenced we are in ways we are not aware of.

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