A Deadly Silence

The other part that is interesting is that they always stated their party changed after the Civil Rights Act was passed. The Democratic Party formed when it split from the Democratic-Republican Party due to their pro-slavery stance. Then they seceded from the Union, and now they are threatening it again. Apparently they have not changed, regardless of how loudly they protest that they have.


The rights currently under assault are the very rights that protect us most effectively from tyranny and dictatorial rule.Those rights, and their reason for being, are defended by history, and age old truths hard learned.

But if the truth is going to undermine your goals, then you have to suppress it somehow. But how, in a free society, do you do that? Well, if you can give your’self a war-time footing and claim excuse to suppress truth in the name of some greater good, then you can suppress any truths you wish, all under that same banner.
That “Banner” currently reads “Fairness and social Justice”. But it’s meaning is ambiguous, all encompassing, and non specific. It does however have the critical advantage of appearing to be unobjectionable.

Under the claims of a war-time footing, and marching under a banner that makes opposition seem cruel and hateful, you can justify nearly anything under the sun, in one way or another. You can suspend truth, deny science, and re-write history, even re-interpret laws or constitutional protections. Possibly, re-write all the rules entirely.

We should believe they would be willing to look at any means possible to win their goals - because they have said so!

We have tolerated some pretty crazy and outrageous stuff, maybe it’s time we stopped doing that.

Edit: Clearly, Just One Mans Opinion


I’m going to vote , but I’ve lost faith in the vote. Too many of America’s youth are the microwave give it to me I’m entitled right now generation.
Compound that with the Communism / Socialist educators that have filtered into our system, foreign exchange students bringing ideology in a two way traffic stream, educational facilities receiving contributions to conscript a certain level of their “favored instruction” to continue to receive those contributions, and the newer generation wanting a fake utopia of everything for free is where it is.
America has a cancer… It’s called abusing the Welfare system. There are people that really do need the benefits, but with that came the blame game about why anyone who applies should receive it.
America has an identity crisis. Several children never see a Father. Responsibility is some little furry animal that ran off somewhere over there so to speak.
America has an addiction issue with narcotics. Mexico every year make billions from the illegal drug trade while we have those supplying them with the fire power to run their cartels.
These issues are now coming to haunt us. If the laws were to be as strict as they once were and enforced with the guarantee of execution both verbally and in the very real physical sense; a lot of this will stop.
I remember one of the most heated debates I had with someone is about which is cheaper ?: “ Killing a child molesting murderer rightly convicted, or that individual living on the tax dollars of hard working Americans until they die off or are murdered in prison for their crimes?”
We all know we hear cases of 20 years on the row. Make sure the DNA is right.
Grant one appeal within 6 months as a priority case. Permit one plea to the Governor to decide if one more appeal should be heard.
If the answer is “ No” then the very next morning follow through on the execution without wait.
But… but… but… they got riiiiights…(?) Really?! No they don’t! Those rights just dissolved on the final decision. Kill again … bet they won’t!
The vote can change how the nation debates but won’t change the damages done with the contentious decisions that have given criminals more power than law enforcement and the complacencies that have come with it.
When politicians are part of the cancers and society has assured our youth that these behaviors are the norms that’s where the silence comes in.
You voice your decisions at the polls yet sometimes laws are legislated without the public ever seeing it in the ballot because of closed doors legislative practices. This is what Virginia- NY-NJ-California- etc. and so on have done.
This is how our government works now. They know they can’t take it to the streets because they know that our society will completely erode from people wanting felons with a grudge to vote that were rightfully convicted, recreational marijuana being taxed ( that’s when you’ll see the 2nd Amendment become completely compromised, when people want open borders for anyone to just walk in here demanding safety / benefits without the screening processes or laws that keep our nation safe ( look at MS-13), and then you have politicians not wanting to provide for our elderly- our industries- our jobs- our ability to defend, our ability to help an officer without fear of prosecution, not be able to speak with you government officials without someone deciding if they’ll pass your message on so they contact you.
It’s gotten way out of control in this nation!
I’m Retired US Army and I am disgusted with what I see going on.
If you support the police you’re a racist, if you won’t support BLM’s Marxist openly admitted ideology then your a racist fascist, if you won’t support ANTIFA then your part of the oppressive regime and not in favor of a free for all on everything socialist spoiled brat mentality, if you won’t vote Democrat for an official running for office then you’re a nationalist / supremacy supporter, if you serve the military you’re supporting an illegal war against oppressed people and are a baby killer ( I’ve been told that to my face while in uniform- I went to Iraq 2003 / 2005-2006 twice not Vietnam ; so the eras aren’t confused) but it was said to this generation too is my point.
It’s out of control! Silence is NOT golden as the old song title was. Silence is the cancer creeping in.
Simon and Garfunkel Warned about it “ The Sounds if Silence!”
These Spoiled privileged pro athletes are also selling our youth on this nonsense. Everything pro sports is out of my house. Nike goods went to the Philippines.
I love the U.S. for the struggles we have overcome and unified through many times.
This time though I know a truth…” The Vote is a bandaid on a hemorrhage at this point.”
Law and order must be restored, complacency on the toughness of punishments must be revisited, foreigners without documents will not have sanctuary, illegal drug punishments can’t spend years in the legal system- it has to be dealt with harshly since drug dealers like deals- and when your government passes laws that never went to the ballot box that’s when you protest like human beings and not flame enhancing idiots.
The President needs to put the troops on the streets and any member refusing to obey the orders of the President against domestic terrorist receives a charge!
The Vote… hope it will help, but at this point… I’m saying out loud I have my doubts. I truly believe neither side will concede and war within is inevitable.
That … I’m saying loud and clear.
We have to take America back by whatever means necessary. If we don’t do it soon, we’ll lose .


You are correct! This is an example of what the radical left [Postmodernist Marxism] looks like, their only mission is to obtain ABSOLUTE POWER. The kind of power that will wipe away the rule of law and bring in the “cancel culture” [next the genocide] of all whom dares to claim they have legal protections under the law. I have been taught by the highest-level intellectuals alive in the world today on this understanding Prof. Jordan B. Peterson on understanding of how social theory and how the human mind works [clinical psychology], please heed his warning on this fast running monster. The radical left’s policies only goal is ABSOLUTE POWER, anything else means nothing. Always remember the you as an human have the GOD given RIGHT to self-defense which may be put to the test against violent felons released on you along with the burn your house down with your family in it. All rights stripped, your voice cancelled, your churches burnt, your jobs taken [fired by “cancel culture”]. All will happen a step at a time if the Democrats policies are enacted, they need to be stopped ASAP. Defund the brainwashing public schools and colleges NOW, all we have to do is send them to colleges like Hilldale. Cut all their money do not feed the Postmodernist monster.


Not just your opinion alone good sir. Not at all.


I have never seen anything like this in my life, at least not here in America. Things are being done with impunity that were previously agreed by all to be wrong and unacceptable. No matter what progress is made, no matter how far things have come, it’s never enough. The demands only get wildly bigger while any progress that was made is denied or dismissed, and now we are finding we live in a world of lies and extortion. Threats, severe harassment, and over the top demands are the new currency of change. The cries for equality, fairness, and justice have now turned into heated demands for total surrender under threat of any violence or destruction they deem necessary. They Howl about unjust loss of life,- everyone agrees-, and then they begin their own killing of innocents.

In a flash, the very ones claiming to be the oppressed, have suddenly become the oppressors, happy and proud to make use of every one of the most evil tools of the oppressor. Vilifying and dehumanizing, censoring, shutting down opposing voices by any means, threats, violence, destruction, In a flash, they went from demanding injustice be stopped, to committing injustice many times worse than anything that was there before them.

Who is them? which group is this? Just BLM? no, they have all done it, each group in it’s own way. And why would that be except that it is human nature to act that way. It has nothing to do with color or sexual orientation, it has everything to do with human nature.

Our constitution was written to address that human nature, and protect against it’s failings. It was not written to address a time in history, or a place , or an opposing army, it was written to protect against the well known darker side of human behavior. And if current events are any example, then very clearly, human nature has not changed , not at all. Our constitution is one of the best efforts people have ever created towards a truly good government. To abandon it is a fools errand with catastrophic consequences.

What needs to stop is the greed, the greed of getting more and more and more. Get what you can while the getting is good, right? Even if there is no country left to spend your new wealth in, at least you will be the richest man on the pile of ashes!


Those who want peace, prepare for war…

Something like that. I think I even posted it here before. It is very accurate.


That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved. ~ Benjamin Franklin
He was echoing Voltaire, * “that generous Maxim, that ’tis much more Prudence to acquit two Persons, tho’ actually guilty, than to pass Sentence of Condemnation on one that is virtuous and innocent.

Far too often, prosecutors act politically and not judicially. Far too often, people lie and give false witness.

Those who are guilty should serve their sentence, and not be released early for Covid or some other inane reasoning, but we should not be quick to execute.

Releasing an innocent person after years in prison will never restore their lost years, but they are able to be released.

What do you do when you rush to execute and discover the condemned was innocent? Whoopsie?

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Guys, I really recommend taking a look at ‘The Social Dilemna’ on Netflix. I can’t recommend it enough.
You’re probably not going to be shocked by any of the information, but to hear and see how social media has been designed to change behavior–it’s more than a little alarming.


That’s why my key note in my posting was “ Make sure the DNA was right.”
Eliminate all “ Reasonable Doubt” then follow through.
Good point on the innocence factors. With today’s sciences improving it is becoming more reasonable to expedite the processes after a fair trial , motion to appeal within 6 months, and a standing Governor’s review on if another motion plea for appeal should be heard or directed to the executioners chambers.
Let’s remember. The ones that were murdered had rights, that were inevitably alienated by a killer.


Yes, those who were murdered had rights. That does not remove the rights of the defendant or convicted individual.

As I said, it is better that 100 guilty go free, than one innocent suffer.

Yes, science has improved, yes DNA has improved, but it is NOT 100% and may also be manipulated. There has also been cases where someone has DNA that may convict them, but it may be a relative, even one they do not know they have.

You truly believe all prosecutors, all judges, are always honest, ethical, and virtuous. They have integrity and morals? They know the law?
You truly believe none of them will put politics ahead of justice and the law?

How many prosecutors, state attorneys, district attorneys… have mistakenly prosecuted a case, losing evidence, or neglecting to share evidence, exculpatory evidence…, or intentionally misplaced evidence, exculpatory evidence.

Robert Mueller KNEW he had four people in prison who were innocent, and they were there for years, and two did die before they were released… all while he was protecting Whitey Bulgar . Over $100 million was paid as damages for wrongful imprisonment.

Do you really want to know… KNOW… you executed an innocent person, just so you can say it was QUICK?

When there is NO doubt, such as video evidence, significant eye witnesses and all of the witnesses have the same basic story, and there is NO reasonable doubt, there is DNA evidence, … and after it is all tested again, after the legally allowed number of appeals (not a shortened one appeal and dead), then and only then would the executioner be called.

I support capital punishment, but not as much as I once did, and ONLY when there is NO doubt, and after the process of appeals, process of evidence is re analyzed and tested, and DNA is rechecked.

I am not sure why you seem so blood thirsty, why the eagerness to execute. Before we do end a life, we better make sure it is a guilty life and not a mistake, or corruption that led to their demise.


Will you be going through the same process before you pull the trigger to “protect” your life?


An inane comment really does not deserve a reply… but in a gesture of goodwill, …

When you pull a firearm or knife or any weapon to try to kill me or my family, that is a vastly different issue and situation than a prosecutor who may or may not be corrupt sending an innocent person to prison or death row.

If you are trying to do me harm, you will lose.

If you do kill someone, and are convicted in court, you should be able to have the appeals needed to ensure the guilty verdict was correct…

IF YOU DO NOT KILL SOMEONE, I AM SURE YOU WOULD APPRECIATE NOT BEING EXECUTED WHILE BEING INNOCENT Unless you really and truly think prosecutors and law enforcement NEVER mistakenly fail to hand over exculpatory evidence… or NEVER intentionally hide exculpatory evidence.

Guess the fact Robert Mueller lied and had 4 innocent people held in prison for years… TWO OF THEM DIED IN PRISON… is not something that happens… and they were not even sentenced to death.

Blood Thirsty… I am surprised by that.

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Your actions will also be prosecuted and judged. You, in the present-tense, believe your actions would be justified, but it will be up to a judge or jury to decide - that was my point. It is not inane, regardless of your opinion. You get to decide life or death without DNA, a jury or judge, when you pull that trigger, then a judge or jury gets to decide if your actions were justified or reasonable, yet you condemn someone believing in the death penalty, because an innocent person may die. Does the person you killed deserve to die? He/she did not kill you. You claim Mueller had 4 innocent people killed, you personally will be responsible for directly killing at least one person.

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There are few things in life that are not a balance. Being too quick to judge, or corrupt motivations in prosecution, lead to innocent people suffering things they do not deserve. But failure to uphold the law, and punish wanton criminals, creates far more victims. It’s being a less direct route does nothing to alter the fact of it. The question always is, where is that line between being too swift and unduly risking a mistake, and being so soft that there is little serious fear of harming others. - Because there is no enforced penalty now, people feel free to accuse others of crimes that were never committed. Because there is no enforced penalty for rioting, and the looting and burning, even the killing, that accompanies it, It continues now, night after night.

Our studies here at USCCA are one such balance effort. We never want to take a life, but we have a right to a self defense where we may meet force with sufficient counter force to stop the threat.

If there is no reasonable doubt, why should a killer be allowed to game the system in endless cycles of expensive appeals, paid for by the public, as he is housed, fed, and permitted to tie up the legal system? With respect, I don’t think it’s quite fair to say that opposition to that situation is " Blood thirsty".

I started this thread because there is rampant gaming of the system going on. Endless false claims, activists at the highest levels flaunting the law that protects the innocent, wanton devastation going on in the streets, again, most often costing the innocent far more than anyone else. I could make a very good argument that we have slipped from protecting the innocent, gone overboard, and now, in some sick twist of logic and weakness against crime, we have started to protect the guilty, and punish the innocent!

When the people responding to the invasion of their property by openly hostile crowds, are the ones who face prosecution for some mistakes they made in how they warned their attackers, then I would argue we have reached that sick and twisted point. prosecutorial discretion has been used in a perverted manner backwards from it’s intended use in order to do this. Wantonly doing so is not allowed, but it too must be prosecuted to be enforced.

Take freedom of the press for example, that too must be protected. But there are limits too, they are not allowed to deliberately misinform the public. yet, it is now common knowledge that that is exactly what is going on. There were some reasonable lines drawn, and they were not held. now we have a situation where the news is so corrupt it can not be trusted.

It’s that classic issue where someone pushes the boundary back just a little, then a little more, and then a little more again, until the new boundary is miles from where it was, and becomes useless.

With law and order, and journalistic ethics, those boundaries have been allowed to erode away to the point that, once again, no one feels they can figure out what the limits should be. But they should be what they have always been, the best available balance point did not change, we just kept pushing it further and further, and we have lost it. But when that balance point is reached again, it will be found to be in the same place it has always been.

These are some of the very principals I had felt we needed to start finding a way to stand up for, before so much is lost that we can’t get it back without suffering historical horrors all over again.


Not at all the same thing or the same situation. Which is why I considered it an inane comment.

When you are confronted by someone immediately in front of you… trying to do serious harm or kill you, that is self defense, and there is no DNA required.

A court case, where someone is suspected… SUSPECTED… of a crime, who is charged and prosecuted, and convicted is different. They are not in front of the judge, jury or prosecutor or the defense attorney or anyone else who is watching, and actually committing the crime. IF… and it is a BIG …IF… the prosecutor is negligent or fails in some way to provide exculpatory evidence to the defense or fails to allow it or bring it to court, then the person charged may be found guilty while they actually are innocent… and there are cases where prosecutors or the prosecutor’s office has intentionally hidden exculpatory evidence, just so they can gain a conviction… they may believe the person is guilty, regardless of the evidence, but they are required by law to provide all evidence to the defense.

You being attacked immediately … versus … a court and jury deciding if someone is guilty, on possible erroneous evidence, hidden exculpatory evidence, manipulated DNA or simply DNA tested in such a way that it is not a valid test and they do not admit to the mistakes.

That is a HUGE difference.

I did not condemn someone for believing in the death penalty, as I do believe in the death penalty. I condemned them for their desire to speed it up, to quickly rush to the executioner… and we have had far too many innocent people executed…

This is an error on your part. I never stated Mueller had 4 people killed. I stated Mueller had 4 people in prison who were innocent. And I do not ‘claim’ that, it is a fact. Google it. 4 people held in prison, two died while in prison and there was over $100 Million paid out in damages for wrongful imprisonment.

Two people who were innocent of the charges and they DIED in prison, they lost their freedom, they lost their lives…yet had not been guilty of the crime they were in prison for. That was 4 people NOT sent to death row, yet 2 did die.

Again, HUGE difference. If you have someone shooting at you, threatening to shoot you or has a knife, machete, bat or tire iron and is trying to do you harm or kill you, that is NOT the same as sitting in court and deciding someone’s guilt based on the evidence and then rushing out that afternoon with the rope to string them up.

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I believe what you are referring to is exactly what AG William Barr is referring to as he layed into his own DOJ. Worth looking up because he says too many times good prosecutors kind of lock on a suspect, etc and over step their bounds.

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True, and as you say, where is the line drawn. It is less that death sentences be quickly carried out as it is that criminals be arrested and prosecuted. Far too many simply are not arrested, as we see in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, St. Louis and many other cities across the nation.

We see this in all levels, up to the Executive Branch and the wild claims that led to impeachment, yet all of those who made false accusations, against the President, against Kavanaugh, against the police officers who are accused of crimes for enforcing the law…

'Gaming the system may be what you want to call it, but when there is no reasonable doubt, and people are convicted…ONLY … to be found innocent 5, 10, or 20 years later. It was not long ago, a convicted rapist was released, as he was found innocent by DNA with newer testing and advances, and that was after he was convicted beyond all reasonable doubt. Is there ever really no reasonable doubt? We can say yes, based on the evidence, as we can not say the prosecutor may be corrupt. We must trust and accept the prosecutor is ethical, moral, honest and has integrity. But, with that we must also NOT rush to punishment when that punishment is final. Quickly locking someone away is one thing, being quick to execute is totally different.
Far too many innocent people were convicted with NO REASONABLE DOUBT…
So, yes. The desire to rush to the executioner, to grab the rope and find a tall oak tree and string them up ( as soon as the trial is over)… is blood thirsty.
I understand the frustration, I agree. We have far too many criminals who face no consequences, and far too many who seem to never be held accountable…

but I stand by the statement;

That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Franklin may have taken it from Blackstone;
Fourthly, all presumptive evidence of felony should be admitted cautiously, for the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer. And Sir Matthew Hale in particular lays down two rules most prudent and necessary to be observed: 1. Never to convict a man for stealing the goods of a person unknown, merely because he will give no account how he came by them, unless an actual felony be proved of such goods; and, 2. Never to convict any person of murder or manslaughter till at least the body be found dead; on account of two instances he mentions where persons were executed for the murder of others who were then alive but missing.

So, do we risk executing innocent people, just to appease the mind of some who desire rapid blood letting? Yes, there will always be those who are guilty who ‘game’ the system, but there are those who are innocent who need all the resources that are available to prove the innocence before the state commits murder.

Yes, we see prosecutors now prosecuting those who defend themselves and their homes, while the terrorists walk free, to burn, loot, and murder… but that does not mean we should shred the Constitution and our jurisprudence … to shred the system to protect both the innocent and guilty, to ensure we are correct in our actions… and even with that we have and may still execute innocent people.

Actually, while I would agree with you that it should not be so, there is no prohibition on the right to freedom of the press about misinforming the public. You can look at our history, and even the campaign between Jefferson and Adams.
Most knew where the newspapers stood politically, and they did not try to claim ‘fair and balanced’. Yes, today we have those who claim to be the guardians of truth such as CNN who has been caught lying so often it is absurd… but there is no requirement for them to be honest… except that their broadcast license may be reviewed…

I think you are speaking of the Overton Window.

We must stand for principles, but that also includes the rights of convicted, to have the system to ‘game’… so any who are actually innocent may have the opportunity to appeal and prove their innocence.

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This is true, and this part is not inane. I take this to be separate as a defense issue from a court case prosecuting a defendant.

I forgot to put this in the other reply, and it would not allow me to edit it.

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Was reading that along with his statement about the Covid restrictions being the most dangerous attack on civil liberties since slavery.

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