A Deadly Silence

Silence may only very rarely take a life, and then not by it self, but silence can cost a life, many lives in fact, and leave others to live in fear. In the case of silently accepting the loss s of our First, and Second amendment rights this is not even all that hard to imagine. A car jacking, home invasion, or assault by a gang that can not effectively be opposed, or indeed, even the inability to object to a given gang or group because they are politically protected, are but a very few of the easily grasped ways a loss of our protected rights could cost lives, and worst of all, those lost lives would most likely be the lives of the innocent, law abiding, and responsible people, or worse still, the helpless among us those people would protect.

I will never judge who should speak, or if a given person should speak at all, much less when or how. Some of us however must begin to speak, when, and where we can. Not because it suddenly became safe in the short term to do so, but because it has become life threatening in the long term to allow the silence to continue.

It extends beyond the upcoming election as well, even if that election is won in favor of our rights, the rights will continue to be assaulted, relentlessly, because the authors of this assault feel no opposition, hear no sustained and determined voices against it, and more importantly, neither does their mislead and growing rank and file. It is not even known how many are left who would support and defend our way of life and the constitution set up to safeguard it. Censorship and silencing have already begun, and are even now well entrenched, openly practiced and lauded under a litany of thin excuses. It may once have been wise to be reserved, quiet, and cautious, but that time has now passed if we wish to preserve our rights, and we may have but this one, difficult and unpleasant opportunity left to insist our side, our voices, are heard, before so much ground has been lost as to make it , literally, illegal. A strong argument could even be made this very minute that we are nearly already there.

Right now we will get unwanted attention, be reviled at first, and some will even receive unjust sanctions, but we still have our rights, at least most of them, and it’s time we use them, or we will, clearly, loose them.

I do not suggest this lightly, not at all, but I would like none the less to suggest it. - Can we not, Should we not, as part of our preparation for future troubles and attacks, lay the ground work to protect our ability to protect our families and ourselves, by beginning to discuss how we can speak for the truth, debunk the perverted ideas, and stand for the rights of everyone, rather than sacrificing the rights of some to affirm the rights of others. If we refuse to take some heat when we can, I fear, we will loose our last opportunity, and soon after, our right to a self defense, and the effective means to provide for it. A loss that I am now convinced will ultimately extend beyond physical self defense, and come to include all manner of things, even culture and freedom of thought.

If we don’t defend our rights now, we will not be able to defend our families later, so, how can we begin to do that?


No one likes the warriors, until the enemy is at the gates. We are seeing places in this nation descend into anarchy. And, some of the “leaders” are joining in. It is We the People that will ultimately have to put down this insurrection. Hopefully by voting. But,
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.




Isn’t that considered a traitor! In time of war aren’t traitors, hung! Or shot. Save your ammo, use rope!


The urgency I feel is for there to be hope that the voting process can still work. I think a lot of people are running out of excuses and don’t want to be counted as part of the destructive " at all costs" extreme. But they need a reasonable alternative they can see. We would have to avoid mimicking the truly hateful speech while firmly stating the truth in spite of the false labels of “hate” used to quell the truth. It’s very hard sometimes to swallow the frustration and just outrage at the extreme hypocrisy, but if we are to give others a palatable alternative, we can’t afford to act the way they do, either in harsh terms, or in irresponsibility. They WANT us to get angry, and then ACT angry, and hand them the appearance of being no better than they. Maybe some well healed anger is called for. I don’t know, I’m sure there are some smarter minds out there who have better ideas than I.


A couple of things, first, we can’t do it from our computers, we can’t do it from our doorsteps, we must regroup, meet up in Kansas November 4th and fight the good fight! Voting won’t work anymore. It’s sorta funny, si vis pacem parabellum was something we tacked up on our wall as a poster from a movie. I think it’s meaning weighs heavier than we ever thought it would. It’s time to go into battle mode. For three more months I’d give anything to be invincible again, no worries I’ll take point! Just name a school after me, not a statue!

There might be one other way back, click your heels three times and repeat after me, there’s no place like home…

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“War, like most other things, is a science to be acquired and perfected by diligence, by perseverance, by time, and by practice.”

Excerpt From
The Federalist Papers
Federalist No. 25.
Alexander Hamilton


well, please forgive my ignorance, but i do not have a translation for that phrase, and I may be missing something as well as to your reference to November 4th. Is there a way I could get clarification?

Edit: I looked that up, turns out I have always believed in that.

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In my reviews of our civil war, I was most impressed by the way it started in earnest. Prior to that moment it was all just a whole lot of tension. Perhaps my epiphany is much too late, that seems very possible, I have just become very aware of how much silence there has been, I suppose it’s possible no amount of steering will alter the course if too much momentum has already been achieved.


Si vi pacem parabellum = if you want peace prepare for war.
The Kansas thing is dust a metaphor for us to regroup somewhere neutral and put an end to all the shenanigans, we could meet in Portland, but they would have the advantage, we need to flank their positions and crush them. Or we can pull an Alexander the Great and push right through the middle.


I edited my post to show I had looked that up. Yeah, I hope we are not already there, but, as crazy as behaviors have become, it would be foolish to reject the possibility.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer).


We’ve been there since January 20th 2016! It’s just now come to a boil.

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We (Nancy and I) are doing every thing we can politically to get out the vote. I am doing everything I can to prepare myself personally with some extras for others. Just awaiting November 4th. Wait and see. :+1:


@BRUCE26 Me too, to be honest.


A primary thought I failed to include in the lead post was that my thinking began with the premise " OK, what if we manage to keep Trump in the White House - then what? " - In the event of the other outcome, I might well expect the moment is already lost, and speaking out could well become nothing but self destructive.


Speaking of silence…

Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
Napoleon Bonaparte


I’m not going to say much here but I find it very interesting that a bipartisan party with Hillary Clintons’s ex campaign manager Joe Podesta acting as Joe Biden, made the decision, that if the Democrats lost to Trump they would not concede and that the Democratic Party would have the Pacific Coast secede from the Union. They would hope for Military intervention or to attempt to sway electors into becoming unfaithful electors.

So riddle me this Batman, why would you be wargaming that? If you weren’t at least considering that as a strategy.


The wargame is at bottom of article. The citation is from the New York Times not exactly a bastion of conservative journalism


The way I read that it didn’t seem particularly alarming just because of other experience i have “working scenarios” for evaluation. But doing so and letting it go public, in this environment, just further destabilizes faith in the credibility of the upcoming election. That worries me because they tried playing games with the process when Lincoln was a candidate too. If we get through this election with a reasonable chance to make voices heard, I REALLY think we need to seize on that blessing, and run with it for all we are worth!


I’ve participated in a number of “White Papers” that have been then gamed. I just find it interesting that 7 ish weeks before what’s already going to be a highly disputed election, with accusations of mail fraud or voter fraud by both sides because of Covid that this would be leaked to the New York Times.

You don’t game something if it’s not at least something you are considering. It’s all mental masturbation right now but in 2 months. Is it still? Or are there some at least considering it?