6 Must-Watch Gun Movies for Quarantine | USCCA

With more time on your hands as you hunker down to avoid getting sick, it is natural to want to not only keep up on your training but also take in a show … or three. In that spirit, here are half a dozen movies for those with an interest in firearms. Some are a lot newer than others, and some take place a lot more recently than others, but all have lessons for the defensive shooter and played important roles in shaping American cinema.

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Great list. Especially Reno 911! It’s hilarious and really great!

Gotta add the three John Wick movies!


I cannot believe Ed didn’t include The Reliant!

For other great gun movie suggestions:

Personally, the 3 John Wick movies are amazingly real (considering he actually knows what he’s doing).
I can think of no better movies re: gun work.
Not for the faint of heart, but holy cow–that dude can fight AND shoot.
And he drives a pretty sweet Mustang.

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Tombstone (1993) is always good one. I’m your huckleberry…(with the tin cup “gun” spin scene)…classic :smiley:

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I cannot remember the name I will have to look and find it, but I have either the instagram or facebook account of the guy who trains Keanu Reeves and others. He has videos of Keanu and others training and it is sweet.

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Taran Butler. I’ve watched the training. Crazy good shooting.

To Dawn - who said: I cannot believe Ed didn’t include “The Reliant” !

I participated in the Crowd-Funding along with Tim and numerous others 2 - 3 years ago.
I received my poster a couple of years ago, and the DVD last month.
I watched it last week. Cinematography was great.
But I found the story line hackneyed, kitschy and full of cliches.
OK - - so the Bad Guy ‘loses his Faith’ and is later redeemed in the river - -
(Tim Schmidt SHOULD have been one of the Deputies {Yeah - I’m USCCA})
Unfortunately I can’t recommend the movie.

Tombstone is one of my faves !! Hey Ringo - - I’ll be your huckleberry

Two of my favorites: Shooter (Wahlberg trained at Frontsight) and Open Range (Costner & Duvall)


Kilmer was an excellent Doc Holiday.

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Yes he nailed that role.