Friday Fun: The Never-Ending Magazine

We’ve talked about the tricks Hollywood does with firearms - and a big one is a never-ending magazine. We see it in TV shows and movies alike.


What movies/TV shows had the most shots in a magazine (or revolver)?

What movies/TV shows had the best ammunition management?

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Best Ammo Management? John Wick, without a doubt.


Escape from New York/LA for most shots from a revolver. Snake never reloads “his guns.” 2nd vote for John Wick having the best ammo management.


In all seriousness, did you ever see Matt Dillon in the show Gun Smoke (James Arness) or John Wayne in any film ever reload?

If they did, I think it would have been noticeable loading 6 bullets in their revolver after firing 9 shots lol

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But. I agree…John Wick most deff!!!

200 rounds in a handgun lol :rofl: :rofl:

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@Randall318 Isn’t 200 rounds what lefties already are saying? Or is the newest version 2000 rounds? It’s very hard to keep up nowadays


2000 rounds? That would be too heavy for me! I’d have to find some way to carry it!


Here’s how to carry 2000 rounds


@Dawn. You’re precious Dawn, One in a Million. Oh Yes! Congratulations to USCCA For now advertising on NEXT NEWS NETWORK, Gary Franchi’s Station


IIRC, I was watching a Michael J. White movie. There was a part where he was clearing a dark room with stacked pallets. Almost every time the angle changed or he passed a stack of pallets, the firearm would change… I think from a Sig to a Glock and back.

Some movies they go around with a slide locked open, or it locks open every 3 rounds.

The cocking noise everytime a firearm appears… kind of reminds me of the scenes where a car is on loose dirt but they put in the squealing asphalt sound effect.

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Some one!

“The Walking Dead” Hershel’s 25 shot pump shotgun. :smiley:

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