Must-See Gun Movies


What movies are a “must-see” for people who are interested in firearms? It can be for an example of good firearm handling or what not to do.

This topic is for FUN, not to replace real training.


I’ll start it off with the one just about everyone on the Community is giving me grief about because I haven’t seen it:


Kind of gruesome, but…


I was going to say John Wick but you beat me to it. John Wick 3 comes out May 3rd.

I like The Punisher as well.


I can’t wait for 3. The boys introduced me and I was hooked.


Dirty Harry(all of them)
Tango and Cash
Die Hard
Heartbreak Ridge
Lethal Weapon
Rooster Cogburn(the Duke with a Colt SAA in one hand, and whirlin his Winchester in the other)
Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man(yes it’s cheesy)
Quigley Down Under
American Sniper


You remember the John Wayne movie where everyone kept saying “I thought you were dead?”, or something along those lines. I can’t remember, but I’d like to find and watch it again.


Big Jake.
“Who are you?”
“Jacob McCandles!”
“I’m sorry Mr. McCandles, I thought you were dead.”


Quigley Down Under… it’s been ages!

The only ones I haven’t seen are the John Wayne movies and Tombstone.

I say we all go see John Wick the weekend after it comes out.


ok, for me it’s gotta be the “extended disarming scenes”… you know where they have 14 guns, 5 knives, brass knuckles, nunchucks… a poleaxe…
the couple’s version: Police Adademy 2

or the female version: Pirates of the Caribbean 3:

Should you carry with one in the chamber?

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman!


I’ll add Heat to the list. It is not a gun movie per se, but it has one of the very best shootout scenes ever.


Your welcome. Big Jake also stars John Wayne’s son Patrick. He was in one or two other John Wayne films. And of course Maureen O’Hara.


Well its not a big gun movie but it has one great gun scene in it. Indiana Jones and Raider of the Lost Ark. The scene where he pulls out his gun and shoots the man with the sword. That was not in the script. Harrison Ford was having a bad day with something he ate. It was like the third or forth take of the scene and he HAD to use the rest room. So to cut it short so he could go he did what you saw in the movie. he was originally suppose to go in and fight him with another sword.

In the next movie (crystal skull I think) there was a scene where it was written that he do that same thing put out the gun and shoot the guy with the sword. The director had someone take the gun out of the holster without Harrisons knowledge just to get the look of surprise on his face. (yes I watch way to many movies).


Lol! You didn’t need to say anything more than Indiana Jones!

Although, I didn’t know about the behind the scenes portion. Learn something new every day.


Patrick was in these others that I know of. “McLintock” “the Searchers” “Rio Grande” “The Quiet Man” " The Comancheros" “Donavan’s Reef” “The Green Berets”.


That’s my favorite Indiana Jones scene. It makes a great Internet Gif as well.

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A must see movie is Kelly’s Heroes. Some intense war battles but many funny parts too. Don Rickles complaining about carrying the BAR because it is too heavy cracks me up everytime. A great cast too. Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, and many others.


I found Mile 22 to be an outstanding movie. There are gun fights throughout the whole movie but I felt they kept it very realistic. My second suggestion would be Olympus Has Fallen (the second one was OK, the first was better).


It’s a must see. I’ve seen it 50 times If I’ve seen it once.