Bad movie tropes and your favorite dumb firearms stuff


Apparently I’m in a silly mood because this is entertaining me tonight:
From “Wanted” … bullets that shoot around curves:

I love the comments on this clip, some of them are quite entertaining
so she blinks faster than bullet speed?
error 404 physics not found :rofl:

What are your favorite bad-firearms movie moments?


Not a huge fan of the new MacGyver, figured I’d watch a random episode. Prison break: one of the agents gets shot in the shoulder with a shotgun (everyone else who got shot with a shotgun fell dead). After a minute, the agent jumps up, grabs the same shotgun, shotgun whips the bad guy across the back of the head, then aims it at him, and helps the other guy bind his hands behind his back with a belt. After all that, casually looks at his bloody shoulder and mentions he needs to get that looked at.

Won’t be watching that one again.

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This was done by a professional. Do not try at home. Lol!

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Ah yes, the near-bulletproof hero. :face_with_monocle: A tried and true staple of movies.