2021 USCCA Expo Nashville (this thread is closed. Please see 2021 USCCA Expo postponed/moved to Texas thread)

Greetings fellow community. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2021 USCCA Expo. I believe registration might be required, and that special hotel information will be announced by the USCCA, especially as we edge closer to the Expo dates.

I was thinking of driving there. I hardly drive cross-country, but found it worthwhile to research – the states I’d drive through, to check if they have pay-tolls and if they accept my state’s electronic pass pay-toll device which I use in my vehicle; For those who need to, bring extra singles and lots of change in case needed, perhaps.

State Conceal Carry Reciprocity:


Phone AP



I’m glad to see this is only a couple of hours from where I live. I am definitely looking to attend.


Being new to USCCA, I’m quite interested / excited about making it to the Nashville EXPO 2021. We are Alaska “Snowbirds” and spend winters now days in Nevada so sounds like a fun road trip to attend. Looking forward to it is putting it mildly . . .


Thanks for the awesome post, @Burdo!

Here’s the link to the USCCA Expo website. You’ll be able to see the latest information there.

As we get closer to the Expo, I’ll be posting how to register and hotel information as well!

I cannot wait to see everyone in TN!!


I will be there. If you have not booked a hotel room yet, get hot, they are going fast. At least the hotels within a mile of the Music Center are booking quick. I found that the average cost in the city center is somewhere between $200 to $300 per night, but the cost per night drops proportionally to the distance away from the Music City Center.


I will be there. I checked with a friend of mine - the difference in cost between the city center and outlying hotels can easily get eaten up in parking fees and a 30-45 minute commute in the morning.

I will be at the Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown.

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Since I live 88 miles from there, will definitely be there.

For optimal other state ‘carry’ reciprocity coverage, I applied “early” for permits from those additional states of interest or which I might be traveling thru in 2021 ; just in case.

Is the expo open only to USCCA Members? I have a few buddies that live in the area that I served On submarines with that would like to attend.

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@BubbleHead - the Expo is open to everyone! :smiley: Watch for tickets to go on sale later this year or early next year. :slight_smile:


Wherever you stay, if you are going to park a car there, “maybe check with the hotel now or before booking to ask about parking fees”.

I thought perhaps since KC didn’t happen this year that USCCA would try it there next year. Sadly Nashville is just too far for me to justify it to the wife/boss.

Awesome. I live 15 minutes from Nashville but work there everyday so I will definitely be there. As for hotels, I would stay outside of downtown just because of the price. The hotels around the MCC average $300-$400 a night and you can stay 10-15 minutes away for $80-$125. Which are still nice clean hotels.

Excellent! Have the dates marked on phone calendar. USCCA membership required for entry? Would like to do road trip with 1 of my gun buddies but he’s not USCCA member yet- been telling him about USCCA. He’s disgusted with NRA too. Might be a good avenue to get him to see USCCA “light” and sign up.

Tickets will be going on sale soon. The Expo is not just for members but does have special member pricing.

Does anyone know what is the pricing for the paid presentations, and what is the cost to go as a USCCA member to the hall and free seminars?
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Welcome to the Community @PiotrL!!!

USCCA members the access to the hall and free seminars is free.

The cost for the paid presentation will vary depending on the presentation you are looking at attending and range from $35 to $75. The class costs should be there on the Expo Website.

@Dawn is the SME on this topic so I’m sure she’ll chime back in. Hope to see you there!! Welcome again!

A written preview of the classes might possibly be visible/posted on the Expo info page within the USCCA website. Looking forward to seeing you there “kolega”.

Thank you very much for the replies. Hehe, that’s good, kolega. Excited to join the community and USCCA. Great training and information available. Looking forward to many hours of studying the material.


Welcome @PiotrL! Access to the Exhibit Hall and free seminars is free to USCCA Members. Paid classes range in price and availability. Non-members can get Expo hall tickets as well for a small fee. They can sign up for classes too.

Be sure to order your tickets as soon as possible as the classes do fill up quickly!