2020 USCCA Certified Instructor Courses

There have been numerous conversations throughout the Community about becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor and the dates are finally out for this year’s classes!!

You can find the schedule for this year’s USCCA led INSTRUCTOR Classes here.

Both the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals and the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals are listed on that page. You do not have to have to be a Certified Concealed Carry Instructor to become a Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor.


If you’re looking to take the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals or the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals as an end-user OR instructor courses from USCCA Training Counselors who are NOT USCCA Staff you can find information on classes here.

I’ve taken other organization’s classes and our classes and the USCCA classes are definitely head and shoulders above the rest.

Edited for clarification. You can become a USCCA Instructor if you take a Certified Instructor Class from a USCCA Training Counselor. The first set link above takes you to the classes that the USCCA Education and Training Team will be hosting. There are other Instructor courses that are led by USCCA trained Training Counselors, those classes will be in the second link. Sorry for any confusion! Thanks for reminding me to clarify that, @Jerzy!



There is this place in the US, called Alabama, (yes, it’s true) why oh why won’t any of your Instructor training classes, come near us? We have the largest percentage of permitted concealed carriers per capita in the US. That’s not even to count our Constitutional open carriers.

I shall make offerings of charbroiled meats, and cold libations (read bribes here :grin:) to the schedulers of USCCA Instructor training classes. Please come closer to the Deep South and rain Instructor training classes down upon us.:crazy_face:


I have shared the bribe with the scheduling powers that be… :smiley:



At the expo this year. There are a lot of training seminars that will be going on. I’ve signed for a number of them. Will they be considered actual training with certifications at the end, or will they just be like lectures?

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The Expo classes will not be Certified Instructor courses unless designated that way. They will be educational classes, @Zavier_D. Does that help?

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I didn’t mean as instructor training, more as a way to document that you had X training as an individual and here is the certificate to prove it.

Mainly wanting to have it for documented training. To be able to show I took X training class on X day. There was a thread about documenting any training you may have had, and I was wondering if this would be considered documentable training?

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I don’t think these are giving out any sort of documentation/certificates for attending.

I track all of my own training - range trips, classes, books, significant video series.

When I took Mag 20 a few years ago, Massad Ayoob suggested rewriting your notes after the class (so the were legible and you could fill in any gaps you may have had). Also, make sure you include in there the date, time, and instructor for the class. That way you had documentation of your training.

He also suggested keeping them in a fireproof box. If you do your documenting online, it keeps the documents safe in case of fire. :slight_smile:



Thank you, that’s the information I was looking for.


Never anything in Michigan. :pleading_face:

@Dawn, I’m confused here…
First link you have posted doesn’t give any courses in IL:

Second link, which gives hundreds of different results, shows few USCCA Intstructor courses, one of them is this one:

Is the USCCA Instructor course from second link legit?

Come to Wisconsin! We’re not that far away, @pcloth2! :slight_smile: And then you get to see the headquarters and meet me!

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Yes! Good point - I completely didn’t clarify that!! There are training counselors across the country who can teach you to become a USCCA Instructor. The top link is for USCCA team ran events, the others are by USCCA Training Counselors, but not necessarily USCCA Staff.

I’ll fix that in my first post! Thanks for pointing it out! Evidently I needed more caffeine yesterday.


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Irish caffeine is recommended :wink:

Your explanation clarified everything. :+1: Thx.

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@Dawn Would I be a certified instructor for Michigan??? Are instructor certs recognized in other states? If the training would transfer to MI, I may actually look into this. It’d be a good vacation for the family as well.

Yes! If you’re going to bring the family too - the Dells aren’t that far from here. Might be a great place to go after the class is over. And there are hotels in West Bend that are close to shopping and a movie theater.

Let me know and I’ll see if I can visit the class if you’re here!

Just to be clear the Defensive Shooting Instructor course is what is offered there in WI, not the CCW Instructor course?

You are right, there are no USCCA Training Team Concealed Carry Instructor classes in WI this year. (I’m surprised!)

The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals class is EXCELLENT! But does not cover the Concealed Carry curriculum.

There are USCCA Training Counselors in MI that might have an Instructor Class this year. I haven’t looked at where you are exactly located, so here is all of Michigan’s TC’s:

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get to meet me :laughing: but the classes you find will probably be closer to home. Let me know if that link doesn’t work, please let me know.

For everyone else looking for a Certified Instructor class in your area, you can check with the Training Counselors in your area to see if they have any classes coming up. You can find them by going to www.uscca.com/training - find an instructor and:

Be sure to select your state. I used the search results or Michigan as the example. :slight_smile:

You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you.

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That’s the worst part of taking classes out of WI :wink:

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Let me know if you need any other assistance, @pcloth2! And let me know when you become an Instructor so I can congratulate you and give you your Instructor badge!

You’ll love the course. :smiley: And you’ll meet some AMAZING people. Usually the classes are like the people in the Community in person. :heart: