2020 USCCA Certified Instructor Courses

For sure. I want the CCW class first. Gonna have to save up for that $800 class in WI. :rofl: :scream:

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Depending on how many students I would be happen to drive up from mid Florida and do a instructor class. DM or email me bill@aimpower.biz

I’m glad I bought all my ammo for my two classes (Starting 3/30) last week at regular in stock pricing!


My classes got bumped to the middle of June. :frowning: I guess I have a crazy amount of time to re-study everything!

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Happy Birthday, @Bill50!!

Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck again for traveling :frowning:

@Dawn - You are on my list of places and people to see. I need to get my instructor business up and running - then look out I am coming to Wisconsin. Did you hear the accent? My instructor Mr. Jefferson said headquarters is fabulous ! Mike B.

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@Dawn - You are spot on about the people in the class. Just finished my class with Mr. Jefferson on the 15th of March. It was a wonderful class and had great people in it. Mike.

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