Becoming a CCW Instructor

Hello all!

I’ve been a USCCA member for a few months but this will be my first post on the forums. I’m constantly reading articles off the app and love the tools USCCA provides for reciprocity and such.

Long story short, I plan on becoming a firearms instructor. I work on a hunting preserve where we a firing range where CCW classes used to be held so I have the location. I’m passionate about the 2nd amendment and I believe it empowers people to be able to protect themselves, the same with working and providing for yourself.

I’ve had several people who have come to me knowing concealed carry is a passion of mine asking for instructors and most of the ones in the area that I know of and can find have retired or aren’t far from it. The majority of classes are an hour or more drive away, with an 8 hour class that adds up quickly. I’ve had my license for a few years but only truly gotten serious about training in the last year. I’ve been taking classes for my own skills to improve but want to move beyond that and help train those in my area.

So I’ve got the location, passion and I believe it’s something needed in my area. Everyone I’ve talked to says to start out find someone to mentor you, problem is I can’t find anyone in my area. I’d like to start by doing CCW classes and focus not only on basic skills and laws but also holsters. I know several people who ended up not carrying until I helped them find holsters that fit their body/lifestyle and tap them into the world of holsters that’s out there.

I live in Crawford County, Ohio and would appreciate any tips on getting started or anyone’s advice on who to go to not only to become a certified instructor (from the research I’ve done it seems like Ohio recognizes NRA instructors for CCW) but possibly mentor under.



I’m not USCCA Certified (NRA), plan to be in short time, but I’ve been instructing for a while and I can’t echo the mentor advice enough. You’ll find out, if you haven’t already, the instructor community is welcoming and very helpful people, at least in my experience. My mentors suggested volunteering to AI as often as I could when I started out and I still do that when I can. I love watching others teach and gaining knowledge and teaching technique from them. I’m sure a lot of other instructors will chime in with some really really good advice, Good luck!

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Joining this forum was a step in the right direction, welcome. The participants here are pretty friendly and the experience level would be anywhere from beginner to expert. So, folks should be able to help you with many of your questions.

The Instructor training here at USCCA looks pretty good. I have trained at Gunsite Academy and a few other places and am currently registered to take training here (USCCA Instructor) at the end of March to become an Instructor.

Like you, I’m excited to move to the next level and help people. I have trained a good handful of family and friends and found it quite rewarding.

A local mentor, you may not find any. There are non around me, but I’ll be relying a lot on the wisdom of fellow instructors here. Look at these 2 links. You’ll maybe find a USCCA range or training facility on the second link and they may be a local mentor. It does look like there are a handful of facilities in central Ohio.

Good luck and I look forward to chatting with you more.

Welcome and thanks for posting, @Jon11!

Here’s another thread that might be helpful for you:

There’s a bunch of conversation about becoming an instructor there :slight_smile:

get in touch with Kevin Sadeski at Armed2Defend out of Canal Winchester. He’s a TC for both USCCA and NRA, and a great guy. He’s been doing a while, and does it right, which means full time with dollars for marketing, web development, etc.
You’ll do this in class, but it doesn’t hurt to start sketching it out now. Build a business plan inclusive of all expenses and revenue.
Most people I know who have become instructors don’t do many of their own classes–they assist (myself included). I don’t have the desire to do it full time (at this point of my life).
I’m just east of Columbus, so if you ever need a hand with a class, give a shout.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I picked USCCA for my insurance not only because of the coverage but the levels of training and effort that is put into developing the community. I look forward to years of being a part of the network.

Aaron, I’ll contact him soon. I’d seen his website before, I was just hoping for somebody closer to make it more feasible but until then occasional mentoring is better than none. Maybe one day I’ll see you there!

Give a shout if you’re ever down this way–let’s hit the range.

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I am NRA certified as a Rifle Instructor. My issue with it is the NRA kind of sanitizes training (AKA high school). There’s so much classroom time and not enough hands on. I’m also an NRA certified Range Safety Officer (again sanitized but worth it). My range paid for me to get these in order to work with the Junior shooting program we have.

I do want to be USCCA certified at some point because it’s so much better than the NRA. It’s real world. Even just being a member gets you access to things you never thought of!

“legal defense” :wink:

You can always ask questions to any of the Training Team or other instructors here for support! We’ve got your back!

Fair enough! Legal defense.

Absolutely, I’ve enjoyed the scenario articles on the app and there are so many more on the forum it’s fantastic.

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Glad to have you here, @Jon11! Feel free to ask questions that you don’t see in the Community already - there is so much to cover that we haven’t covered yet. :slight_smile: We are all always learning.

Yes, they do–but I guess here’s an analogy. Do you want a doctor operating his first day of med school, or would you prefer him to learn the science in the classroom first?
It’s kind of rough, but put yourself in the place of newbie–no experience with firearms whatsoever. They have no idea what a firing pin, or safety or muzzle is. Trust me, they need the classroom time.
I’d recommend you take both the NRA pistol and the USCCA instructor classes and guess what? USCCA slide deck is 335 slides, and the NRA’s is 137. And that doesn’t include the slides on the state laws. Both are very different courses, and truthfully, both are very well done.
The majority of the classes we run go over time in the classroom, which keeps us at the range late (shucks, huh? :slight_smile:)
Bottom line–I’d recommend you hold off judgement until you’ve taught both and have seen the 'deer in the headlights/ look when you ask them what the action on a firearm is.

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You are correct, I should hold off in judgement! I kind of forget that I took the instructor course late in my shooting year so everything I learned I already knew.

Aaron25 nailed it there. Every class, Every time.

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