How hard is it to Become a Firearms Instructor and a USCCA Certified Trainer

How hard is it to Become a Firearms Instructor and a USCCA Certified Trainer?

I would love to hear from other USCCA members on how hard it is to become one

become a teacher or what ?

USCCA Firearms Instructor

uscca certified instructor ??? :clap:

@AZJustMe2021 - have you looked at USCCA Training: Online Firearm & CCW Videos & In-Person Classes?

Yea. I am asking how hard it is to pass and what are you tested on

If you search for and find instructors in your area, they can help you with that information. Alternatively, the chat feature in the Web site can connect you with someone who can also answer your questions.

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If you look at JUST the requirements from USCCA it’s 8-10 hours of e learning and two 8-10 hour days in a classroom situation and a shooting qualification. with other students. But there is much more in reality and not every student passes the class, As Oldgnome stated look at the training area of the website search for instructor training and find a class and instructor class near you. The instructor and class might not be around the corner I have 2 students for my next Instructor class coming from about 200 miles away. If you just want to talk with a counselor I would be glad to talk with you.
Bill Hall


You can also consider NRA Certified Instructor.
I went this route, because NRA doesn’t require to teach certain amount of students per year, once you become Instructor. This works great if you have a job and teaching is not your primary metier.
Is it hard to pass first step - Certified Pistol Instructor ? Not really. Knowledge test is long, but not complicated if you paid attention during the class.
Shooting Qualification is more challenging - but not impossible to pass.
“20 shots/15 yards (45 feet) in 8 inch circle. 16 out of 20 shots in a 6 inch group”.

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See this is the information I am looking for for the USCCA class. I am old and don’t know if I can see 14 years anymore

I went the same route as Jerzy

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How can I find out about the training?

I turn 71 this week and my wife who is also a instructor is 68. Also we were both NRA multi level instructors and still are before becoming instructors for USCCA. We have found the USCCA teaching methods and materials are a superior learning experience for our CCW students. Age is just a number.


@AZJustMe2021 Here’s a couple of web site links for you to look at.


USCCA is in my opinion a better polished course presentation. NRA instructor for 15 plus years. Was time for a change. Same information with little presentation differences. Not even remotely hard to pass.


I’m both an NRA (Pistol, Rifle) and USCCA instructor.
I think the NRA pistol class is more of a ‘this is how guns work’ vs. a practical class for people who will carry concealed. Their CCW is a really good class that teaches drawing from holster and fundamentals.
The USCCA course work If done in its entirety is days long, but really good.
If you have been doing this for a while, they are not hard classes to pass.


With your experience it wouldn’t be too hard, @Craig9. :smiley:

If you’re brand new to firearms/carrying it will be a bit harder. Get to know the information before the class (talk to a Training Counselor and they’ll direct you to the best resources). If you don’t like talking in front of a group, then it will be a bit harder :woman_shrugging:

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Certified Instructor was easier for me to pass than the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 and 2 Instructor was for me. (I couldn’t get out of my head in the DSF 1&2 Instructor Course.)

None of them are impossible, some may find it harder than others. All of the material is great for furthering your own education. I continue to learn from students to this day!


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I agree. USCCA is focused already for firearm’s defense usage.
NRA teaches basics, however with current training path you can achieve the same.

I don’t want to pick which path is better. Both are great, just different approach.
LIke I mentioned - NRA has less expectation from Instructors regarding teaching and that was great for me. Once I’m NRA Instructor, I do renewal every 2 years. I don’t need to have 20 or so students every year to keep Instructor’s credentials.

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We need more DSF Instructors in Illinois… Wisconsin works as well.
Nobody close to Chicago wants to do DSF2 classes :expressionless:
I’ve already attended DSF1 twice…and looks I will do it third time if there still won’t be DSF2 class… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: