How hard is it to Become a Firearms Instructor and a USCCA Certified Trainer

Why not check out some of the others, thunder ranch or front sight?

Why would anyone encourage someone “brand new to firearms/carrying” to try to become a certified instructor?

Lol not the way it was supposed to come off.

This will sound bad as well, but here goes…
If you are struggling with the test material maybe a few more classes as a student are in order. As to the proficiency test, few more rounds down range.

I know that sounds bad but you owe it to people you are instructing. Not saying you have to know ALL the answers. But must have a working knowledge of the material.

Please know that I am not trying to discourage anyone from becoming an instructor. It is va very good feeling to share with others what knowledge you have.

Again I don’t know how else to put this.

I am NOT a professional

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If somebody is able to convince them to run classed in Great Lakes States… why not…
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Understood, MN here. :joy:

You could swing by and pick me up.


There are also se traveling shows if you have an approved range and others committed to the class. DTI is good as well.

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