Setting Counselor on my dream board, what do I need?

Good Morning my fellow USCCA enthusiasts

I am taking my instructor certification class next week and plan on passing. Then in Sept. I will be taking my States required class to teach Conceal Carry (only class available this year). At this point, I will begin conducting classes/ kicking off my instructor journey. 

I know it is early to look into the counselor process but I am also a person who puts things on my dream board so I know what I will need, to accomplish it. I know the process consists of applying and attending the course at the USCCA Headquarters. However, I don’t know the pre req.

How long must you be an instructor prior?
How many students do you need to have taught?
How many classes need to have been taught?
How much is the course at USCCA? do I need to be saving for a very expensive course?
What knowledge beyond being an Instructor should I obtain first?
How often do they run this course to become a counselor? 1-2 a year?
Is there a very difficult selection process?
Am I competing for a spot against other instructors?
Anything else I am missing?

I will re iterate- I know I am new to the instructor field in firearms but I like to set goals and know what I need to do to get to that goal.

Thank you for any counselors with input that can assist me


Welcome to the family and you are blessed to be here.

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I can’t say much about the selection process I was invited to the class. Sometimes I think they just wanted to watch the Floridian freeze my class was in February last year (temp was minus 9 the morning I left). Shooting qualifications are easy if you shoot much, I suggest a gun that runs 12 rounds or better, I shot a 1911 and 8 round mags needed to be reloaded to often. Instructor support can tell you class dates once you become a instructor they are your best friends!

Just to have a great grounding in the course and know it back and front, I would suggest 100+ students under your belt before applying, as to the course for counselor it’s the instructor course on steroids two days with some of the best subject matter experts I have had the pleasure to work with. Cost for me driving from Florida hotels, fuel/food, class cost my total was about $1200 that includes 5 nights hotel.
Hope it answers some of your questions,