Your Personalized Gun


Most of you have probably seen the War Poet pistol, John Lovell’s custom Glock that he sells. It has a couple of configurations, but basically, he set up a gun the way he wants it, and is selling it.

If you were offered the chance to do the same thing, what would the gun you sold be like?

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Damascus steel slide and frame on a 1911 .45 with a 5 inch barrel with flash compensator extension. Birdseye maple grips. Thats just for start.


A Tommy Gun, modified to use M&P or Glock mags. :grin:


Banshee AR -45,… it takes M&P and Glock mags!


But it doesn’t have the look of a Tommy Gun. I want the look, feel, and full auto operation. :grin:


For me, just lights on some, lasers on some others. Done.

That is what I was wanting too but, I saw this and figured it was close. It needs a 12 inch barrel and a compensator on it too!

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The Deinonychus pistol would be a navy blue steel frame Walther PDP. It would contain the tungsten guide rod and a threaded barrel with a flash hider. Included would be the Holosun 507C with the Vulvan reticle, as well as fiber optic raised backup sights.

The left side of the slid would have the word “Deinonychus,” while the right would translate it: “Terrible Claw.” The bottom of the magazines would have an etching of a Deinonychus skull.

BECAUSE I’M A NERD, THAT’S WHY! :stuck_out_tongue:

Explanations: navy blue because it’s almost black and won’t get confused for the bright blue on a non-lethal firearm, while still being blue.

Tungsten because I don’t trust plastic.

Flash hider for night fighting. Don’t want to blind myself while an intruder is in my house.

Vulcan reticle because it helps find the aim point if you’re off.

Fiber optic because sometimes electronics break.

And steel frame because I expect the US to eventually get hit by a bioweapon designed to eat plastics.

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A 1911 that accepts all Glock, S&W, Sig, H&K, etc magazines and fires every pistol round on the market.:wink:

Will Judge Dredd’s lawgiver suffice?

“Double Wammy”:rofl:

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I’m in the process now. Not selling tho