Engraved Guns

I admit I have always admired the ‘engraved ones’ be they revolver, pistol, rifle, or shotgun. The high tech machine engraving is nice and clean, but what really lights my fire is the work of a true artist. Today I only own one such hand engraved firearm. It’s a 1949 German 16ga double gun with a very (to me) interesting history. I’ll share a couple of pictures and hope y’all will share many more.


one more picture


Absolutely beautiful!
I would just be scared to use it.

Thank you. BTW-- I took it on a pheasant hunt last year. It gets used!


I love engraved guns. I don’t have any, but I like my things to look nice.

A gun store in Roswell has a Trump Tommy guns. I love it. I can never have it, but I love it.


I grew up down the road from Griffen and Howe, when I was a kid my father used to take me there, when he was getting fitted for a shotgun, the artistry is amazing! The price tag comes with it! Lol! When I was old enough I went back to “look”, and I mean look and don’t touch! :rofl:
I almost had a heart attack when I saw that some cost as much as a car! :flushed:.

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Awesome looking shotgun! I love double barrel shotguns. Glad you use it, I don’t have any safe queens…


I’ve only seen some of their work up close. It is beyond my understanding how someone can ‘see’ what is there and then remove the excess so the rest of us can "see’ it.

Parker BH 12ga. delivered to Parker salesman S.A. Tucker while in Chicago at the 1893 Worlds Fair.

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Wow!! Very very nice!

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Man! That thing is beautiful!!! If it were me, I would not touch that thing! The only graceful thing about me is my wife! :rofl:
I am more of a utilitarian! I definitely appreciate their beauty, just not for me!


I plan 2 buy 3 very plain no thrills 1911’ i would like to have each one engraved with My last name and a Bible reference and give them to each of my son’s when they get of age


neat plan!

Thank you I think it would be a nice cool show piece

I love REAL engraving and have had the opportunity to see, touch and feel some pristine pieces in my life, true works of art. I carve on guns (mostly 1911’s) as a hobby and I’m pretty good at it.

I asked one engraver how do you get started in that? He looked at my 1911 and said “very functional”. He took me over to another bench he had and slid a leather disk across the table and handed me a bunch of leather tools. “Engrave me a 1911 on that disk.” So I played with it for an hour or three and he came to check on me. “You are a form and function guy, you see black and white, an artist you are not. Stick to making guns work, you’re good at it.”

Normally that would get my dander up but in this case I accepted his assessment. I have played a bit over the years and the man is right, I am not an artist but I appreciate that which I cannot do.




Yea i have watched a few people hand engrave a flask a zippo and a 1911 they are amazing i could never do and it cost a bit more i was looking to have my project laser done