Guns, the one that got away


I thought of this when I was replying to the “What’s your favorite Gun?” discussion. What gun is on your “one that got away” list? I love my Sigs, but shot a buddy’s HK USP a couple of times. I almost bought that instead of my Sig P229. I loved the fact that it was .40 cal and the trigger guard allowed me to shoot with winter bike gloves on. While not super light, it was lighter than an mostly all metal Sig. To this day, now almost 30 years later, I still wonder if I should have bought that gun. Anyone else have an elusive gun that got away? Or, which gun did you sell that you wished you had kept?


We sold the desert eagle .50… it wasn’t practical, but I do miss shooting it.


@Zee, what made you sell it and what do you miss about shooting it?

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Mostly cost of ammo. Reloaded, best we’ve done is about $1.15 a bang, $57 for 50. Buying ammo it’s over $80 for 50. We didn’t have a real need for it… not hunting bear with a handgun, as a rule :grin:
It is fun though… it’s a big bang, but not that big a recoil, more shove than snap… and shooting it puts a silly grin on my face. It does make everyone all down the shooting line stick their heads out to see what the heck that was.
Over the last few years, my hubby’s strategy has changed from “one of everything” to “what we’ll actually use”.


Thanks @Zee for sharing that, $80 for factory ammo, wow! Guess your hubby’s lifestyle change makes sense, but the other sounds more fun :slight_smile:


Yeah, the 50 is definitely fun :smiley:

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When my wife and I had just got married, I was in about pawn shop in town. They had a 6 inch Python, with hard case, and 2 speed loaders. The shop owner apparently didn’t care what they were worth. He had 425 on it. I wanted it bad, but, newly weds aren’t exactly swimming in cash, so no Python for me.


@45IPAC, sounds like you took the wise choice for a newly wed, but adulting isn’t always the fun choice as we all know. Have you considered getting one now that you are older and past the “not swimming in cash” phase?


The adult in me sees what a nice one sells for, and says “they aren’t THAT nice.” The similarities are what lead me to buy a Ruger GP100. I know, I know, the Ruger isn’t near as refined as a hand assembled Python, but, size, accuracy, and function are similar. All that said, my dad has a never fired, late 70’s Colt Police Positive .38 that will be mine some day.


That’s a beautiful pistol!


I sold a 30" Beretta A390 Sport Sporting 12 gauge several years ago. I’m still sick over that.

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@JKetchem, sorry to hear that! Any chance on getting it back?


I wish, I’ve been looking, but the prices are ridiculous now. I may have to settle for a newer model one day. Just wish I’d kept it. Awesome trap and skeet gun.


I don’t have any that got away, but I was pleased to lose the PX4 sub compact. It was a great training firearm but a real pain to shoot! I do wish that I never bought this 84FS. It is gorgeous but rally hammers your thumb when you shoot it.

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Welcome to the group @Brad! What is it about the PX4 you didn’t like?

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It is quite fat, but the light weight combined with the very short barrel made it kick a lot. I used it as a training gun for me and a number of friends. It really highlighted problems with getting back on target between shots and with staying on target while pulling the trigger. My PPS is a lot easier to shoot, despite being MUCH thinner!


Hey Brad, welcome to the group and thanks for letting us know about the PX4, I’ve never shot one and now I don’t think it’ll be at the top of my rental list :slight_smile:


I’ve become a big fan of Taurus revolvers starting in the early nineties. I can’t remember the exact model number but Tarus made a series of 5 shot 4" double action revolvers in calibers from .357mag on up to 44 mag and 45LC.

In my collection I had both the all stainless and a very rare and now almost impossible to replace Titanium model in .45LC. A buddy of mine fell in love with the TI model the first time I let him shoot it and he had fallen on hard times for a year or so just before and was just starting to recover. I let him talk me into selling it and I sold it to him for even less than I’d paid for it around 2002 when I bought it new.

I would love to have it back because the only one like it I have seen for sale since sold for about 4x what I paid for mine new and it was heavily used an in poor shape as it was owned by an AK game warden that had carried it for almost 20 years for bear protection and as a duty gun.

I don’t regret letting my buddy have mine because it meant so much to him but financially it was a really poor decision on my part and I may never be able to replace it.

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Most pawn shops have a layway plan. :laughing:

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Reminds me of the Patrolman Special in .357 my dad had for many years. S&W made phenomenal revolvers for many decades.