What's the most unique long gun you've shot?


What’s the most unique long gun you’ve ever shot? And what long gun do you want to shoot next?


I shot a Sharps Buffalo rifle. The guy loaded black powder rounds for it. It was OLD.

I don’t know what I would like to shoot next, but I’m sure somebody will have something cool to shoot at my gun club this summer.

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M1 Garand! PING haha! It was fun. Nailed the gong at 200 on all but the first round. Next?!? Colt M1855 would be great. A revolving cylinder rifle.

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Winchester Model 1897

Winchester 04-22 Mod

What to shoot next, not sure

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A M1918 BAR. Was so much fun. But what a heavy weapon that is.

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The most unique is a Mosin Nagant. The long gun I would like to shoot is a full auto Tommy Gun.


M1 Garand

I want to shoot a 6.5 creedmoor bolt gun. I know it’s not exotic but I think it’d be fun


Ruger AC556, the SWAT team had those prior to getting MP5s. I wasn’t SWAT by any means, but I got the chance to shoot it and I took it.


Most exotic is my pre-WWII Schmidt-Rubin 7.5×55mm
Next might not be exotic and its definitely not a long gun, but its the Chiappa Rhino