Pocket Dump: Customized Carry

I love working at the USCCA! Our water cooler conversations usually revolve around firearms. I was telling @Brick that I was looking for a topic for a pocket dump for this weekend and he showed me his customized Glock 19.

(No, he doesn’t color coordinate his firearm barrel to his shirt, this was just a coincidence.)

Flat trigger, upgraded optics and barrel, and different magazine base plate (which does match the barrel).

Let’s see your customized carry! (or at least tell us about what you’ve customized!)

P.S. Brick has switched from a Sig 320 to a Glock 19.


My EDC Glock 43. With… LazerMax built-in slide pulsating red laser, Talon grips, Tritium Pro TruGlo sites, and a nice custom Texas flag slide plate cover.

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My upgrades other than sights are not visible, they are internal trigger modifications.

I’ve tried custom triggers from both Powder River Precision and Springer Precision.

Honestly while I really like both the Springer Precision trigger may be a bit light especially if you are wearing gloves.

I also have other custom upgrades from both companies, all internal such as improved firing pins, extractors, springs, etc.

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On my glock 19 and the 30, I’m going to upgrade the sights, but no desire to change anything else.

On my granddaughter’s glock 43, she upgraded the sights, added a grip sleeve, put some 2 round extension bases on the mags, and changed out the trigger group for one with a flush face. Now she says its perfect :blush: Plus she did the work herself. Not bad for someone who shot her first gun this year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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WOW! That’s awesome, @Zee! You have to bring her to the Expo next year!

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Is it a different trigger weight than the original trigger, @WildRose?

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