What modifications have you made to your gun?

I was talking with a fellow USCCA’er this morning and he was showing me his new gun and we talked about the modifications he made to it. Light on the rail and a different trigger. He casually explained why he switched to that gun from what he carried before and the reasons for the modifications to it.

What modifications have you made to your gun - and why?

(Being able to articulate why you did what you did to your firearm is important for your physical and legal defense. And sharing that knowledge here can help you craft your explanation. IF you do not want to give exact details, don’t. But I highly suggest discussing the why’s of what you did.)

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I haven’t made any yet, but I am considering a RMR. I cannot shoot with both eyes open, I immediately go cross eyed and see double. For safety reasons, having a better field of view, I would like to find a way to stop that from happening. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I’m hoping.


My EDC Glock 19 I’ve upgraded the sights and trigger.

Went with XS F8 night sights, because stock glock sights (rear post) are plastic. I wanted something for low level light or dark and a solid rear post for one handed reloads.

Trigger, RELAX, I did not soften the trigger it is still within the stock tension range. I used a fatter trigger for more consistent finger placement also made the action have less take up and a crisper break(more like glass than a carrot) now. It improved first shot off the draw and tightened up my groups. At 25 yds I was hitting the silhouette. Now it’s in the 8 ring. Some is practice but alot is the confidence the trigger has given me.

A streamlight TLR-7 is in the mail so weapon mounted light will be on the list by the weekend


Just Glock factory night sights on my Glock 19 Gen 5.

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My G17 and G26 have the sights upgraded, as well as the Recoil Spring/Guide Rod Assemblies, and both have KKM Barrels.
My G45 only has the Guide Rod/Spring Assembly upgraded to Stainless Steel.

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LOL! That’s exactly what I was hoping you would do. Explain why you did what you did. Not only explain that it was still in the same tension range as the stock trigger, but you explained the benefit of why you did what you did. You’ve improved accuracy which will help you if you’re in a self defense situation. You’ll be more likely to be on target and less likely to injury an innocent bystander with your shots.


The only firearm I really changed (other than adding scopes to rifles and a TLR6 - to add a flashlight and a laser to my PC Shield 9) is my Victory 22.

I changed out the trigger, added a charging halo, and a muzzle break. (not pictured below) I also bought a metal Picatinny Scope Rail to use.

I changed to trigger to a Tandemkross. It added pre and post travel along with a flat face. This made the trigger a lot more consistent.

I added the Tandemkross muzzle break to further reduce recoil. Yes even a 22 has recoil. This made follow up shots be on target faster.

I added the Tandemkross. charging halo because I have bear paws. This allows me use just one finger rack the internal slide.

I bought the Volquartsen Firearms Picatinny Scope Rail because metal > plastic and does not flex like plastic

The worse of these upgrades is a week after I purchased my Victory 22 and had these installed S&W came out with the PC version of the Victory 22 where they partnered with Tandemkross to add these upgrades and more from the factory :grimacing:

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My carry guns have all remained “stock” to this point. I did add a Grey Guns trigger kit, as well as a SIG Romeo1 red dot sight, to my SIG P320 X Five. Those have been fantastic for a training and range gun. I am not really a proponent of altering triggers in my carry guns (prosecutors would have a field day if I ever ended up in court), but I may try a red dot optic at some point. I’m also thinking about adding Talon Grips to my carry guns.


You can’t really see the modifications I made to my prefered carry pistol, a Browning 1911-380. I was having trouble with the slide not going all the way into battery. I used metal polish on the face and the extractor. I also adjusted the extractor just a bit. After doing this it has been entirely reliable.

Other mods for it are planned. I purchased it with the compact length slide. I also ordered an extra full length slide. The plan is to mill the full length slide for a red dot.

The gun that gets most of my tinkering is my CZ Scorpion EVO, I just enjoy its simplicity. It just calls out for tinkering.


Haven’t altered my handgun for the most part, but will be changing to lightpipe sights on both my glock 21 and my ruger p89.
I do have a 1911 based race gun and its pretty much altered everywhere - ported, muzzle break, red dot, modified recoil spring, modified trigger, flared mag well, custom grips, the works. But it’s a RACE gun, not a carry gun.
Modified my 20ga shotgun, ported for muzzle break and recoil pad so that it’s easier to shoot and it doesn’t hurt… but it’s not going to ever be my EDC.

I keep my guns stock. Don’t see any need for mods.


I haven’t modified mine either, but I am thinking about changing the sights. Do you like your gun’s stock sights, @Richard12?

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