Your Gun Falls Out Of The Holster In Public (Now What?!)

I personally feel as though if you have not checked your gear for being secure on your body then you have not prepared enough!

Your Gun Falls Out Of The Holster In Public (Now What?!) - YouTube

Type of holster, Holster position, how is it secured? How easy is it for you to get access? How easy is it for someone else to get access?

What is everybody’s thoughts on this?


Sounds like a bad dream…

I’m pretty confident. Mine stays put changing the oil in the truck and all sorts of other things.


I use kydex, belly band, leather, both versa carry and the minimalist Biachi and a Sticky. Pretty sure if a gun fell out I’d smack my head against the nearest wall. Fortunately for the walls, I haven’t dropped a pistol yet, or had one dislodge while rolling around under the vehicles or bicycling.


A holster should always be checked that it is secured before starting your daily carry activities. Things can happen and you have to be prepared. As a young police officer I did a breakdance move in a cop hangout with an ankle holster on and it came out of my holster. It was a revolver and it spun on the dance floor on it’s cylinder and I just picked it up and put it back in my holster. It never happened again. That is why it is important to wear the proper holster and gun belt combination to make sure these mishaps don’t happen.


Get a better holster


…And occasionally throughout the day, need I say discreetly?

Occasionally an IWB holster clip will partially unclip getting in and out of the car. Snaps can unsnap. I confirm mine is solid on my belt every bathroom trip.

I’m a delivery driver and in and out of the car a couple dozen times a day. It’s rare that the clip or straps unhook, but just once is too many times.


What else can you do? Pick it up, put it back, go home and order a better holster.


Simple answer is just pick it up and re holster it.

It’s probably the reason I have so many holsters. Different tasks for different guns. The only thing I can honestly say is I’m not a fan of is the clip on your belt holster. Wilderness tactical makes a great ankle holster. If I’m in the woods something very secure.


Nonchalantly, take a knee as if your phone just hit the deck, pick it up firmly, re-holster, scan the area for anyone with TDS. Smile as if you’re just a jerk who dropped his phone.
Liberals are brainless oblivious people. The only one who’s going to recognize it’s a firearm is another practitioner!

Thank goodness this has never happened to me, I do like to make certain my firearm and holster are tightly attached to my body when I leave the house! Right gear, right clothes, no break dancing!


My holsters are either leather, kydex, or a mix of the two. Some have the hook loop things, and some have belt loops. I’ve never been a fan of snaps or clips. The clips seem to get bent, and the snaps seem to loosen in my experience. I prefer passive retention on my holsters, but the iwb/owb depends on the situation and environment. I always check fitment of the firearm in the holster, and that the holster is secure before donning my rig. Never “lost” one out and about.


So the Thanksgiving USCCA dance-off is cancelled then??


Disco is out, also!


Example of a not-so-great holster :-1: that’s amateur…if he was truly a disco pro, he’d have caught the gun on the dismount and done a Doc Holiday back to the holster…


Truer words have never been spoken. Most are clueless.


First thing that comes to mind :+1:t4::+1:t4:
Last month, I already put my EDC from IWB holster to pocket holster in preparation for bedtime. But, I forgot to get the trash bins from the curb and wife wouldn’t stop bugging me.
So, I grabbed the EDC and before moving the bins, put EDC in hoodie kangaroo pocket. That’s when the gun “accidentally” fell out :man_facepalming:t4:


It took me more phone screens than it should have to figure out the kangaroo pouch isn’t good for anything important :joy:


Not a big problem because I live in a constitutional carry state.

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The main thing I want to have people focus on is,. make sure it is secure in the first place! Check how well it fits into your holster and how well it is secured to your belt. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of apologies!


A dropped gun isn’t a problem depending on which state you live in?



With the exception of possible damage to the weapon itself yes, the state often matters. Drop a weapon in the store or public in New York and you might be arrested. In California people more than likely would introduce you to the law for a rather lengthy interview. Or flee from you like Godzilla had just walked into town. In Texas or Arizona you could simply pick it up and check for damage before returning it to a holster.

My EDC holster is designed to hold the weapon even upside down. But I do own a sticky holster for formal wear where the shirt has to be tucked in. I wouldn’t try any overly athletic moves with that because the whole thing might fall out.