You carry a device to make holes in people, do you carry anything to plug holes?


Not only do you carry the equipment to plug holes, have you had any traumatic medical training?
Traumatic medical was the first training that I took.
My EDC includes a version of an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), which contains a tourniquet, clotting gauze, compressed gauze, duct tape, chest seal and gloves.
Statistically, a person is more likely to be in a situation to render aid to stop an arterial bleed than they will be to apply force to defend life. It makes sense that every human being should be trained in some basic trauma care and carry the tools necessary to stabilize a traumatic injury until the first responders can get on scene.


I took a “Stop the Bleed” class last Feb and now carry my own IFAK. The training is well worth the time and money. One take away from the class was how weak the Good Samaritan laws were in my state.

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Good point, @Greg1! The good Samaritan laws vary as much as carry laws do! Knowing those laws can definitely help you stay out of legal hot water. :confused:

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Missouri, I’m sad to say has no Good Samaritan law that protects lay people who render first aid to an injured person. It’s a “No good deed goes unpunished” mentality. I’m friends with my State Representatives and I will research this more and present it to him soon. Great question, I learned from it.

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After our concealed carry class, that is the first training my wife and I took. It was really good and we both have IFAKs now, but I definitely need to keep training on it. It’s really a perishable skill (knowledge) that needs to be renewed periodically. Since it’s so new to me, it needs to be renewed very often until it sinks a little deeper into my grey matter! I agree with you that I feel like I am more likely to need my IFAK than my pistol.

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@Trmptr64 I just went and took more medical training from a different source. I also bought several tourniquets to designate for practice.

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