8 pitfalls to avoid when stopping the bleed

I learned some things here… this may help you save a life.


It’s good to know how to improvise if you don’t have proper equipment. :point_up:


I really like that they added the timeframe when you’re applying pressure. 10 minutes is a really long time in a high stress situation, but knowing how long can mean the difference between life and death in these situations.


That was what I learned too… details matter.


I learned this when I took my last First Aid Class. and I do have some of what they mention in my First Aid kit as well.


I’m very interested in not only first-aid but actually hope to take some firearm classes too!

Interesting read and have gone over some steps but, I would like to be more comfortable and be LIFE SAVING not think I know.

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The Stop The Bleed classes are good.


How much did they cost?

Also, I saw where my instructor while taking CHP had a whole mini First-Aid kit Velcro on his leg,

Do you always carry supplies @Zee? If so, what method?

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They’re not expensive at all, but you’ll have to check locally. I carry a trauma kit always, usually in my day-bag. I have another one attached to my range bag. They are the the USCCA ones with some additional things added. And I have a big medical kit in my truck.


I love that!!

Prepared is your middle name! Obviously, I wish we did not have to worry about evil or even accidents as I’m certain all here would agree!

The fact you would actually be someone’s guardian angel is awesome!

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@Randall318 I was talking with my brother’s (now) ex girlfriend… shes super liberal and didn’t even want to see it think about guns much less touch one. She was brave enough to have a conversation with me about it though. She said that she could never touch one because if she had to defend even her own life with it she could not live with having killed someone else… even if it cost her her own life. "Dead would be better than living with having killed someone. "
I said what I couldn’t live with was knowing I could have saved someone, but because I refused to confront and learn and do things that made me uncomfortable, i was unable to save them. “Knowing i could have saved someone. but was unwilling to do the hard things to save them, that’s what I couldn’t live with.”

That’s really the story right there.
Firearm. Knife. Trauma kit. Training.
It might all go to h*** in a handbasket, but I am calm.

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It sounds like you have your hands full! However, I do know what you are talking about and have a few in my family as well. I will never have understood that logic but my hypothesis would be that it really came down to her life, she would use any weapon & recover from post-physical and mental damage. (I would promise it had she been a member of USCCA) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

[check] Firearm(s)
[check] Rule #9: Never leave home without a knife.
[Needing] Trauma kit and training needed for proper use.

I’ll finish that list off real soon, I promise friend! Having faith in job searches & interviews to have extra doe! I’ve been withdrawing from lack of range time but me and @Fred_G have it arranged to hit my range here in Shreveport on the 1st!

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Range therapy!

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