Tactical Tuesday: Traumatic First-aid Training

When you’re doing training with your firearm, it’s a great idea to have a trauma first aid kit.

A tourniquet is a MUST in your trauma kit. While we don’t want to have to use one, it’s important to know how to use the tourniquet. Here’s how to use them:

How do you train for first aid for traumatic injuries?

What tourniquet do you have in your kit?

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I have several TQs. My ankle IFAK has a SOF-TW (mostly because it folds the flattest) and I have a CAT and SAM-XT in my bag. All of my other kits plait the spares in my truck are CATs and SOF-TWs. Get one of the committee recommended TQs and learn how to use it. Aaand much like your carry gun, carry it it with you-on your person as much as you can. We must be prepared to be our first responder. Basic medical training training is a life skill that is valuable everywhere not just at the range.

CAT Gen7 model

CAT no idea what Gen, Aluminum windlass.



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